December 2009 Non-Fiction

 The Sellout: how three decades of Wall Street greed and govemnemtn mismanagment destroyed the global financial system

Critically acclaimed investigative reporter Gasparino chronicles one of the most dramatic and anxiety-ridden eras in the nation’s socio-economic history: the collapse of Wall Street’s legendary firms.

 Stones Into Schools: promoting peace with books not bombs in Afghanistan and Pakistan

In this dramatic first-person narrative, Greg Mortenson picks up where “Three Cups of Tea” left off in 2003, recounting his relentless, ongoing efforts to establish schools for girls in Afghanistan; his extensive work in Azad Kashmir and Pakistan after a massive earthquake hit the region in 2005; and the unique ways he has built relationships with Islamic clerics, militia commanders, and tribal leaders even as he was dodging shootouts with feuding Afghan warlords and surviving an eight-day armed abduction by the Taliban.

 Waiting on a Train: the embattled future of passenger rail service

During the tumultuous year of 2008–when gas prices reached four dollars a gallon–journalist McCommons spent a year on America’s trains, talking to the people who ride and work the rails throughout much of the Amtrak system.

How to Raise Chickens: everything you need to know

Why keep chickens? — Chickens and history — Breed types — Obtaining stock — Housing — Feeding — Flock management — Breeding programs — Incubation and care of chicks — Selection and culling — Showing — Health care — Avian influenza — Legal aspects.

Taste of Home Annual Recipes 2010.

 Cleaving: a story of marriage, meat and obsession

The latest life adventures from the author of “Julie Julia.” When her marriage is challenged by an insane, irresistible love affair, Powell decides to leave town and immerse herself in a new obsession: butchery.

Christmas 2009

Contains recipes for Christmas.

How to Create a Magical Relationship: the 3 simple ideas that will instantaneously transform your love life

Creating the foundation for a magical relationship — The principles of instantaneous transformation — Discovering your relationship DNA — Recognizing hidden agendas — Don’t tell me what to do! — Breaking the cycle of unfulfilling relationships — You are not the story of your life — The one who listens — The gender war — Relationship splitters — The art of listening — When to get out.

 Reshaping Your Business with Web 2.0: using the new collabroative techonolgies to lead business transformation

Integrate Web 2.0 trends and technologies into the enterpriseWritten by a team of experts from the Web 2.0 community and Oracle Corporation, this innovative guide provides a blueprint for leveraging the new culture of participation in an enterprise environment.nbsp; Reshaping Your Business with Web 2.0 offers proven strategies for the successful adoption of an enterprise 2.0 paradigm and covers the technical solutions that best apply in specific situations. You will find clear guidelines for using Web 2.0 technologies and standards in a productive way to align with business goals, increase efficiency, and provide measurable bottom line growth. Foster collaboration and accelerate information dissemination with blogs and wikis Implement folksonomic strategies to achieve business intelligence, analytics, and semantic web goals Capture and broadcast connection graphs and activity streams via social networks Bring together application data, business analytics, unstructured information, and collaborative interactions in enterprise mashups Enable rich Internet applications with Ajax, Ruby on Rails, Flash, FLEX, and other technologies Connect your Web 2.0 ecosystem through Web services, such as REST and JSON Ensure security and compliance management.

 Mastering Your Digital SLR: how to get the most out of your digital SLR

Here is the definitive guide for the digital camera enthusiast. This book is a practical, step-by-step handbook nbsp;for those who want to make the leap from compact digital or film SLR to digital SLR, or existing SLR owners who are ready for the next level of experimentation and expertise. This new revised edition features updated equipment and techniques, and takes readers through the digital workflow. Chris Weston explains the intimate workings of the DSLR and illuminates every aspect of image capture and processing in a thorough, practical, jargon-free manner, accompanied by inspirational illustrations. This is an indispensable guide for getting the best from your digital SLR camera.

House Where a Woman: Poems

Lit: a memoir

 Mrs. Scrooge: a Christmas poem

With her husband, Ebenezer, now “doornail dead,” the coldest Christmas Eve on record finds Mrs. Scrooge outside the supermarket, protesting consumerism and waste. “Spoilsport!” shout the passersby as they load up their shopping carts with Christmas goodies. Just as Ebenezer did, Mrs. Scrooge keeps to her frugal ways…but in the present economy, with loads of meaningless material goods bought on credit, maybe Mrs. Scrooge has the right idea.That night, alone in her bed with Catchit the cat beside her, Mrs. Scrooge is visited by the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Yet to Come. As each in succession takes her by the hand and sweeps through the scenes of her life, Mrs. Scrooge learns not only what the “Christmas Spirit” really means, but the nature of the real gifts we give and receive.

 The Oral History Workshop: collect and celebrate the life stories of your family and friends

We all know that we should ask now, before it’s too late, before the stories are gone forever. But knowing and doing are two different things. Cynthia Hart, author of Cynthia Hart’s Scrapbook Workshop, shows exactly how to collect, record, share, and preserve a family member’s or a friend’s oral history in this practical and inspirational guide. The Oral History Workshop breaks down what too often feels like an overwhelming project into a series of easily manageable steps: how to prepare for an interview; how to become a better listener; why there’s always more beneath the surface and the questions to ask to get there; the pros and cons of video recording, including how your subjects should dress so the focus is on their words; four steps to keeping the interview on track; how to be attentive to your subject’s energy levels; and the art of archiving or scrapbooking the interview into a finished keepsake. At the heart of the book are hundreds of questions designed to cover every aspect of your subject’s history: Do you remember when and how you learned to read? Who in your life showed you the most kindness? What insights have you gained about your parents over the years? Would you describe yourself as an optimist or a pessimist? In what ways were you introduced to music? What is the first gift you remember giving? If you could hold on to one memory forever, what would it be? When the answers are pieced together, a mosaic appears—a living history.

 Cape May

Cape May is unique among New Jersey beach towns. With its abundance of nineteenth-century architecture, it is the nation’s premier Victorian resort. This full-colour insider’s guide provides helpful information on attractions, events, dining, and touring, as well as detailed descriptions of the best historic hotels and bed-and-breakfasts, which have made the town world famous. An essential companion for every vacationer, the book includes maps and vital visitor information.

 An Uncommon Passage: traveling through history on the Great Allegheny Passage


The Great Allegheny Passage Trail forms a hiking and biking route stretching approximately 150 miles from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to Cumberland, Maryland, where it connects with the C&O Canal Towpath to reach Washington, DC. The trail is the culmination of many years of work by the Allegheny Trail Alliance, which joined seven separate trail organizations from Pennsylvania and Maryland to acquire and develop the land. Formerly an Indian path, trade route, military road, railway link, and part of the original National Road-the trail is truly a path to American history. An Uncommon Passageguides readers through the fascinating story of this trail, as a critical link in the western expansion of colonial America, and a pathway to the development of the Southwestern Pennsylvania region. The book explores the British outposts and forts, early settlers and frontier life, developing towns and cities, rise and predominance of industry, later environmentalism and preservation, natural resources, rivers, flora and geological features that comprise the trail and its environs. The engaging narrative is complemented by an extensive selection of historical illustrations and the contemporary photography of Paul g. Wiegman, all of which reveal the stunning scenery and pictorial history of the region.An Uncommon Passageoffers a journey through both time and space to capture the heritage and surroundings of a region that would grow to prosper and help build a nation.


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