February 2010 Non Fiction

Windows 7 for Seniors for Dummies

“Learn to: use the Windows 7 desktop and create your first documents; connect to the internet and browse the web; view, edit, and print photos; keep in touch by e-mail and play games online.” — Cover, p.1.

Teach Yourself Visually Windows 7

A practical guide for visual learners who are eager to get started with Windows 7Windows 7 is Microsoft′s highly anticipated operating system used by millions of people around the world. If you′re a visual learner and are new to Windows 7, then this book is an ideal introduction to the new features of this operating system. Seasoned author Paul McFedries walks you through the basics and beyond of Windows 7 in a straightforward manner.You′ll discover how to install and repair programs, maintain your system, set up password-protected accounts, load images from a digital camera, play music and other media files, secure Internet and e-mail accounts, and much more. More than 150 tasks are accompanied by full-color screen shots as they guide you to becoming a confident user of Windows 7. Experienced author Paul McFedries walks you through Microsoft′s eagerly awaited new operating system: Windows 7 Clear and succinct explanations, step-by-step instructions, and full-color screen shots take you through the newest features of Windows 7 More than 150 Windows 7 tasks show you the basics and beyond, including installing and repairing programs, maintaining your system, loading images from a digital camera, and moreThis book is essential if you are a visual learner who is enthusiastic about diving in and exploring all that Windows 7 has to offer!

Microsoft Windows Vista

This accessible guide employs screenshots and simple instructions to get beginning and intermediate PC users up and running with Windows Vista–Microsoft’s latest operating system. Twenty chapters cover such tasks as personalizing the work environment, organizing files, installing programs, setting up hardware, and connecting to the Internet. Writer and consultant Fehily is the author of several Visual QuickStart Guides for Peachpit Press. Annotation ©2007 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (booknews.com)

Microsoft Windows  Vista

In this “quick reference guide to all that is Vista,” two technology columnists introduce the latest major version (and the consumer and business editions) of the Microsoft Windows operating system since the release of Windows XP in 2001. In 16 lessons, they cover upgrading to Vista (after considering if your present PC is Vista- compatible); using its new features (e.g., ReadyBoost for flash drive use); security and gaming enhancements; and inevitably, troubleshooting. Annotation ©2007 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (booknews.com)

Moving to Microsoft Windows Vista: visual quick project guide

If you want to get to know Windows Vista fast but don’t want to get bogged down in the details, you need aVisual QuickProject Guide! You don’t need to know every feature–you just want to get your work done. Full-color illustrationsshow you how to perform each step of your project from start to finish. Low priced–why pay for more than you need? John Rizzohas been writing about computers for 20 years. His work has appeared in CNET, eWeek.com, theSan Francisco Chronicle,PC Magazine, and other publications. John is the author of numerous books, includingCustomizing Windows XP: Visual QuickProject Guide. He also publishes MacWindows.com, a news and information Web site devoted to helping Mac users get along in a Windows world.

Maximum PC Microsoft Windows Vista Exposed

Based on actual production Windows Vista editions, this guide takes experienced Windows users “under the hood” of Windows Vista and discloses which features make life easier and which ones still need work. It explains the many editions of Windows Vista, then outlines instructions for installation and the user interface, working with the media and entertainment center, setting up a home network, and troubleshooting. Tips, notes, and cautions are sprinkled throughout, and sidebars give extra information. Soper is a regular contributor to Maximum PC magazine. Annotation ©2008 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (booknews.com)

This Book is Overdue!: how librarians and cybrarians can save us all

Those who predicted the death of libraries forgot to consider that in the automated maze of contemporary life, none of us–neither the experts nor the hopelessly baffled–can get along without human help. And not just any help–we need librarians, who won’t charge us by the question or roll their eyes, no matter what we ask. Who are they? What do they know? And how quickly can they save us from being buried by the digital age? This book is a romp through the ranks of information professionals and a revelation for readers burned out on the clichés and stereotyping of librarians. Here are bloggers, radicals and visionaries who fuse the tools of the digital age with their love for the written word and the enduring values of free speech, open access, and scout-badge-quality assistance to anyone in need.

The Death and Life of American Journalism: the media revolution that will begin the world again

Daily newspapers are closing across America. Washington bureaus are shuttering; whole areas of the federal government are now operating with no press coverage. International bureaus are going, going, gone.Journalism, the counterbalance to corporate and political power, the lifeblood of American democracy, is not just threatened. It is in meltdown.InThe Death and Life of American Journalism, Robert W. McChesney, an academic, and John Nichols, a journalist, who together founded the nation’s leading media reform network, Free Press, investigate the crisis. They propose a bold strategy for saving journalism and saving democracy, one that looks back to how the Founding Fathers ensured free press protection with the First Amendment and provided subsidies to the burgeoning print press of the young nation.

The Search For Fulfillment: revolutionary new research that reveals the secret to long-term happiness

In the fall of 1966, at a university in the Northeast, 350 students signed up for a psychological survey on personal development and happiness. In 1977, Susan Krauss Whitbourne, then a young psychology professor, came across the study and decided to expand it. She tracked down the study’s original participants and questioned them every decade until she had forty years’ worth of data. Now, in this groundbreaking book, Whitbourne reveals the findings of this extensive project, a seminal piece of research into how people change over the course of their lifetimes. The results indicate something fascinating: No matter how old or how content you might currently feel, it is never too late to steer your life toward a greater sense of purpose and satisfaction.     Western society often paints a pessimistic view of aging, a “best years are behind you” attitude. But Whitbourne challenges this notion and posits that it’s possible to find fulfillment at any age. Guided by her research, she identifies five different life pathways and provides a questionnaire that will help you discover which one you are currently on:   bull; The Meandering Way You have a low sense of identity, lack priorities, and feel lost, unable to settle on a clear set of goals. bull; The Downward Slope You seem to have it all, until one or two poor decisions send your life into a spiral. bull; The Straight and Narrow Way You embrace predictability, shy away from risk, and don’t enjoy shaking up your routine. bull; The Triumphant Trail Your inner resilience has allowed you to overcome significant challenges that could have left you despondent. bull; The Authentic Road You take a bold and honest look at your life, assess whether it’s truly satisfying, and take the necessary risks to get back on track.   Whitbourne shows how you can work yourself off a negative pathway and onto one that is more fulfilling. And if you identify yourself as being on one of the more positive pathways, you’ll learn how to keep enhancing your feelings of satisfaction.     Filled with insight and candid personal profiles of Whitbourne’s subjects,The Search for Fulfillmentoffers proof that change is not only possible but ultimately rewarding. Revolutionary and inspirational, this encouraging book provides a new way of looking at our lives-and a guidepost for making changes for the better, at any age.

Love Your Body, Love Your Life: 5 steps to end negative body obsession and start living happily and confidently

If all you see when you look in the mirror is cellulite, wrinkles, or worse, you’re not seeing what-and who-is really there. A whopping 90 percent of us are dissatisfied with our lives-but it doesn’t have to be that way. With this easy 5-step plan, noted body-image expert and founder of Bream Free Beauty Sarah shows you how to feel good about your body-and celebrate its strength, vitality, and beauty.

The Mindful Path Through Shyness: how mindfulness and compassion can help free you from social anxiety, fear and avoidance

Rediscovering Values: on Wall Street, Main Street and your street: a moral compass for a new economy

When we start with the wrong question, no matter how good an answer we get, it won’t give us the results we want. Rather than joining the throngs who are asking, “When will this economic crisis be over?” Jim Wallis says the right question to ask is “How will this crisis change us?” The worst thing we can do now, Wallis tells us, is to go back to normal. Normal is what got us into this situation. We need a new normal, and this economic crisis is an invitation to discover what that means. Some of the principles Wallis unpacks for our new normal are : Spending money we don’t have for things we don’t need is a bad foundation for an economy or a family; It’s time to stop keeping up with the Joneses and start making sure the Joneses are okay; The values of commercials and billboards are not the things we want to teach our children; Care for the poor is not just a moral duty but is critical for the common good; A healthy society is a balanced society in which markets, the government, and our communities all play a role; The operating principle of God’s economy says that there is enough if we share it; And much, much more . . .In the pages of this book, Wallis provides us with a moral compass for this new economy—one that will guide us on Wall Street, Main Street, and Your Street.

The Losses of Our Lives: the sacred gifts of renewal in everyday loss

Most books on loss focus on the big losses (death, illness, divorce) or on specific losses (relationships, jobs, pets, memory loss, financial loss). Going beyond loss as a problem to be resolved, a grief to be worked through, Dr. Copeland-Payton reframes loss from the perspective that our everyday losses help us learn what we need to handle the major losses. Weaving in spiritual and archetypal themes, personal and scriptural story, the author poses that by becoming aware of what our lesser losses have to teach us, the larger losses of our lives become not so terrifying. When we intentionally enter into our everyday walk through small losses, the terrain of larger loss and the valley of the shadow of death is not totally unknown. It is not completely unfamiliar, alien, terrifying, for we have walked some of this way before with our lesser losses. We can journey through this valley of loss, for journey through it we must. And we can emerge markedly changed, but alive, on the other side. Not since Judith Viorst’s classic book Necessary Losses has there been such a significant exploration of ordinary losses, especially from a spiritual perspective. An especially valuable book for people in transition, and for spiritual counselors and therapists.

A Grief Observed

Written with love, humility, and faith, this brief but poignant volume was first published in 1961 and concerns the death of C. S. Lewis’s wife, the American-born poet Joy Davidman. In her introduction to this new edition, Madeleine L’Engle writes: “I am grateful to Lewis for having the courage to yell, to doubt, to kick at God in angry violence. This is a part of a healthy grief which is not often encouraged. It is helpful indeed that C. S. Lewis, who has been such a successful apologist for Christianity, should have the courage to admit doubt about what he has so superbly proclaimed. It gives us permission to admit our own doubts, our own angers and anguishes, and to know that they are part of the soul’s growth.”Written in longhand in notebooks that Lewis found in his home, A Grief Observed probes the “mad midnight moments” of Lewis’s mourning and loss, moments in which he questioned what he had previously believed about life and death, marriage, and even God. Indecision and self-pity assailed Lewis. “We are under the harrow and can’t escape,” he writes. “I know that the thing I want is exactly the thing I can never get. The old life, the jokes, the drinks, the arguments, the lovemaking, the tiny, heartbreaking commonplace.” Writing A Grief Observed as “a defense against total collapse, a safety valve,” he came to recognize that “bereavement is a universal and integral part of our experience of love.”Lewis writes his statement of faith with precision, humor, and grace. Yet neither is Lewis reluctant to confess his continuing doubts and his awareness of his own human frailty. This is precisely the quality which suggests that A Grief Observed may become “among the great devotional books of our age.”

Patience with God: faith for people who don’t like religion or atheism

Frank Schaeffer has a problem with Dawkins, Hitchens, Harris, Dennett, and the rest of the New Atheists—the self-anointed “Brights.” He also has a problem with the Rick Warrens and Tim LaHayes of the world. The problem is that he doesn’t see much of a difference between the two camps. As Schaeffer puts it, they “often share the same fallacy: truth claims that reek of false certainties. I believe that there is an alternative that actually matches the way life islivedrather than how we usually talk about belief.”Sparing no one and nothing, including himself and his fiery evangelical past, and invoking subtleties too easily ignored by the pontificators, Schaeffer adds much-needed nuance to the conversation. “My writing has smoked out so many individuals who seem to be thinking about the same questions. I hope that this book will provide a meeting place for us, the scattered refugees of what I’ll call The Church of Hopeful Uncertainty.”

Amish Peace: simple wisdom for a complicated world

The Diamond Cutter: the Buddha on managing your business and your life

With a unique combination of ancient and contemporary wisdom from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition,The Diamond Cutterpresents readers with empowering strategies for success in their work and personal lives. Geshe Michael Roach, one of the great teachers today of Tibetan Buddhism, has richly wovenThe Diamond Cutterin three layers. The first is a translation of selections from the Diamond Sutra itself, an ancient text comprised of conversations between the Buddha and his close disciple Subhuti. Considered a central work by Buddhists throughout the world, the Diamond Sutra has been the focus of much interpretation over the centuries. In the second layer, Geshe Michael quotes from some of the best commentaries of the Tibetan tradition. In the main text, the third layer, he uses both sutra and commentary as a jumping-off point for presenting his own teaching. Geshe Michael gives fresh insight into ancient wisdom by using examples from his own experience as one of the founders of the Andin International Diamond Corporation, which was started with capital of fifty thousand dollars and which today has annual sales in excess of one hundred million dollars. Much of the success of Andin has come from applying the business strategies presented inThe Diamond Cutter. Geshe Michael’s easy style and spiritual understanding make this work of timeless wisdom an invaluable source for those already familiar with, and those unfamiliar with, Tibetan Buddhism.

The Truth About Trust in Business

This book shows the reader the critical role of trust in business and how to build it. With practical guides and a unique and clever model, this book is an easy and compelling read for anyone in buiness who wants to increase their results and retention, and improve relationships with all stakeholders.

Green Metropolis: why living smaller, living closer and driving less are the keys to sustainability

In this remarkable challenge to conventional thinking about the environment, Owen argues that the greenest community in the U.S. is not Portland, Oregon, or Snowmass, Colorado, but New York City.

Us: Americans talk about love

From the wards of New Orleans to the cornfields of Iowa to the slopes of Colorado, from the raves of Los Angeles to the hollows of Appalachia and the canyons of Wall Street, Americans talk about love. Tortured teenagers, free-spirited octogenarians, anxious Navy wives, blue-blooded bohemians, horny-but-chaste pastors, and multiply-partnered cosmopolitans tell extraordinary tales of broken hearts; sexual infidelities; improbable reconciliations; hidden, forbidden, preposterous love; and endurance against all odds. These are America’s real love stories—wise and foolish, comic and tragic, full of surprises and straight from the heart.

The Next Hundred Million: America in 2050

Visionary social thinker Kotkin looks ahead to America in 2050, revealing how the addition of 100 million Americans by midcentury will transform American families, towns, and industries. It is upon the success or failure of these communities that the American future rests.

The Forty Year’s War: the rise and fall of the neocons from Nixon to Obama

Two bestselling investigative writers trace the arc of the neoconservative movement from the Nixon era through the end of Bush’s second term.

Notes From the Cracked Ceiling: Hilary Clinton, Sarah Palin and what it will take for a woman to win

In the presidential election of 2008 America seemed ready to elevate a woman to the presidency or vice presidency and-with Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin-was on the verge of actually doing so. Words like inevitable and phenomenon were in the air and the political and cultural stars seemed to be aligned. Why didn’t it happen? What will it take to make it happen soon? In a probing analysis sure to ignite controversy, acclaimed White House correspondent Anne Kornblut argues that the optimists are blind to formidable obstacles that still stand in the way of any woman who aims for America’s highest political offices. And she makes clear exactly which strategies and common assumptions will need to change if a woman intends to break through the “highest, hardest glass ceiling” of all. Delving deep inside the Clinton and Palin campaigns, Kornblut reveals: * the strategists’ mishandling of their candidates as women by failing to strike the right balance between femininity and toughness * Clinton’s weathering of a series of stinging gender-based attacks, until accusations of “pimping out” her daughter, Chelsea, finally brought her to tears * that Barack Obama was celebrated for his “historic” win in Iowa, even though it was not the first time an African American had won a caucus, but few noticed when Clinton became the first woman to win a primary in New Hampshire * that Palin was chosen solely by men, none of whom had experience in running women for office. Drawing from exclusive interviews with prominent women in both parties, Kornblut pinpoints where politically ambitious American women have gone wrong and what it will take to put them on track to the ultimate prize: the presidency. Former secretary of state Condoleezza Rice asserts: “We crossed the bar on African Americans some time ago. I’m not quite sure we’ve crossed it on women.” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi remarks on the “suit of armor” women must don to survive the sexism and viciousness of politics. Homeland Security Director Janet Napolitano confronts the false rumors that she is a lesbian and reveals what an invigorating “kick in the pants” it is to be in politics. And California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman, the former head of eBay, compares politics to business: “It feels to me, thus far, as less of a meritocracy and more of a popularity contest. More of a little bit of an old boys’ club.” Kornblut identifies the surprising realities of gender politics, such as the harsh treatment female candidates often receive from women voters, the gap between the United States and other countries when it comes to the electability of women, the “mommy penalty” that handicaps women candidates with young children, and the special appeal that women with law enforcement backgrounds have with voters. Notes from the Cracked Ceiling reveals that the highly touted new era of gender-equal politics never got as far as was commonly perceived and is now in full retreat. It is essential reading for anyone who cares about politics and the limits for women that persist.

The Econosphere: what makes the economy really work, how to protect it, and maximize your opportunity for financial prosperity

In this work, a leading economist explains how the world really works, helps readers to discover the immutable laws of nature that govern all their financial decisions and put them to work, and offers 10 ways to maximize wealth and happiness for everyone.

Sonic Boom: globalization at mach speed

There are signs the recession is about to end. So what comes next? Growth will resume. But economic uncertainty will worsen, making what comes next not just a boom but a nerve-shattering SONIC BOOM. Gregg Easterbrook – who “writes nothing that is not brilliant” (Chicago Tribune) – is a fount of unconventional wisdom, and over time, he is almost always proven right. Throughout 2008 and 2009, as the global economy was contracting and the experts were panicking, Easterbrook worked on a book saying prosperity is about to make its next big leap. Will he be right again? SONIC BOOM: Globalization at Mach Speed presents three basic insights. First, if you don’t like globalization, brace yourself, because globalization has barely started. Easterbrook contends the world is about to become far more globally linked. Second, the next wave of global change will be primarily positive: economic prosperity, knowledge and freedom will increase more in the next 50 years than in all of human history to this point. But before you celebrate, Easterbrook further warns that the next phase of global change is going to drive us crazy. Most things will be good for most people – but nothing will seem certain for anyone. Each SONIC BOOM chapter is based on examples of cities around the world – in the United States, Europe, Russia, China, South America – that represent a significant Sonic Boom trend. With a terrific sense of humor, pitch-perfect reporting and clear, elegant prose, Easterbrook explains why economic recovery is on the horizon but why the next phase of global change will also give everyone one hell of a headache. Forbes calls Easterbrook “the best writer on complex topics in the United States” and SONIC BOOM will show you why.

Start Over, Finish Rich: 10 steps to get you back on track in 2010

In Start Over, Finish Rich America’s most popular financial expert, David Bach, explains that 2010 will be the best opportunity for building wealth we have seen in decades. As the economy recovers, you must be set up to recover with it.

Pay It Down!: debt-free on $10 a day

Six years ago, during more pleasant financial times, I wrote Pay it Down!, the Rx for getting out of debt. It helped hundreds of thousands of readers, as well as the million people who participated in the Debt Diet on The Oprah Winfrey Show (based largely on the information in the book). But as the economy twisted and turned, some of the rules of the road did too, and this year, I decided to update that go-to guide for paying off your debt. The fact is, whether you’re trying to negotiate with your creditors, modify your mortgage, bring up your credit score or manage your student loans, you need different strategies than you needed a scant half-decade ago. And in this new version of Pay it Down! I give them to you in straightforward, easy-to-understand terms. Follow my plan, and in three years, you’ll be credit-card free. In five years, you’ll have a safety net, so you don’t have to reach for a credit card when the furnace blows or the dog gets sick. And in ten years, you’ll have a healthy nest egg for retirement. Even in these troubled times, you can pay down your debt with only $10 a day. You can find the money. I’ll show you how.

Your Nest Egg Game Plan: how to get your finances back on track and create a lifetime income stream

Traditional pensions-in which retirees were guaranteed an income for life-are a thing of the past. They’ve been replaced by 410(k) and IRA plans that shift the burden of building and managing a retirement nest egg to the employee. And most of us are woefully unprepared to handle this responsibility.

Personal Finance For Dummies

Now updated-the proven guide to taking control of your financesThe bestselling Personal Finance For Dummies has helped countless readers budget their funds successfully, rein in debt, and build a strong foundation for the future. Now, renowned financial counselor Eric Tyson combines his time-tested financial advice along with updates to his strategies that reflect changing market conditions, giving you a better-than-ever guide to taking an honest look at your current financial health and setting realistic goals for the future.Inside, you’ll find techniques for tracking expenditures, reducing spending, and getting out from under the burden of high-interest debt. Tyson explains the basics of investing in plain English, as well as risks, returns, investment options, and popular investment strategies. He also covers ways to save for college and special events, tame your taxes, and financially survive the twists and turns that life delivers. . The bestselling, tried-and-true guide to taking control of finances, now updated to cover current market conditions Provides concrete, actionable advice for anyone facing great economic hardship Helps you avoid or get out of debt and budget funds more successfully Eric Tyson, MBA, is a nationally recognized personal finance counselor and the author of numerous For Dummies titles, including Home Buying For Dummies, Investing For Dummies, and Mutual Funds For Dummies, among othersThere’s no need to stress over an uncertain economy-just read Personal Finance For Dummies and protect your financial future!

The Investor’s Manifesto: preparing for prosperity, Armeggedon and everything in between

A timeless approach to investing wisely over an investment lifetimeWith the current market maelstrom as a background, this timely guide describes just how to plan a lifetime of investing, in good times and bad, discussing stocks and bonds as well as the relationship between risk and return.Filled with in-depth insights and practical advice, The Investor’s Manifesto will help you understand the nuts and bolts of executing a lifetime investment plan, including: how to survive dealing with the investment industry, the practical meaning of market efficiency, how much to save, how to maintain discipline in the face of panics and manias, and what vehicles to use to achieve financial security and freedom. Written by bestselling author William J. Bernstein, well known for his insights on how individual investors can manage their personal wealth and retirement funds wisely Examines how the financial landscape has radically altered in the past two years, and what investors should do about it Contains practical insights that the everyday investor can understand Focuses on the concept of Pascal’s Wager-identifying and avoiding worst-case scenarios, and planning investment decisions on that basisWith The Investor’s Manifesto as your guide, you’ll quickly discover the timeless investment approaches that can put you in a better position to prosper over time.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Success as a Property Manager

Managing properties owned by other investors is a complex and labor-intensive profession. Commercial and residential real estate each have a complete set of challenges, regulations, and issues to manage to ensure their profitability. Property managers seeking to be successful often lose sight of how to advance their careers because they get buried in the details of day-to-day management. The Complete Idiot’s Guider to Success as a Property Manager, written by seasoned expert Krista Capp, helps the harried professional keep their priorities straight. Filled with insightful anecdotes from the field, concrete advice and tips, this book helps both the veteran and beginner property manger become a success. In it, readers find: –Practical advice about education, certifications, and licenses(US) necessary to get ahead.-A detailed overview of the nuts-and-bolts skills needed to successfully manage any property.-Solid information about regulations (USA), finances, taxes, and safety codes.-Information on the various interpersonal skills necessary to deal with every tenant and situation.-Helpful hints for managing time, prioritizing duties, and supervising staff.-Guidance on taking it further and starting a property management business.

The Laws of Disruption: harnessing the new forces that govern life and business in the digital age

The Ernst & Young Tax Guide

J.K. Lasser’s Your Income Tax

End Your Addiction Now: the proven nutritional supplement plan that can set you free

This book not only explores the biochemical factors that are the real cause of the problem, but offers proven advice on how to break addictions once and for all. Contains simple step by step directions for kicking the habit,whether it involves drugs, alcohol, smoking or food addiction. End Your Addiciton Now is designed both to guide its readers to effective physicians and treatment facilities, and to provide a path for those who wish to seek wellness on their own.

Smoking: 201 reasons to quit

Motivation is the first step to becoming a nonsmoker. Whether you want to motivate yourself to quit, convince your kids not to start, or persuade a relative or friend to quit, this book is for you.

Successful Inclusion Strategies for Early Childhood Teachers

Lost at School: why are kids are behavioral challenges are falling through the cracks and how we can help them

School discipline is broken. Too often, the kids who need our help the most are viewed as disrespectful, out of control, and beyond help, and their behaviors as attention-seeking, limit-testing, and manipulative. The kids, their parents, and their teachers are frustrated and desperate for answers.

The Austism Checklist: a practical reference for parents and teachers

A practical resource filled with information, tips, and checklists for helping kids with autismThis useful, accessible guide offers teachers and parents a better understanding of children on the autism spectrum and provides them with the kinds of support and intervention they need. Written in an easy-to-read checklist format, the book is filled with up-to-date research, practical advice, and helpful resources on a wide range of topics. The book covers five areas: basic information on autism, checklists for parents, checklists for teachers, effective support strategies, and helpful resources. Provides vital, accessible information for parents and teachers working with children in the autism spectrum Contains a wealth of useful strategies, information, and resources.

25 Fun Phonics Plays for Beginning Readers

These reproducible, read-aloud plays combine fun with phonics and fluency practice for the perfect formula to help build reading confidence. Designed to reinforce key phonics skills; including short vowels, long vowels, r-controlled vowels, silent e, and consonant blends and digraphs the plays offer engaging plots that invite repeated readings and give children practice in decoding words and reading with speed, automaticity, and expression. They also boost comprehension, vocabulary, and listening skills. Great for Reader’s Theater!

Pennsylvania Career Guide

The Marketplace of Ideas

At a time when competition to get into and succeed in college has never been more intense, universities are providing a less-useful education. “The Marketplace of Ideas” assesses what is important in a traditional university–and what is not.

Admission Matters: what students and parents need to know about getting into college

This updated guide explains the rapidly changing college admissions process. “Admission Matters” outlines what has changed, where to apply, how financial aid works, and much more.

8 First Choices: an expert’s strategies for getting into college

Written within an educational framework, this handbook offers general guidance to help students do a self-assessmentnbsp;and select the top eight colleges that are the strongest fit for them. Establishing readers as anthropologists, students will learn to observe 20 campus cultures, assess each one, and research their optionsnbsp;in American higher education. Additionally, it offers several basic assumptions that are contrary to common knowledge about getting into college. Written by a college counselor with decades of experience, this guide offers insight into the college admissions process and allows students to hone in onnbsp;the schools that are right for them.

Paying for College Without Going Broke

Budget Weddings for Dummies

Planning your wedding day should pull at your heartstrings-not your purse strings! If you’re a bride-or groom-to-be who doesn’t want your “something borrowed” to be huge debt, turn to Budget Weddings For Dummies for trusted, practical advice on planning the wedding of your dreams-without breaking the bank!

The High School Reunion Diet

A “youth-recovery” plan that’s as fast as it is effective,The High School Reunion Dietis a pure foods program designed to have you looking slimmer, healthier, and younger in just thirty days.When people come in to see acclaimed dermatologist and internist Dr. David Colbert in the hope of looking younger, he often sends them home with a diet. Yes, there are many modern dermatology treatments that improve your skin and take years off your appearance, but the doctor knows nothing works better (or faster) than the right foods.Whether you want to lose a few pounds or a few years,The High School Reunion Dietis for you. Dr. Colbert begins with a quick “reeducation” on how certain foods fuel your body. You’ll learn why sugar-saturated processed foods slow you down and make you appear old, and how you can combat the effects of age with the health and beauty secrets of smart carbs, A+ fats, intelligent fiber, and star proteins.Then it’s time to start eating. Here’s how the diet works: You replace over-sugared, nutritionally empty packaged foods and sweetened drinks with “True Food” — brilliant-colored vegetables, whole fruits, nutritious nuts, lean meat, and a variety of other flavorful items that are easily accessible, pure, and unprocessed. You cook with great fats like olive oil, and use antioxidant-rich spices that can both beautify skin and protect health. Soon the aging effects of sugar will begin to reverse, just as the benefits of whole nutrients begin to multiply. Dull skin, hair, and eyes will brighten. In thirty days, you’ll experience the entire range of benefits — from increased energy and heightened mental acuity to weight loss — that will have you on the road to lifelong good habits and health.Featuring a variety of options for everyday meals,The High School Reunion Dietalso includes sample recipes destined to become household staples, rang-ing from frittatas and smoothies to fresh salads and sides, delicious fish and even sirloin entrees, as well as a long list of tasty snacks. Having already earned the trust of New York and Hollywood’s media, fashion, and film elite, Dr. Colbert brings to your kitchen table his extensive knowledge of attaining — and sustaining — health, beauty, and youth.

100 Ways to Supercharge Your Metabolism

There is plenty of hype and hoax when it comes to information on boosting metabolism. Other books offer diets or advice that is at best ineffective and at worst risky for your health. One hundred action-oriented tips show readers how they can get their body to do more of the work in burning fat and calories-and most of them can be done in 10 minutes or less! Backed up by the latest scientific research, readers get simple and effective exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle shortcuts that boost metabolism and burn fat. No complicated regimens. No huge time commitments. Just surprisingly easy strategies that can be worked into any lifestyle or eating plan.

Food Rules: an eater’s manual

A pocket compendium of food wisdom from the author of The Omnivore’s Dilemma and In Defense of Food, Michael Pollan, our nation’s most trusted resource for food-related issues, offers this indispensible guide for anyone concerned about health and food. Simple, sensible, and easy to use, Food Rules is a set of memorable rules for eating wisely, many drawn from a variety of ethnic or cultural traditions. Whether at the supermarket or an all-you-can-eat-buffet, this handy, pocket-size resource is the perfect guide for anyone who would like to become more mindful of the food we eat.

Quantum Supplements: a complete guide to the energy healing properties of  vitamins, minerals and herbs

Quantum physics tells us that every life form carries a vibration, an energetic signature, and this is as true for vitamins and other supplement as it is for the foods we eat. Whether we eat broccoli or donuts, take fish oil supplements or eat candy, we ingest the food’s vibration and either add to or subtract from our overall physical and spiritual health. Far more than just providing fuel for our bodies, nutritional supplements taken wisely can feed all aspects of us-physical, emotional, and spiritual.

Zumba: ditch the workout, join the Party!

Created by celebrity fitness trainer Perez, Zumba combines fun, easy-to-follow dance steps with hot Latin beats to help participants shed pounds and inches fast. This companion book features a complete workout program, fat-burning diet, and an exclusive instructional DVD.

Boost Your Health with Bacteria

Not only can bacteria boost your health, in large part they dictate if we are to be well or sick. Bacteria can be an intimidating topic, however, it is an important one. While you may not think of bacteria as “health promoting,” beneficial bacteria are not only intimately associated with the digestive system, they can also profoundly influence immunity, inflammation, and insulin resistance. Scientific research is confirming that bacteria may even be linked to depression, anxiety, weight loss insomnia, fatigue, and other health issues. According to the latest research, beneficial bacteria have been shown to help prevent some of the most serious illnesses of our time including cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. In this book, the authors take the complex topic of bacteria to a new level of awareness, understanding, and therapeutic application.

The Massage Bible: the definitive guide to soothing aches and pains

From Chinese massage to Shiatsu to Indian head massage, this lavishly illustrated “bible” presents all the techniques needed to master the basics. Every spread features large and easy-to-follow photos, while the text guides beginners on what pressure to exert, what part of the hand makes contact with the body, and exactly what to do—whether they’re feathering the back, working on the neck and scalp, or performing a sequence on the arms and hands. In addition to holistic and sports massages, there are suggestions for special situations (including massaging a baby); advice on massages to relieve common ailments; and lifestyle tips.


Ask the Doctor About Parkinson’s Disease

Written by two of the most well-known and respected experts in the field of Parkinson’s Disease, Drs. Okun and Fernandez answer questions in easy-to-understand language.

Beating Stress, Anxiety & Depression: groundbreaking ways to make you feel better

One person in six suffers from chronic anxiety or depression. The negative effects on our personal lives, let alone the social and economic costs, are huge. In Beating Stress, Anxiety and Depression, Professor Jane Plant and Janet Stephenson, both former sufferers, argue that the medical profession’s current approach-which largely neglects accurate diagnosis and relies too heavily on medication – is simply not working. They dispel the fear and prejudice surrounding mental illness and put forward a new, effective programme for dealing with stress, anxiety and depression. Based on the latest medical developments and sound science, this accessible book gives you the key to the best methods of prevention and treatment.

Digging Out: helping your loved one manage clutter, hoarding and compulsive acquiring

Most people who hoard do not think there is anything wrong with their impulses, nor do they fully understand the extent of their problem. This book is not for them. Digging Out is for the concerned and frustrated friends and family members of hoarders, whose ongoing struggles to guide their loved ones to a healthier way of life are too often met with resistance and hostility.

Heal Thyself: a doctor at the peak of his medical career, destroyed by alcohol, and the personal miracle that brought him back

“[This book is] the story of the dazzling discovery of a cure that could soon be within reach of all . . . you must read this book.” —David Servan-Schreiber, MD, PHD, author ofHealing Without Freud or ProzacandAnticancer nbsp; When Olivier Ameisen’s book was first published, Barbara Fisher noted inThe Boston Globethat “this is not your usual memoir of addiction, degradation, and redemption.” His story is indeed unusual—not because he was a brilliant cardiologist who developed a profound addiction to alcohol, or because he tried numerous treatment options and none helped. His story was the story of millions of alcoholics—until he decided to take his treatment into his own hands. nbsp; Searching for a cure for his deadly disease, he happened upon baclofen, a safe muscle relaxant that had recently shown promising results in studies with laboratory animals addicted to a wide variety of substances. Ameisen experimented with increasingly higher dosages until he reached a level that left him free ofanycraving for alcohol. That was more than six years ago. nbsp; Heal Thyself(originally published asThe End of My Addiction) is both a memoir of Ameisen’s struggle and a call to action. In the past year, a growing number of researchers and doctors have been inspired by Ameisen and begun prescribing baclofen and lobbying for wide-scale studies into how the drug works. Last spring, no less an authority than the leading medical journalAlcoholand Alcoholismendorsed the book. Hailing Dr. Ameisen as “a remarkable medical researcher,” it summed up its assessment strongly and directly: “This book is to be recommended.”

Mindsight: the new science of personal transformation

From a pioneer in the field of mental health comes a groundbreaking book on the healing power of “mindsight,” the potent skill that is the basis for both emotional and social intelligence.Mindsightallows you to make positive changes in your brainndash;and in your life. bull; Is there a memory that torments you, or an irrational fear you can’ t shake? bull; Do you sometimes become unreasonably angry or upset and find it hard to calm down? bull; Do you ever wonder why you can’t stop behaving the way you do, no matter how hard you try? bull; Are you and your child (or parent, partner, or boss) locked in a seemingly inevitable pattern of conflict? What if you could escape traps like these and live a fuller, richer, happier life? This isn’t mere speculation but the result of twenty-five years of careful hands-on clinical work by Daniel J. Siegel, M.D. A Harvard-trained physician, Dr. Siegel is one of the revolutionary global innovators in the integration of brain science into the practice of psychotherapy. Using case histories from his practice, he shows how, by following the proper steps, nearly everyone can learn how to focus their attention on the internal world of the mind in a way that will literally change the wiring and architecture of their brain. Through his synthesis of a broad range of scientific research with applications to everyday life, Dr. Siegel has developed novel approaches that have helped hundreds of patients heal themselves from painful events in the past and liberate themselves from obstacles blocking their happiness in the present. And now he has written the first book that will help all of us understand the potential we have to create our own lives. Showing us mindsight in action, Dr. Siegel describes bull; a sixteen-year-old boy with bipolar disorder who uses meditation and other techniques instead of drugs to calm the emotional storms that made him suicidal bull; a woman paralyzed by anxiety, who uses mindsight to discover, in an unconscious memory of a childhood accident, the source of her dread bull; a physicianndash;the author himselfndash;who pays attention to his intuition, which he experiences as a “vague, uneasy feeling in my belly, a gnawing restlessness in my heart and my gut,” and tracks down a patient who could have gone deaf because of an inaccurately written prescription for an ear infection bull; a twelve-year-old girl with OCD who learns a meditation that is “like watching myself from outside myself” and, using a form of internal dialogue, is able to stop the compulsive behaviors that have been tormenting her These and many other extraordinary stories illustrate how mindsight can help us master our emotions, heal our relationships, and reach our fullest potential. A book as inspiring as it is informative, as practical as it is profound, Mindsight offers exciting new proof that we aren’t hardwired to behave in certain ways, but instead have the ability to harness the power of our minds to resculpt the neural pathways of our brains in ways that will be life-transforming.

More Than Genes: what science can tell us about toxic chemicals, development and the risk to our children

We are all shaped by our genetic inheritance and by the environment we live in. Indeed, the argument about which of these two forces, nature or nurture, predominates has been raging for decades. But what about our very first environment–the prenatal world where we exist for nine months between conception and birth and where we are more vulnerable than at any other point in our lives? In More Than Genes, Dan Agin marshals new scientific evidence to argue that the fetal environment can be just as crucial as genetic hard-wiring or even later environment in determining our intelligence and behavior. Stress during pregnancy, for example, puts women at far greater risk of bearing children prone to anxiety disorders. Nutritional deprivation during early fetal development may elevate the risk of late onset schizophrenia. And exposure to a whole host of environmental toxins–methylmercury, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), dioxins, pesticides, ionizing radiation, and most especially lead–as well as maternal use of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, or cocaine can have impacts ranging from mild cognitive impairment to ADHD, autism, schizophrenia, and other mental disorders. Agin argues as well that differences in IQ among racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic groups are far more attributable to higher levels of stress and chemical toxicity in inner cities–which seep into the prenatal environment and compromise the health of the fetus–than to genetic inheritance. The good news is that the prenatal environment is malleable, and Agin suggests that if we can abandon the naive idea of “immaculate gestation,” we can begin to protect fetal development properly. Cogently argued, thoroughly researched, and accessibly written, More Than Genes challenges many long-held assumptions and represents a huge step forward in our understanding of the origins of human intelligence and behavior.

Empowered Austism Parenting: celebrating (and defending) your child’s place in the world

How parents can appreciate their autistic children prevent them from being pathologized, over-medicated, and marginalizedIn this groundbreaking book, William Stillman, an expert and passionate advocate on behalf of those with autism, offers a commonsense guide for parenting children with autism. He gives mothers and fathers, caregivers, and teachers the information they need to recognize the child with autism’s unique personality, passions, and intellect and therefore liberate them from today’s culture of fear. He shows why the current conventional incentive and reward systems send the wrong message to kids with autism and just don’t work. This book offers a sensible ten-step guide for enriching relationships with kids with autism through a belief in their essential competence. Includes information that liberates parents from the culture of fear surrounding autism Explains how kids with autism are intelligent but may have unconventional methods of communication that need to be understood and appreciated Shows why your child doesn’t need traditional therapy or medication to “treat” autism Written by an acclaimed expert on the topic of autism, who is himself an adult with Asperger’s Syndrome.

Just Don’t Fall: how I grew up, conquered illness, and made it down the mountain

One moment Josh Sundquist was your typical energetic and inquisitive nine-year-old boy. The next, his entire life changed when he was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma, a particularly virulent cancer strain that would eventually claim Josh’s left leg. Told in a wide-eyed, winning, heartbreaking voice, Just Don’t Fall is the story of the boy Josh was and of the young man he became. His story begins in a small, close-knit Southern town, where his father-an aspiring pastor questioning his faith, and his mother– homeschooling an ever- growing brood of children-struggle to make ends meet. Josh journeys through a dizzying array of hospitals and eventually lands at a pivotal place: the nearby mountain, where he makes his first attempt to ski. It is on the slopes, and later, on the race course, that Josh’s world bursts wide open in a way no one could have ever anticipated. The inspiration to ski, however, and to become a champion, is not all that Josh has to contend with – there is adolescence to navigate, the transition from homeschool to public high school, and girls. There is an increasingly turbulent and difficult home life, with another cancer scare, a wayward brother, and dwindling finances to pay for training. Finally, there is the wild, bumpy road to the Paralympics in Turin, with a misanthropic coach, training in the Rockies, and a timeless friendship with a charismatic, imposing Brooklyn homeboy named Ralph. Through it all, Josh is forced to question his abilities, his sanity, his will, his faith in himself, and his faith in God. Because of, not despite, these myriad obstacles in his path, Josh is able to achieve a genuine grace: the grace to risk failure and to succeed. It is the grace of a young boy becoming a man and of a champion realizing his greatest dream. Josh Sundquist shows us with charm, humility and remarkable strength that even if we fall, this inner grace can lift us up and carry us over the many mountains we all must face.

Lionel FasTrack Model Railroads: the easy way to build a realistic layout

As model railroaders began demanding ever-greater realism, Lionel responded in 2004 with its FasTrack system featuring an integrated roadbed, scale-sized ties, and a less-obvious center rail. Veteran hobby author Bob Schleicher follows up hisThe Lionel FasTrack Bookwith a closer, more detailed look at Lionelrsquo;s revolutionary O-gauge system. This guide gives enthusiasts a deeper sense of how to take advantage of the FasTrackrsquo;s ease of use and unprecedented realism in large-scale model railroading. The book includes 150 color photos and track diagrams for 10 scenicked FasTrack layouts ranging from 6×6-foot tabletop models to an 11×30-foot scale-size empire. Schleicher also provides instructions for building tables to support the layouts, advice for creating both rural and urban scenery, and an appendix of recommended suppliers.

Fuel Economy Guide

The Fatal Strain: on the trail of avian flu and the coming pandemic

Like “The Hot Zone” and “The Great Influenza, The Fatal Strain” is a fast-moving account that brings the inevitability of an avian flu epidemic into a fascinating cultural, scientific, and political narrative.

Green Barbarians: how to live bravely on you home planet

Sandbeck has written a green-living manual with a twist; it harkens back to a more primitive way of life, free of synthetic chemicals and processed foods. Her message may be wrapped in unorthodox language with quotes from such sources as Napoléon and Sun Tzu, but the facts are grounded in traditional assessments and supportive reports, the book’s organization is impressive, and her use of barbarian metaphors brings humor to the subject. Although the information isn’t new, there is a demand for numerous approaches to sustainable living, and readers will appreciate Sandbeck’s often-coy acknowledgment that it requires courage to live green, including the story of a home owner incurring the wrath of her home-owners’ association over her use of a clothesline. Some readers will question the author’s decision to weigh in on the volatile topics of vaccination and circumcision, and rightly so, but otherwise, this is an enjoyable choice for readers seeking guidance in changing their lives in ways big and small.–Mondor, Colleen Copyright 2009 Booklist

Bargain Junkie: living the good life of the cheap

Forget fashionistas. Meet the bargainista. Annie Korzen is a thrifty woman with expensive tastes. Raised by an immigrant mother who reused tea bags, Annie learned early on how to be an economista.InBargain Junkie, Korzen shares her hilarious tales from the trenches–the garage sales, estate sales, thrift stores, rummage sales, and online auctions. Korzen haggles, scrimps, saves, and stretches her dollars and her imagination so she can afford to travel, dress well, and eat out whenever possible.Whether she’s getting a cardiovascular workout at the store, getting revenge on a yard sale con artist, or eating herself sick at the free green room buffet before appearing onThe Oprah Winfrey Show, Annie is the ultimate bargainista.

Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows: an introduction to carnism

In her groundbreaking new book, Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows, Melanie Joy explores the invisible system that shapes our perception of the meat we eat, so that we love some animals and eat others without knowing why. She calls this system carnism. Carnism is the belief system, or ideology, that allows us to selectively choose which animals become our meat, and it is sustained by complex psychological and social mechanisms. Like other “isms” (racism, ageism, etc.), carnism is most harmful when it is unrecognized and unacknowledged. Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows names and explains this phenomenon and offers it up for examination. Unlike the many books that explain why we shouldn’t eat meat, Joy’s book explains why we do eat meat — and thus how we can make more informed choices as citizens and consumers.

An A-Z Guide to Healing Foods: a shopper’s companion

Filled with science, natural remedies, and modern wisdom, this handy reference is needed by anyone confused by all the claims of superfoods or who wants to make an informed decision about what foods are best for them. Yoga instructor, nutrition expert, and active mother Elise Collins has compiled a comprehensive list of healing foods, their vitamin and mineral content, and what they do to promote health, prevent disease, and decrease symptoms of illness. Arranged alphabetically and complete with a cross-reference for what’s best to eat to treat specific ailments, this guidebook to nutrition is designed to be as convenient as a shopping list. Included are preparation tips and recipes that make this the ultimate tool for joyful eating and radiant health. The A-Z Guide to Healing Foods inspires the reader to explore, prepare, procure, grow, taste, savour, and above all, enjoy healing foods. This guide will steer readers toward fabulous foods that foster an overall sense of well-being.

The Amish Cook’s Baking Book

For the Amish, baking is an art form, a pleasure, and a way of life. Filled with 80 beautiful photographs and over 100 classic Amish recipes for sweets that have been handcrafted in Eicher’s Amish kitchen, this book introduces a new generation to Amish baking.

Knives at Dawn: the American quest for culinary glory at the legendary Bocuse d’Or competition

Sizzling saute pans. Screaming spectators. Television cameras. A ticking clock.Fasten your seatbelt for the Bocuse d’Or, the world’s most challenging and prestigious cooking competition, where the pressure and the stakes could not be higher. At this real-life Top Chef, twenty-four culinary teams, each representing its home nation, cook for five and a half grueling hours. There are no elimination rounds, no time to ease into the rigors of competition. The teams have just one precious chance to cook and present two spectacular platters of food, then plate them for tasting by a jury of chefs — the ultimate test of their ability to execute their craft, with prize money, international acclaim, and national pride on the line.Surprisingly, although American cuisine now rates among the best in the world, a U.S. team has never finished among the top three at this “Olympics of Food.” In 2008, a triumvirate of culinary figures — Daniel Boulud, Thomas Keller, and Jérôme Bocuse — raised unprecedented support and awareness for the American effort. This is their story, and the story of the team that competed for the United States at the 2009 Bocuse d’Or — what they did, how they did it, and what they learned.Knives at Dawnchronicles the formation and training of the 2009 American team. Chef Timothy Hollingsworth and his assistant, or commis, Adina Guest, both from The French Laundry in Yountville, California, are the stars of this chefs-as-athletes story. After winning a national team selection event, the pair trained in a specially outfitted facility, while twenty-three competitors — including a Norwegian who’d been hell-bent to win the Bocuse d’Or since the age of twelve — rehearsed around the globe. The days of the competition, when they all come together in an arena in Lyon, France, are recounted in riveting detail — putting you right alongside the action — as the months of toil and aspiration come to a head in the final hours of fierce cooking, when technical and mental fortitude, split-second decision-making, or a few too many seconds of heat can make all the difference in the world.Beyond the American team itself, unparalleled behind-the-scenes access allows sports journalist and food writer Andrew Friedman to paint intimate portraits of Boulud and Keller, two of the most influential culinary figures of their generation, as well as of French icon Paul Bocuse, who created the competition more than two decades ago. With its revealing look at chefs and cooks of different generations and nationalities,Knives at Dawndelivers fascinating insights into what drives chefs to cook and compete, both in the Bocuse d’Or and in their own kitchens every day.

Baking Artisan Pastries & Breads: sweet and savory baking for breakfast, brunch and beyond

Baking Artisan Breakfast Breads and Pastries offers illustrated recipes that cater to all breakfast needs: from muffins ready within the hour to more decadent treats, such as lemon brioche doughnuts and chocolate croissants. The formulas are generally progressive-the easier recipes are at the beginning and more complex ones are later. The step-by-step full-color process shots of techniques and inviting beauty shots of finished products coupled with clear directions will instill confidence in even the most novice baker. A short (20-30 minute) DVD accompanies the book, adding an invaluable level of instruction.

Recipes: a collection of recipes by Richard J. Hyde Elementary PTO

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Dairy-Free Eating

If you’re lactose intolerant or have a milk sensitivity, eating even the smallest amount of dairy makes you uncomfortable. Learn tips for making delicious substitutions, and learn how nutritious and flavorful dairy-free eating can be.

250 Gluten-Free Favorites

Great gluten-free recipes that the whole family will enjoy.When a family member has gluten intolerance, the cooking responsibilities are seriously challenged. Donna Washburn and Heather Butt have created tantalizing recipes that not only deal with that allergy but will please the rest of the family, too.This comprehensive kitchen companion includes tasty and innovative ideas for baked goods, pasta dishes, appetizers, family meals and mouthwatering desserts. Since many who must manage a gluten intolerance also have other allergies, the authors provide recipes for dairy-free, egg-free and white sugar-free dishes as well.Here’s a small sampling of the 250 tantalizing recipes:Rosemary bread sticks, French toast Jelly roll, chocolate chunk cheesecake, pumpkin Thanksgiving dessert Cheese soufflé, Tex-Mex potato fries, lasagna Chicken quesadillas, Caprese salad Classic French onion soup, minestrone soup Crispy calamari, roasted garlic dip.The authors also include extensive information on grains, including amaranth, corn, Montina (a flour created from Indian rice grass), quinoa and teff (a grain from northeastern Africa). A special section on gluten-free grains deals with their appearance, flavor and texture, plus it also provides suggestions on how to use and store them.

The New Appetizer: the best recipes for today’s party starters

Dazzle family and friends with yummy tidbits from “The New Appetizer,” a delicious collection of 230 party starters culled from the world’s #1 cooking magazine. Full-color illustrations throughout.


This beautifully illustrated book is packed full of recipes the entire family will love. With chapters such as Pasta and Noodles, Meat, and Winter Vegetables, you can turn any surplus items in your refrigerator into a delicious meal. In a handy, compact format, this book is perfect for taking with you to the farmer’s market or supermarket.

175 Natural Sugar Desserts

The recipes in this book are designed for people who enjoy homemade desserts and baked goods but are trying to reduce or eliminate their intake of refined sugar. Just because a dessert doesn’t contain refined sugar doesn’t mean it has no flavor. On the contrary, you’re able to taste the true flavor of ingredients, since sugar tends to mask them. These decadent and delicious recipes don’t use white or brown sugar or artificial sweeteners; instead, they are sweetened with either naturally sweet fruit or natural sugars. You can enjoy good desserts and maintain your health at the same time!

How to Build a Gingerbread House: a step-by-step guide to sweet results

Celebrating Cupcakes and Muffins

So delicious. So creative. So individually personal. Cupcakes and muffins are perfect for turning any ordinary occasion into an extra special event! In Celebrating Cupcakes and Muffins, you’ll find more than 75 recipes from chef Michal Moses that are easy to make and a pleasure to serve. Chapters include Basic Recipes, Say It With Cupcakes, Cupcakes for the Calendar, Cupcakes for Kids, Sweet and Special Muffins, Health Conscious Muffins, and Savory Muffins. Inviting two dozen youngsters over for a birthday party? They’re sure to love the Love, Love, Love Cupcakes. Want to add a twist to your next Sunday brunch? How about a double-batch of the Spinach, Ricotta, and Pine Nut Muffins? There is something for everyone. Enjoy!

The Everything Cake Mix Cookbook

Sarah K. Sawyer(Minneapolis, MN) has written for Betty Crocker, Pillsbury, and their affiliate brands. After working with those companies in their test kitchens, she has a unique insight into baking, writing about baking, and choosing recipes that are affordable, doable, contain attainable ingredients, and yield satisfying results. A freelance writer and copywriter, Sawyer has written for Marie Claire, Woman’s Day,and The Minneapolis Star Tribune, in addition to numerous nonfiction books on a wide range of topics.

Taste of Home Cookies

The editors of “Taste of Home” magazine present 620 of their best cookie recipes.

Home Maintenance for Dummies

A hands-on, step-by-step guide to properly maintaining your homeYour home requires regular maintenance to operate safely and efficiently. The expert advice in this second edition of Home Maintenance For Dummies can help you save literally thousands of dollars each year by showing you how to perform home maintenance yourself! This new edition provides the latest tips on how to tune up your home and make repairs to every room of the house, from basement to attic. By combining step-by-step instructions and expert information, this practical guide gives you the skills to tackle everything from furnace tune-ups to leaky roofs. You’ll also learn how to conduct routine inspections, keep major appliances running efficiently, and increase energy efficiency. Shows how to keep your home in tip-top shape, preserve its value, and avoid costly repairs Covers all rooms of the house, in addition to the roof, foundation, and exterior Explains how to keep all home systems and major appliances running smoothly Includes a seasonal maintenance schedule Provides the latest green maintenance options to help lower your utility bills James Carey and Morris Carey have a radio show, a newspaper column, and a Web site, all called On the House, and appear regularly on CBS News Saturday Morning. They are also the authors of Home Remodeling For Dummies If you’ve always wanted to tackle home repairs like a pro, Home Maintenance For Dummies, 2nd Edition is your ideal resource!

A Little Bit Married: how to know when it’s time to walk down the aisle or out the door

Publisher Weekly Seligson’s tidy handbook takes a clarifying look at the confusing and often frustrating world of long-term relationships, those open-ended multi-year affairs that could be described as “a little bit” like marriage. Putting extensive research into practical, everyday language, Seligson starts by defining the phenomenon with both broad social context and acute symptoms (“Does he value bromance more than romance?”), developing snappy common-sense lessons (“Thou shalt not move in together to save money”). Practical advice for making decisions and carrying through follows; an especially honest and illuminating chapter on “The Female Proposal” focuses on the reasons for wanting to get married, asking readers to “propose to yourself” first. Seligson’s breezy style nearly obscures her intense original research, including 120 interviews with relationship vets and input from 30 professionals (an appendix contains brief profiles of all 150). Seligson even includes research into the market for her book: according to the U.S. Census Bureau, one out of 10 unmarried couples live together-that’s 10.4 million people, all of whom (and not just women) could benefit from this clear-headed approach to making the big decision: marry or move on. (Jan.) Copyright 2010 Reed Business Information.

The Complete Guide to a Clutter-Free Home

This resource for experienced builders provides instructions for do-it-yourself building projects for shelves, cabinets, and other solutions for home storage in every room of the house. Projects include under-stairs shelving, a pine pantry, a home office in a closet, a shoe cubby, and garage storage solutions. Each step is illustrated with color photos, and there is a color gallery of successful results. The book also includes a chapter of general de-cluttering tips. Schmidt has written other do-it-yourself guides on a range of home building projects. Annotation c2010 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (booknews.com

The Joy of Parenting: an acceptance and commitment therapy guide to effective parenting for the early years

Parents are supposed to be at their best when their children are at their worst. The only problem is that parents are people, too, and are susceptible to knee-jerk reactions, anger, and fears that make perfect parenting nearly impossible. But it is possible to keep your long-term parenting goals in mind, give yourself credit for what you’re doing right, and most importantly, enjoy the rewards and joy of raising a child.

Parenting a Child Who Has Intense Emotions

Early Intervention Games

A resource of fun games for parents or teachers to help young children learn social and motor skillsBarbara Sher, an expert occupational therapist and teacher, has written a handy resource filled with games to play with young children who have Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or other sensory processing disorders (SPD). The games are designed to help children feel comfortable in social situations and teach other basic lessons including beginning and end, spatial relationships, hand-eye coordination, and more. Games can also be used in regular classrooms to encourage inclusion. A collection of fun, simple games that can improve the lives of children with ASD or other SPDs. Games can be played by parents or teachers and with individual children or groups. Games are designed to make children more comfortable in social situations and to develop motor and language skills All the games are easy-to-do, use common, inexpensive materials, and include several variations and modifications.

Raising Twins: from pregnancy to preschool

Even with years working as a pediatrician, Shelly Vaziri Flais, MD, FAAP, was a nervous about what lay ahead when she was told she was pregnant with twins. Now, several years into parenting her twin boys, Dr Flais is sharing her wisdom and experience as a mom and her expertise as a doctor to help you prepare for and parent your twins or multiples with confidence.

My  Two-Year-Old Eats Octopus: raising children who love to eat everything

This is a clever and amusing, yet thoughtful approach to introducing children to delicious healthy foods they can eat and enjoy their whole lives. It offers sound nutrition advice and draws on the research and experience of food and health professionals as well as renowned chefs. The emphasis is on the influence of parents in those very early years and how vitally necessary it is to teach children about food in a way that will benefit their health and well-being throughout their lives.

Talking to Your Kids About Sex: turning “the talk” into a conversation for life

A “New York Times”-bestselling author delivers the ultimate guide to how, where, when, and why to teach kids about their bodies, sex, and intimate relationships. With worksheets, Q As, and conversation starters, Dr. Berman offers parents all the information they need to give their children a healthy sexual understanding and outlook.

The Job-Hunter’s Survival Guide: how to find hope and rewarding work even when “there are no jobs”

When over ten million people have needed help with their job-hunt-or with figuring out what to do with their life-there is one person they have turned to, more than any other. He is Richard N. Bolles, author of the #1 job-hunting book of all time, What Color Is Your Parachute?

What Color is Your Parachute?

How to Find a Job on LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter or other social networks

Taking readers step by step through the processes of marketing themselves on social networking sites, this career guide shows them how to build contacts, find new leads, and fully exploit all the major online job-hunting tools available.

Get a Great Job When You Don’t Have a Job

Land the job of your dreams—even in the toughest of markets!In the modern-day job market, simply answering ads with a cover letter and résuméjust doesn’t cut it. You need to cover all the bases. You need to strategize.This compendium from bestselling career guru Marky Stein is your road map togetting the job you want.Get a Great Job When You Don’t Have a Job breaks the process down into three easy parts, each covering a single, critical aspect of asuccessful job search: Hook employers with a vibrant self-presentation . . .Fearless Interviewing Dazzle interviewers within the first minute . . .Fearless Career Change Make big decisions with care and confidence . . .This all-inclusive, no-nonsense job-search program is exactly what you need tosucceed in any type of market.

Karmic Management: what goes around comes around in your business and your life

In this little book with a revolutionary message, traditional Eastern wisdom and real-life business experience come together. The book offers a step-by-step plan that will help readers adopt a more successful way of working and living.

Launching Your First Small Business: make the right decisions in your first 90 days

Launching Your First Small Business – now in its third edition-provides readers with the information they need to successfully make the transition to self-employment. It identifies the key issues that must be addressed in order to turn an idea into a profitable business, and explains how to make the right decisions.

Keeping the Millennials: why companies are losing billions in turnover to this generation–and what to do about it

“This is a great book and a must-read for anyone who wants tounderstand the young people who are now or will soon join the workforce. It’sone of the most useful value-added books about the Millennial generation.” -Warren Bennis, Distinguished Professor of Management, University of Southern California,and author of On Becoming a Leader”Are you confused trying to understand the younger generation? Keeping the Millennials explores this fascinating generation raised withtechnology and the challenges they bring to the workplace. Read this great book andlearn how to attract, hire, and retain this dynamic new generation!” -Marshall Goldsmith, New York Times and Wall Street Journal #1 bestselling author of What Got You Here Won’t Get You There and Succession: Are You Ready?”Keeping the Millennials is a lively and insightful book that’sessential reading for every leader who aspires to enlist the hearts, minds, andspirits of a highly talented new generation that demands cool workplaces but is reluctant to make long-term commitments. Weaving together compelling cases and relevant research with illustrative examples and practical tips, Joanne Sujansky and Jan Ferri-Reed havewritten a balanced and indispensable guide to recruiting, retaining, and developing the workforce that will drive the future of our organizations and our economies.” -Jim Kouzes, bestselling coauthor of The Leadership Challenge”I love this book!!! It’s fresh as a breaking news flash and as fun to read as yourfavorite blog! Definitely rates an A+ as timely, targeted, and terrific. All managers will clearly see themselves and their employees in crisp new perspectives…and can easily latch on to precise tools to make their organization more competitive in a turbulent reality.” -Morris Massey, PhD, creator of the What You Are Is… video training series, EnterpriseMedia.com”Corporations are always concerned about return on investment. Drs. Sujansky and Ferri-Reed have made a clear case about the bottom-line value of keeping Millennials-and creating productive workplace cultures for all generations. This is amust-read for anyone concerned about the retention of these key employees.” -Jack Phillips, PhD,Chairman, ROI Institute

Supercorp: how vanguard companies create innovation, growth, profits and social good

Rosabeth Moss Kanter on the answer to the global crisis of business and American-style capitalism Out of the ashes of conventional business models arises a set of companies using their power not only for profits and sustainable growth but also social good. If you think business corporations are doomed to be lumbering, bloated, and corrupt, think again. Based on an extraordinary three-year investigation, interviewing more than 350 key people at major companies around the world, Rosabeth Moss Kanter provides encouraging and astounding evidence that this assumption is completely outdated. The businesses that are agile, keeping ahead of the curve in terms of market changes and customer needs, are the businesses that are also progressive, socially responsible human communities. Take IBM. When the tsunami and earthquake struck Asia, IBM didn’t just cut a check for relief funds and call it a day. The company used its technological expertise and skilled people to create what government and relief agencies could not: information systems to effectively track relief supplies and reunite families. While IBM did this with no commercial motive, its employees desire to serve people suffering during these crises stimulated innovations that later benefited the company. Or Proctor & Gamble. Despite a decade-long commitment to research and development of a water purification product, commercial prospects were unpromising. But because it was so consistent with P&G’s statement of purpose, people within the company persevered. And when the tsunami struck, it was then able to deliver roughly a billion glasses of drinking water for the victims, earning plaudits from aid partners, the media, governments, and crucially, P&G employees. SuperCorp captures the zeitgeist of the emerging twenty-first-century business. For example: The strong potential synergy between financial performance and attention to community and social needs The unique competitive advantage from embracing the values and expectations of a new generation of professionals The growth opportunities that result from stressing values and supressing executive egos when seeking partners and integrating acquisitions SuperCorpis a remarkable look at the business of the future and the management skills required to get there. IBM, Banco Real, P&G, Cemex, Omron, and other companies reported on now move with the rapidity and creativity of much smaller enterprises. These companies are not perfect, but when people are empowered and values drive decisions, everything can come together in magical Rubik’s Cube moments of deep satisfaction. Kanter’s compelling and inspiring stories show that people are more inclined to be creative when their company values innovation that helps the world.

Profit Power Economics: a new competitive strategy for creating sustainable wealth

A new economy is emerging from the global financial crisis. In this groundbreaking book, seasoned executive and Harvard-trained economist Mia de Kuijper guides readers through the fundamentals of this economy and explains how companies and individuals can create sustainable wealth now. The key is wielding one of twelve contemporary sources of profit power. Control just one and you are on the road to high returns. Turning profit power into sustainable wealth requires new strategies, enumerated here, for choosing and valuing investments, structuring and managing global enterprises, confronting competitive threats, and navigating markets which may increasingly display power law dynamics and where distributions may have “fat tails.” To derive this book’s unique framework for achieving high returns, de Kuijper rethought parts of economic theory itself in light of the most transformative force in the new economy (dubbed the Transparent Economy by de Kuijper), namely the vanishing cost of information and connectivity. Based on original research and illustrated with lively lessons from the experiences of the author and other successful investors and leaders, Profit Power Economics draws a detailed picture of the new competitive arena and gives readers a step-by-step approach to build (or find) exceptionally high-return enterprises and to utilize today’s shifting market dynamics to influence choice and build wealth.

Leading After a Layoff: reignite your team’s productivity in just 12 weeks!

The Everything Start Your Own Consulting Business: expert step-by-step advice for a successful and profitable career

You can make a living doing what you love! The Everything Start Your Own Consulting Business Book shows you how to take your knowledge, experience, and passion and run your own successful enterprise. Whether your specialty is tax law, wedding planning, planning, or personal training, you have the potential to earn a higher income and create a satisfying career for yourself.

All-Star Sales Book: get in the game, boost your numbers and earn the big bucks

In the game of sales there are no time-outs, no overtimes. You only get one chance to play. The question you have to ask yourself is, Do I want to wait on the sidelines or do I want to win? Cox reveals, through sports analogies and relevant business anecdotes, the small improvements that can lead to enormous differences in results. Whether you’re a rookie or a Hall of Famer, it’s the little things that give you the winning edge. The book offers practical and easy-to-implement advice for tackling the most common sales problems. From overcoming adversity and thinking like a winner to working with a team and taking initiative, Billy Cox equips readers with the tools they will need to achieve all-star results all the time.

Grow Your Own Business with Google AdWords

Become a market leader in under 6 months—powered by Google AdWords™!If your concerns are brand awareness and exposure, you andGoogle AdWords™ are a match made in heaven. Not only is thisinnovative advertising system extraordinarily effective, it’s suitedfor any budget and you can launch a campaign in minutes!There’s one catch: Google doesn’t reveal the secretsbehind what works and what doesn’t. That’s whereGrowYour Business With Google AdWords™ comes in. Inside thisuseful guide, international online marketing guru Jon Smithexplains how to get the most out of AdWords™ by Developing a winning strategy Coming up with killer keywords Launching an AdWords™ campaign Writing an attention-grabbing ad Tracking clicks and converting them to salesWhen you have a well-conceived and carefully managedcampaign, you pay Google only when real prospects click ontoyour site—which leads to increased revenue and businessgrowth beyond your wildest expectations.

Papier-mache Monsters

Crochet Totes and Accessories

Need an attractive handbag for a special purpose or occasion? Look to this collection of crochet bags, totes, purses, pouches, sacs, and more designed by Lena Maikon. There is something for every season and style. 21 designs: Fashionably Striped Fabric Purse, Elegant Pompon Purse, Stylish Grocery Tote, Spiral Change Purse; Classic Campus Backpack; Rolled Scroll Pencil Case, Parisian Floral Purse, Pretty Purple Coin Purse, Zigzag Clutch, Zigzag Make-up Bag, Rolled Sushi Purse, Snowy Vintage Handbag, Sun and Sea Beach Bag, Pear Sunglass Holder, Brightly Striped Fringed Bottle Holder, Hands-Free Hiking Pouch, Hands-Free Phone Pouch, Blossoming Tree Lingerie Bag, Decorated Shoe Sack, Traveler’s Make-up Container, and Genie’s Jewelry Box.

Booties, Blankets and Bears

Nursery essentials that will delight new parents and their babies are showcased in this lovely collection of knitted heirlooms. Based around a trio of core baby items—booties, blankets, and teddy bears—these patterns from bestselling knitter Debbie Bliss offer a range of toys, garments, and other accessories. Each project is beautifulnbsp;in its own right, while reoccurring themes link projects for creatingnbsp;the perfect baby bundle—such as pairing the stitch blanket with the matching booties,nbsp;blocks, and bunny. Photographs complement the instructions, and an introductory techniques section illustrates knitting basics. Stylish, creative, and beautifully presented,nbsp;these hand knits are perfect for new parents and parents to-be or for any knitter looking for a charming, hand-made baby gift.

Knit Edgings & Trims

Offering clear, concise instructions and photographs for a variety of knit edgings and projects, this dependable handbook provides guidance to knitters facing the challenge of finding the perfect edging or finishing for their projects. From adorning highly textured lace with trim to revamping basic sweater silhouettes with unique edgings, this is the perfect portable one-stop source for stitch inspiration. The unique and surprising resultsnbsp;are guaranteed tonbsp;keep knittersnbsp;in stitches for years to come.

Tips for  Knitters

Written for new knitters looking for quick tips and experienced knitters desiring to improve their skills, this reference full of tested techniques outlines knitting essentials and gives crafters the know-how for creating their own patterns. Starting with the basics—from choosing yarns to casting on and off—this one-stop guide thennbsp;moves to more complex procedures, such as incorporating buttons and beads. Useful advice can also be found in the section on correcting common errors, which is ideal for troubleshooting while working on a project. With beautiful photographs and simple illustrations, this is the perfect, all-in-one resource to keep in a knitting bag.


With these 40 innovative patterns from renowned designer Carron, knitters can quickly and easily make a hat to express any mood, put the finishing touch on any outfit, and even change an entire look. Color photographs accompany the instructions for each pattern.

I [heart] Care With Quilts

The most giving and caring women on the planet are quilt makers. This book by artist and designer Debbie Mumm focuses on quilts and projects that communicate a message of caring through their design, color choices, or concepts. Whether it’s to support a cause or charity that’s near and dear, an ailing loved one, or a friend who needs a little extra TLC, the 25 fast and fabulous projects in this book tell a story of love and caring. The book features a variety of fast and easy quilt piecing techniques and finishing options plus suggestions of nonprofit foundations that distribute donated quilts to specific causes. It is organized by them, including Thanks for your Military Service; Planet GreenmdashEcology; Think Pink&mdashBreast Cancer Awareness; Support Quilt&mdashA Friend in Need is a Friend in Deed; ” Go Red&34 Heart Health; Blankies for Babies; Memory quilt&mdashAlzheimer’s Awareness; Women Helping Women Comfort Quilts; TLC Quick Quilts; Rescue Quilt&mdashRed Cross Emergency Blankets; and Near and Dear quilts&mdashfor those causes in which we have a particular interest (for the Debbie Mumm Staff, that would be Diabetes) .

Twist & Twine

Traditional crafting and green crafting come together with impressive results in Twist Twine. Author Bobbie Irwin guides you through the age-old art of rug twining to create beautiful, durable objects for your home, all with strips of new or recycled fabric. You’ll begin with a twining sampler to learn the basic methods you’ll need to make rugs, baskets, placemats, even a photo album. Clearly presented techniques and project instructions include color diagrams and photos. Learn to make your own twining frames, and discover nonframe projects that use boxes, cardboard tubes and bowls as forms for twining.

Kitchen Ideas

Affordable ideas for turning any kitchen into an inviting and functional spaceThis book is your guide to designing the kitchen of your dreams. It offers a survey of kitchen trends, ideas for enhancing existing floor plans, advice on how to mix and match materials, and tips on how to achieve a look for less. Whether you’re looking to spruce up your kitchen with simple cosmetic refreshes or completely transform your kitchen with a major remodel, you can turn to Kitchen Ideas for Hundreds of inspiring ideas in a variety of decorating styles Floor plans and clever storage ideas that maximize space in a small kitchen Budget-minded tips for bargain huntersFeaturing traditional to contemporary kitchen designs and a wide variety of layouts, cabinets, fixtures, and countertops, this value-priced book has everything you need to create a beautiful kitchen.

Dangerously Funny: the uncensored story of the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour

A behind-the-scenes look at the rise and fall ofThe Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour– the provocative, politically charged program that shocked the censors, outraged the White House, and forever changed the face of television.Decades beforeThe Daily Show,The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hourproved there was a place on television for no-holds-barred political comedy with a decidedly antiauthoritarian point of view. In this explosive, revealing history of the show, veteran entertainment journalist David Bianculli tells the fascinating story of its three-year network run — and the cultural impact that’s still being felt today.Before it was suddenly removed from the CBS lineup (reportedly under pressure from the Nixon administration),The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hourwas a ratings powerhouse. It helped launch the careers of comedy legends such as Steve Martin and Rob Reiner, featured groundbreaking musical acts like the Beatles and the Who, and served as a cultural touchstone for the antiwar movement of the late 1960s.Drawing on extensive original interviews with Tom and Dick Smothers and dozens of other key players — as well as more than a decade’s worth of original research –Dangerously Funnybrings readers behind the scenes for all the battles over censorship, mind-blowing musical performances, and unforgettable sketches that defined the show and its era.David Bianculli delves deep into this riveting story, to find out whatreallyhappened and to reveal why this show remains so significant to this day.

The President’s Team: the 1963 Army-Navy game and the assassination of JFK

John Kennedy’s relationship with the Midshipmen footballers dated back to 1960. After the tragic events of November 22, 1963, the team dedicated the rest of their season to the fallen president. The annual Army-Navy game proved to be a welcome, almost cathartic distraction from the terrible tragedy of two weeks earlier.

Game Changers: the greatest plays in Penn State football history

This exciting new series relives in dramatic and illuminating fashion the most unforgettable, extraordinary, and gut-wrenching moments in football history. Explore your favorite team’s greatest plays, involving many of the greatest players, in a way no other book ever has. The author provides the fascinating context for each of the plays, the back story, all the relevant circumstances, and the thoughts of many of those directly involved in the play. Including photos that help you follow the play as it unfolds, Game Changers reanimates many of the most thrilling and heart-stopping moments in football.

Penn State Football: the complete illustrated history

Every autumn, the town of State College in central Pennsylvania turns blue and white. Thousands of people from all over the state—indeed, from all over the nation—flock to Beaver Stadium to watch the Nittany Lions of Penn State University take on whatever foe is on the schedule. Since the 1880s, Penn State has been an elite force in collegiate football, earning 40 bowl invitations (of which they have won a record 70 percent), securing two national championships, and posting seven perfect seasons. Since 1966, the Nittany Lions have been coached by the legendary Joe Paterno, the winningest coach in Division I college football history. nbsp; Penn State Football: The Complete Illustrated Historypresents an in-depth and entertaining look at the teams, people, and moments that have defined Nittany Lions football for more than 120 years.It includes profiles of key players and coaches and highlights all the great seasons and games. Chronicling, decade by decade, the Nittany Lionsrsquo; on-field accomplishments and off-field developments, this lavishly illustrated history is the ultimate celebration of a storied football program.


What is snark? You recognize it when you see it: a strain of nasty, knowing, and snide abuse that has spread like pinkeye through the media and undermined our conversation. Snark flows freely when wit is replaced with seethe and snarl, bad feelings and mocking laughter. And it’s never been more prevalent.

Tony Hillerman’s Landscape: on the road with an American legend

A photographic journey through the landscape immortalized in bestselling author Tony Hillerman’ s beloved mystery series featuring the legendary Navajo police officers Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn and Sergeant Jim CheeStep into the world of Tony Hillerman’s Chee and Leaphorn novels with this stunning collection of original photography of the landscape integral to his writing. Alongside these breathtaking photos are brief synopses of Hillerman’s novels, descriptive text from his works, his own comments about the land, and information about the sites pictured. Compiled with remembrances by his eldest daughter, Anne Hillerman, and original photos by Don Strel, here is a timely showcase of a hauntingly beautiful region that captured one man’s imagination for a lifetime.In Tony Hillerman’s Landscape, Anne Hillerman pays loving tribute to her father and his work.For seasoned Hillerman fans, and those discovering his work for the first time, this book offers an intimate and unique look at this beloved author and his world.

Western Europe

Europe on a Shoestring

London (Insight guides)

Discovering London Curiosities

Fodor’s France

Fodor’s Costa Rica

Fodor’s Carribbean Ports of Call

Fodor’s the Complete Guide to Caribbean Cruises

Fodor’s Bahamas

New England (Singapore)

Fodor’s Essential South

Fodor’s Washington D.C.

South Florida

Fodor’s Walt Disney World

Miami and the Keys


The Rough Guide to the Southwest USA

Fodor’s San Francisco

Las Vegas


Lunch in Paris: a love story in recipes

The Bomber Boys: heroes who flew the B-17s in

Tea with Hezbollah: sitting at the enemie’s table

Dancing in the Dark: a cultural history of the Great

We are Doomed: reclaiming conservative pessimissism

The Politician: an insider’s account of John Edwards


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