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Computer Science, Information and General Works

Get Rich with Apps!: your guide to reaching more customers and making money NOW

Out of nowhere, apps have taken the world by storm. In a short time, millions of customers have downloaded apps-and they’re eagerly awaiting more.

Google for Seniors: get acquainted with free Google applications

Brimming with step-by-step instructions and illustrative screenshots, this guide designed specifically for seniors provides detailed information on the free software and services provided online by Google. For beginners and more advanced computer users alike, this insightful resource shows how to perform tasks such as exploring the world, building a free website, browsing the Internet, creating documents, and sharing web albums and calendars,nbsp;by using the host of options available through Google. Since these applications are available on the internet, they will run the same on a computer with Windows Vista, XP, or 7, though a fast internet connection (DSL or cable) is required.

The Grace of Silence

In this eloquent and affecting memoir, Norris, co-host of NPR’s All Things Considered, examines both her family’s racial roots and secrets. Spurred on by Barack Obama’s campaign and a multipart NPR piece she spearheaded about race relations in America, Norris realized that she couldn’t fully understand how other people talked about race until she understood how her own family dealt with it, particularly with their silence regarding two key events. She intersperses memories of her Minneapolis childhood with the events that shaped her parents’ lives: her maternal grandmother’s short career as a traveling “Aunt Jemima,” which always embarrassed her mother, and her father’s shooting by a white policeman in Alabama in 1946. It is the shooting, which occurred soon after Belvin Norris Jr. was honorably discharged from the navy, that forms the narrative and emotional backbone of Norris’s story, as she travels to Birmingham to try and piece together what happened. Though the quest is a personal one, Norris poignantly illuminates the struggle of black veterans returning home and receiving nothing but condemnation for their service. The issue of race in America is the subject of an ongoing conversation, and Norris never shies away from asking the same difficult questions of herself that she asks of others because “all of us should be willing to remain at the table even when things get uncomfortable.” (Sept.) Copyright 2010 Reed Business Information.

Philosophy and Psychology

Supernatural Pittsburgh and Its Suburbs

Pittsburgh’s ghosts are as varied as its many neighborhoods. In the shadow of the University of Pittsburgh, curious boys investigate an abandoned house and find that some doors are better left unopened. In Robinson Township, a young woman wakes nightly to find a shadowy menace standing over her bed. On the banks of the Ohio River, a baby has a close call with a cold stove mysteriously running hot. A dying man’s last wish is communicated from beyond the grave. Call them what you will: visits from the ethereal plain, the sixth sense, the fourth dimension, spectral visions, or cold spots. The tales you are about to read will chill you, and yet provide reassuring warmth that the living are not alone.

Factory Farming


Muslim, Christian, and Jew: finding a path to peace our religions can share

Faith-based conflict and religious violence threaten our world. This timely and provocative work challenges the stereotypes and misconceptions that fuel these conflicts to answer the question that lies at the nexus of faith, religion, politics, history, and current events: Can those of different faiths live together in peace? Drawing on personal experience, history, and scripture, this carefully researched book exposes both the differences and similarities between Christianity, Judaism, and Islam and reveals the surprising truth about what they really teach at their core. Dr. David Liepert recounts his own journey from Christianity to become a convert of Islam and what he learned in the process. Liepert, a prominent North American Muslim, also candidly explores how and why Islam has gone from being a religion that sustained a vibrant multicultural and multireligious civilization To The one we have today. In the end, he concludes that all three faiths, As originally intended, are designed to live and work together. The happy ending we all crave, he says, might be closer than we think. This important book is a call to peace-not just for Muslims, Christians, and Jews but for all of us. Brief Description: Our world is spiraling into war, and religion bears much of the blame. This carefully researched and heartfelt book from a prominent North American Muslim convert reveals what Christianity, Islam, and Judaism really say about living together in peace and offers hope that the happy ending we all crave might be closer than we think.

The Bible Answer Book: over 260 of the most asked questions

Did Creation happen in 24-hour literal days? What was the role and function of a prophet? Why did Jesus use parables so often? What is the purpose of Communion? Are Christians required to read the Bible every day? The Bible is a source of faith and enlightenment for millions of people around the world. It is one of the most revered books of all time, but the ancient language and confusing writing style of its stories can often make it hard to decipher their most important meanings. The Bible Answer Book is an authoritative reference guide designed for both frequent Bible readers and those discovering the text for the first time, and it addresses the most common, confusing, and controversial questions that Christians encounter as they study the Bible. What is the purpose of baptism? Who were the disciples and apostles? What was significant about the Ark of the Covenant? What is apocalyptic literature? What are the different types of psalms? Who was John the Baptist? What does the Bible say about divorce? What will heaven be like? Written in an easy-to-read, question-and-answer format by Bible expert James Stuart Bell, The Bible Answer Book is a reliable tool that will give you insight into the origins, history, and practices of the Bible and the Christian faith.

How Does Religion Influence Politics?

The Gnostic Gospels

A provocative study of the gnostic gospels and the world of early Christianity as revealed through the Nag Hammadi texts.

Muhammad: a story of the last prophet

“Without guides who reached higher consciousness, the world would be bereft of its greatest visionaries – fatally bereft, in fact. Muhammad sensed this aching gap in the world around him. He appeals to me most because he remade the world by going inward. That’s the kind of achievement only available on the spiritual path. In the light of what the Prophet achieved, he raises my hope that all of us who lead everyday lives can be touched by the divine. The Koran deserves its place as a song of the soul, to be celebrated wherever the soul matters.”–From the Introduction Born into the factious world of war-torn Arabia, Muhammad’s life is a gripping and inspiring story of one man’s tireless fight for unity and peace. In a world where greed and injustice ruled, Muhammad created change by affecting hearts and minds. Just as the story of Jesus embodies the message of Christianity, Muhammad’s life reveals the core of Islam. Deepak Chopra shares the life of Muhammad as never before, putting his teachings in a new light. Following the historical record but offering a unique perspective, Chopra’s Muhammad captures the historical prophet but more importantly shows us why his teachings are more important now than ever before”

Social Sciences

Where Good Ideas Come From: the natural history of innovation

Johnson addresses an urgent and universal question: What sparks the flash of brilliance? How does groundbreaking innovation happen? He provides the complete, exciting, and encouraging story of how the ideas are born that push careers, lives, society, and culture forward.

Some We Love, Some We Hate, Some We Eat: why it’s so hard to think about animals

A leading scientist offers an unprecedented look inside humans’ complex and often paradoxical relationships with animals.

Losing My Cool: how a father’s love and 15,000 books beat hip-hop culture

A pitch-perfect account of how hip-hop culture drew in the author and how his father drew him out again–with love, perseverance, and 15,000 books.

Conventional Idiocy: why the new America is sick of old politics

Americans have had enough. People in social networks are smashing the walls of partisan politics and traditional journalism–and things will never be the same. As the first national news anchor to combine traditional network news with the power of social-networking tools like Twitter, MySpace, and Facebook, CNN’s Rick Sanchez doesn’t just talk to Americans–he hears directly from them, unfiltered, every day. As Rick says, “It wasn’t me talking. It was *we* talking.” Viewers tweet at Rick daily, so he knows they are sick of “conventional idiocy” like death panels, birthers, and blind partisanship.–From publisher description.

Good to Go: a guide to preparing for the end of life

Dirty Sexy Politics

Meghan McCain came to prominence as the straight-talking, progressive daughter of the 2008 Republican presidential candidate Senator John McCain. And her profile has only risen since the election ended in favor of the other guy. What makes Meghan so appealing? As a new role model for young, creative, and vocal members of the GOP, she’s unafraid to mix it up and speak her mind. In Dirty Sexy Politics she takes a hard look at the future of her party. She doesn’t shy away from serious issues and her raucous humor and down-to-earth style keep her positions accessible. In this witty, candid, and boisterous book, Meghan takes us deep behind the scenes of the campaign trail. She steals campaign signs in New Hampshire, tastes the nightlife in Nashville, and has a strange encounter with Laura and Jenna Bush at the White House. Along the way, she falls in love with America – while seeing how far the Republican Party has veered from its core values of freedom, honesty, and individuality. In Dirty Sexy Politics, Meghan McCain gives us a true insider’s account of life on a campaign trail.

Permanently Blue: how Democrats can end the Republican party and rule the next generation

An experienced Democratic operative and frequent “Huffington Post” contributor offers a detailed plan of action for building a permanent Democratic majority.

The Road to Serfdom: text and documents

An unimpeachable classic work in political philosophy, intellectual and cultural history, and economics,The Road to Serfdomhas inspired and infuriated politicians, scholars, and general readers for half a century. Originally published in when Eleanor Roosevelt supported the efforts of Stalin, and Albert Einstein subscribed lock, stock, and barrel to the socialist program The Road to Serfdomwas seen as heretical for its passionate warning against the dangers of state control over the means of production. For F. A. Hayek, the collectivist idea of empowering government with increasing economic control would lead not to a utopia but to the horrors of Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy. First published by the University of Chicago Press on September 18, 1944,The Road to Serfdomgarnered immediate, widespread attention. The first printing of 2,000 copies was exhausted instantly, and within six months more than 30,000 books were sold. In April 1945, Reader’s Digestpublished a condensed version of the book, and soon thereafter the Book-of-the-Month Club distributed this edition to more than 600,000 readers. A perennial best seller, the book has sold 400,000 copies in the United States alone and has been translated into more than twenty languages, along the way becoming one of the most important and influential books of the century. With this new edition,The Road to Serfdomtakes its place in the seriesThen Collected Works of F. A. Hayek. The volume includes a foreword by series editor and leading Hayek scholar Brude Caldwell explaining the book’s origins and publishing history and assessing common misinterpretations of Hayek’s thought. Caldwell has also standardized and corrected Hayek’s references and added helpful new explanatory notes. Supplemented with an appendix of related materials ranging from prepublication reports on the initial manuscript to forewords to earlier editions by John Chamberlain, Milton Friedman, and Hayek himself, this new edition of The Road to Serfdom will be the definitive version of Friedrich Hayek’s enduring masterwork.

Third World America: how our politicians are abandoning the middle class and betraying the American dream

It’s not an exaggeration to say that middle-class Americans are an endangered species and that the American Dream of a secure, comfortable standard of living has become as outdated as an Edsel with an eight-track player. That the United States of America is in danger of becoming a third world nation. The evidence is all around us: Our industrial base is vanishing, taking with it the kind of jobs that have formed the backbone of our economy for more than a century; our education system is in shambles, making it harder for tomorrow’s workforce to acquire the information and training it needs to land good twenty-first century jobs; our infrastructure-our roads, our bridges, our sewage and water, our transportation and electrical systems-is crumbling; our economic system has been reduced to recurring episodes of Corporations Gone Wild; our political system is broken, in thrall to a small financial elite using the power of the checkbook to control both parties. And America’s middle class, the driver of so much of our economic success and political stability, is rapidly disappearing, forcing us to confront the fear that we are slipping as a nation – that our children and grandchildren will enjoy fewer opportunities and face a lower standard of living than we did. It’s the dark flipside of the American Dream – an American Nightmare of our own making. Arianna Huffington, who, with the must-read Huffington Post, has her finger on the pulse of America, unflinchingly tracks the gradual demise of America as an industrial, political, and economic leader. In the vein of her fiery bestseller Pigs at the Trough, Third World America points fingers, names names, and details who’s killing the American Dream. Finally, calling on the can-do attitude that is part of America’s DNA, Huffington shows precisely what we need to do to stop our freefall and keep America from turning into a third world nation. Third World America is a must-read for anyone disturbed by our country’s steady descent from 20th century superpower to backwater banana republic.

Offshore Drilling

The Conservative Assault on the Constitution

Over the last few decades, the Supreme Court and the federal appellate courts have undergone a dramatic shift to the right, the result of a determined effort by right-wing lawmakers and presidents to reinterpret the Constitution by reshaping the judiciary. Conservative activist justices have narrowed the scope of the Constitution, denying its protections to millions of Americans, exactly as the lawmakers who appointed and confirmed these jurists intended. Basic long-standing principles of constitutional law have been overturned by the Rehnquist and Roberts courts. As distinguished law professor and constitutional expert Erwin Chemerinsky demonstrates in this invaluable book, these changes affect the lives of every American.As a result of political pressure from conservatives and a series of Supreme Court decisions, our public schools are increasingly separate and unequal, to the great disadvantage of poor and minority students. Right-wing politicians and justices are dismantling the wall separating church and state, allowing ever greater government support for religion. With the blessing of the Supreme Court, absurdly harsh sentences are being handed down to criminal defendants, such as life sentences for shoplifting and other petty offenses. Even in death penalty cases, defendants are being denied the right to competent counsel at trial, and as a result innocent people have been convicted and sentenced to death. Right-wing politicians complain that government is too big and intrusive while at the same time they are only too happy to insert the government into the most intimate aspects of the private lives of citizens when doing so conforms to conservative morality. Conservative activist judges say that the Constitution gives people an inherent right to own firearms but not to make their own medical decisions. In some states it is easier to buy an assault rifle than to obtain an abortion.Nowhere has the conservative assault on the Constitution been more visible or more successful than in redefining the role of the president. From Richard Nixon to George W. Bush, conservatives have sought to significantly increase presidential power. The result in recent years has been unprecedented abuses, including indefinite detentions, illegal surveillance, and torture of innocent people.Finally, access to the courts is being restricted by new rulings that deny legal protections to ordinary Americans. Fewer lawsuits alleging discrimination in employment are heard; fewer people are able to sue corporations or governments for injuries they have suffered; and even when these cases do go to trial, new restrictions limit damages that plaintiffs can collect.The first step in reclaiming the protections of the Constitution, says Chemerinsky, is to recognize that right-wing justices are imposing their personal prejudices, not making neutral decisions about the scope of the Constitution, as they claim, or following the “original meaning” of the Constitution. Only then do we stand a chance of reclaiming our constitutional liberties from a rigid ideological campaign that has transformed our courts and our laws. Only then can we return to a constitutional law that advances freedom and equality.

The Lost Boy: a foster child’s search for the love of a family

Imagine a young boy who has never had a loving home. His only possesions are the old, torn clothes he carries in a paper bag. The only world he knows is one of isolation and fear. Although others had rescued this boy from his abusive alcoholic mother, his real hurt is just begining — he has no place to call home. This is Dave Pelzer’s long-awaited sequel to A Child Called “It”. In The Lost Boy, he answers questions and reveals new adventures through the compelling story of his life as an adolescent. Now considered an F-Child (Foster Child), Dave is moved in and out of five different homes. He suffers shame and experiences resentment from those who feel that all foster kids are trouble and unworthy of being loved just because they are not part of a “real” family. Tears, laughter, devastation and hope create the journey of this little lost boy who searches desperately for just one thing — the love of a family.

Stay Close: a mother’s story of her son’s addiction

Libby Cataldi was the head of a private school and prided herself on being attuned to the problems her students endured. So how was it that she missed her own son Jeff’s descent into addiction, even as he escalated to more and more dangerous drugs? How did Jeff, a loving brother and son, and a star athlete, start using in the first place? And how could Libby help him without risking the rest of her family? Stagli, an Italian recovering addict told the author. “Stay close–never leave him, even when he is most unlovable.”  This is not a book about how to save a child. It is a book about what it means to stay close to a loved one gripped by addiction. It is about one son who came home and one mother who never gave up hope. Stay Close is one mother’s tough, honest, and intimate tale that chronicles her son’s severe drug addiction, as it corroded all relationships from the inside out. It is a story of deep trauma and deep despair, but also of deep hope and healing. He told her, “Mom, never quit believing.”  And she didn’t.

The Life You Can Save: how to do you part to end world poverty

Singer, named one of The 100 Most Influential People in the World by “TIME” magazine, uses ethical arguments, provocative thought experiments, and case studies of charitable giving to show that the current response to world poverty is not only insufficient but ethically indefensible.

If I Had a Hammer: stories of building homes and hope with Habitat for Humanity

President Jimmy Carterrsquo;s compelling anecdotes inspire a personal look at Habitat for Humanity that is sure to fire up a younger generation. For a quarter-century in more than ninety countries, Habitat for Humanity has built homes in partnership with the people who need them, aided by more than a million multigenerational volunteers. Two of the most devoted are former president Jimmy Carter and his wife, Rosalynn. Now this captivating account, abundantly illustrated with photos, relays personal stories from volunteers and new homeowners with special resonance for young readers. Exploring everything from creative home design to the emotional rewards of helping to build a house from the ground up, this is an essential resource for inspiring future youth volunteers. Included in the paperback edition is a riveting account of building a neighborhood in Thailand for the 2009 Jimmy and Rosalynn Work Project

Lucky Luciano: the real and the fake gangster

In this myth-busting biography, Newark tells the real story of the gangster from his early days as a hitman to his sex and narcotics empire, and exposes Luciano’s decades-long deception by detailing what he really did to help the Allies during World War II.

Setting Limits in the Classroom: a complete guide to effective classroom management with a school-wide discipline plan

Disruptive behavior, power struggles, lack of motivation, attention deficit disorder-at times the list of obstacles to teaching seems endless. That’s why thousands of teachers and child-care providers have turned to the solutions in Setting Limits in the Classroom. This fully updated and expanded third edition offers the most up-to-date alternatives to punishment and permissiveness-moving beyond traditional methods that wear you down and get you nowhere. Topics include: bull; Eliminating power struggles and handling disruptions quickly bull; Establishing an effective environment for learning bull; Using natural and logical consequences to support your rules bull; Conducting proactive, focused parent conferences bull; New research and techniques for supporting special-needs children With its new focus on younger students and special tools for handling “strong-willed” children, this edition offers school teachers the tools they need to gain control of their classrooms- respectfully and effectively.

Education Nation: six leading edges of innovation in our schools

An educational innovator who worked at Sesame Workshop and The George Lucas Educational Foundation offers a new vision for learningAs a result of constant innovation, learning is no longer limited by traditional confines and we’re moving beyond students tied to their chairs, desks, and textbooks-and teachers locked away in classrooms. In Education Nation author Milton Chen draws from extensive experience in media-from his work on Sesame Street in its nascent years to his role as executive director of the George Lucas Educational Foundation-to support a vision for a new world of learning. This book, in six chapters, explores the “edges” in education–the places where K-12 learning has already seen revolutionary changes through innovative reform and the use of technology. Examines way in which learning can be revolutionized through innovative reform and the use of technology Explores the ever-expanding world of technology for breakthroughs in teaching and learning Includes many wonderful resources to support innovation in schools across the nationThis important book offers a clear vision for tomorrow’s classrooms that will enhance learning opportunities for all children.

The Encyclopedia of Infant and Toddler Activities: for children birth to 3

Charner et al. offer fellow teachers of infant to toddler-age groups approximately 300 activities designed for certain times of day (arrival, nap, snack, transitions) or to encourage specific developmental skills (e.g. fine and gross motor, literacy, math, dramatic play, and social emotional). Within those categories, activities are organized by age group, from infants to age 3 toddlers. Each activity contains a materials list and simple instructions.

11 Practice Tests for the New SAT & PSAT

Community College Companion: everything you wanted to know about succeeding in a two-year school

Cracking the GRE

Reforming Our Universities: the campaign for an academic bill of rights

For far too long our colleges and universities have been allowed to ignore their chartered responsibilities to educate rather than indoctrinate. Instead of providing a forum for the free exchange of ideas, they intimidate students into ideological submission to leftist professors; rather than pursuing meaningful research, they proselytize for radical causes.In this important new book,New York Timesbestselling author David Horowitz tells the dramatic story of his ongoing campaign for an Academic Bill of Rights to protect students who want to think for themselves and refuse to conform to radical orthodoxies.As Horowitz shows, despite his pleas for tolerance of diverging points of view, his modest proposal that universities should respect intellectual diversity has been greeted with hateful hysteria, protests, and even violence—exposing, in the process, how thoroughly rotten, corrupt, and radical higher education has truly become.Horowitz means to recall higher education to its better self, to become–as it once was–a place where students and teachers were not afraid to question opinions, create their own, and engage in Socratic dialogue. Horowitz remembers when the university was exactly that, and he acknowledges his own part in helping to tear it down. And now he wants to undo the damage and make our colleges and universities once again centers of learning and free discussion. Reforming Our Universities just might be David Horowitz’s most important book.

Waiting for “Superman”: how we can save America’s failing public schools

Each book includes a $15 gift card from DonorsChoose.org to give to a classroom in need.   The American public school system is in crisis, failing millions of students, producing as many drop-outs as graduates, and threatening our economic future. By 2020, the United States will have 123 million high-skill jobs to fill-and fewer than 50 million Americans qualified to fill them.   Educators, parents, political leaders, business people, and concerned citizens are determined to save our educational system. Waiting for”Superman”offers powerful insights from some of those at the leading edge of educational innovation, including Bill and Melinda Gates, Michelle Rhee, Geoffrey Canada, and more. Waiting for “Superman” is an inspiring call for reform and includes special chapters that provide resources, ideas, and hands-on suggestions for improving the schools your own community as well as throughout the nation. For parents, teachers, and concerned citizens alike, Waiting for”Superman” is an essential guide to the issues, challenges, and opportunities facing America’s schools.


The Last Speakers: the quest to save the world’s most endangered languages

The Last Speakers is an engaging and thought-provoking treatment that reports on the extinction crisis that threatens many languages worldwide. Through photos, graphics, short vignettes, interviews, and first-person stories, this scientist’s notebook documents linguist K. David Harrison’s around-the-world adventures to meet with last speakers of languages. The speakers’ points of view are revealed through candid direct quotations and captivating photographs that capture the individuals not simply in static poses, but in active engagement with their environment and their traditional and modern lifeways. Writing in a personal journalistic style, Harrison details his travels to visit language hotspots around the world–an undertaking also chronicled in the recent film The Linguists. Working with other professionals, photographer Chris Rainier, and local scholars, Harrison ventures to remote corners of Bolivia, Australia, Siberia, Japan, and India. There he seeks out any speakers of languages previously reported as extinct, and tries to clarify numbers of speakers for very small languages. The Last Speakers clearly explains the new, cutting-edge methods in social science that the team employs, as well as summaries of well-established (yet not widely known) scientific knowledge in the field. Languages don’t disappear only in tiny hamlets. Harrison also visits last speakers living in urban areas in the developed world, to demonstrate that language extinction is happening, though largely invisibly, right in our own backyard. Sites include Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Japan, and several European nations. At some of these locations we observe focused efforts at language revitalisation, including the use of computer and internet technologies to assist small languages in bridging the digital divide. Ultimately, Harrison’s book humanises the global language-extinction crisis. Last speakers eloquently discuss their feelings about their language, what will be lost if it goes extinct, and how and why they believe this loss is happening. To prevent extinction of these cherished words and meanings, some speakers actively participate in language revitalization programs, working to pass on their knowledge to young generations. Their stories, which Harrison tells with empathy and respect, help us to grasp the impact of language extinction and the realization that when languages are lost, so are culture, diversity, and heritage.


Help Your Kids with Math: a unique step-by-step guide

The Grand Design

THE FIRST MAJOR WORK IN NEARLY A DECADE BY ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT THINKERS-A MARVELOUSLY CONCISE BOOK WITH NEW ANSWERS TO THE ULTIMATE QUESTIONS OF LIFE When and how did the universe begin? Why are we here? Why is there something rather than nothing? What is the nature of reality? Why are the laws of nature so finely tuned as to allow for the existence of beings like ourselves? And, finally, is the apparent “grand design” of our universe evidence of a benevolent creator who set things in motion-or does science offer another explanation? The most fundamental questions about the origins of the universe and of life itself, once the province of philosophy, now occupy the territory where scientists, philosophers, and theologians meet-if only to disagree. In their new book, Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow present the most recent scientific thinking about the mysteries of the universe, in nontechnical language marked by both brilliance and simplicity. In The Grand Design they explain that according to quantum theory, the cosmos does not have just a single existence or history, but rather that every possible history of the universe exists simultaneously. When applied to the universe as a whole, this idea calls into question the very notion of cause and effect. But the “top-down” approach to cosmology that Hawking and Mlodinow describe would say that the fact that the past takes no definite form means that we create history by observing it, rather than that history creates us. The authors further explain that we ourselves are the product of quantum fluctuations in the very early universe, and show how quantum theory predicts the “multiverse”-the idea that ours is just one of many universes that appeared spontaneously out of nothing, each with different laws of nature. Along the way Hawking and Mlodinow question the conventional concept of reality, posing a “model-dependent” theory of reality as the best we can hope to find. And they conclude with a riveting assessment of M-theory, an explanation of the laws governing us and our universe that is currently the only viable candidate for a complete “theory of everything.” If confirmed, they write, it will be the unified theory that Einstein was looking for, and the ultimate triumph of human reason. A succinct, startling, and lavishly illustrated guide to discoveries that are altering our understanding and threatening some of our most cherished belief systems, The Grand Design is a book that will inform-and provoke-like no other.

Llewellyn’s Herbal Almanac

Technology/Applied Science

Keeping Kids Fit: a family plan for raising active, heathly children

100 Simple Things You Can do to Prevent Alzheimer’s and Age-Related Memory Loss

Most people think there is little or nothing you can do to avoid Alzheimer’s. But scientists know this is no longer true. In fact, prominent researchers now say that our best and perhaps only hope of defeating Alzheimer’s is topreventit. After best-selling author Jean Carper discovered that she had the major susceptibility gene for Alzheimer’s, she was determined to find all the latest scientific evidence on how to escape it. She discovered 100 surprisingly simple scientifically tested ways to radically cut the odds of Alzheimer’s, memory decline, and other forms of dementia. Did you know that vitamin B 12 helps keep your brain from shrinking? Apple juice mimics a common Alzheimer’s drug? Surfing the internet strengthens aging brain cells? Ordinary infections and a popular anesthesia may trigger dementia? Meditating spurs the growth of new neurons? Exercise is like Miracle-Gro for your brain? Even a few preventive actions could dramatically change your future by postponing Alzheimer’s so long that you eventually outlive it. If you can delay the onset of Alzheimer’s for five years, you cut your odds of having it by half. Postpone Alzheimer’s for ten years, and you’ll most likely never live to see it.100 Simple Things You Can Do to Prevent Alzheimer’s will change the way you look at Alzheimer’s and provide exciting new answers from the frontiers of brain research to help keep you and your family free of this heartbreaking disease.

Keeper: one house, three generations and journey into Alzheimer’s

*Starred Review* By the time Gillies’ family moved into their new home a remote, three-story Victorian behemoth her mother-in-law Nancy’s Alzheimer’s was in its mid-stages and her father-in-law Morris was physically impaired, though still mobile. It won’t take readers long to marvel at the strength and stamina of this woman who undertook not just the 24/7 care of her in-laws, but also house and grounds renovation, bed-and-breakfast hosting, and parenting her and her husband Chris’ three children, to say nothing about writing, all in the near-isolation of a peninsula in northern Scotland. The point is, they all survived. Even after Nancy greeted B&B guests dressed only in her underpants. Even after Morris lost all mobility. Even after Nancy wandered off-grounds and was found lying in the road. They survived even after Gillies suffered a major meltdown one day while home alone with Nancy. Amid the insanity (yes, Alzheimer’s can make caregivers feel insane), Gillies amassed a library of information on the disease from which she shares details and data. And beyond that, the key to Gillies’ personal strength resides in the numerous literary and philosophical observations she frequently quotes and from which she draws inspiration in this awesome chronicle.–Chavez, Donna Copyright 2010 Booklist
From Booklist, Copyright © American Library Association.

Sleepmanual:training your mind and body to achieve the perfect night’s sleep

According to a 2005 survey by the American National Sleep Foundation, fewer than half of Americans say they get a good night’s sleep during most nights. Sleep Manual presents practical ways in which readers can tackle sleep disorders and make sleeping more relaxing and restorative. The authors explain sleep in scientific terms and identify common sleep disorders. Among them is sleep apnea, a respiratory condition that produces frequent, brief sleep interruptions throughout the night and is characterized by heavy snoring. Preventive measures and effective treatment methods to counter sleep apnea, as well as several other sleep disorders, are clearly spelled out. Insomnia, the most common sleep disorder, receives particular attention; its various causes and the medically proven ways in which sufferers can overcome it are detailed. Fundamental steps start with accurately identifying the type of sleep disturbance and then developing a personal sleep program to address it best. Relaxation exercises are described, but maintaining an optimal bedroom environment for sleep is just as important. The authors discuss transforming the bedroom into a true sleep sanctuary and synchronizing the brain and body to facilitate refreshing and restorative sleep. Enclosed with the book is an audio compact disc presenting relaxation exercises, behavioral strategies, and other useful tools designed to help induce and maintain sleep. Illustrated throughout.

Candace–Come see this author is person at Moon Library on November 8!

Promise Me: how a sister’s love launched the global movement to end breast cancer

Suzy and Nancy Goodman were more than sisters. They were best friends, confidantes, and partners in the grand adventure of life. For three decades, nothing could separate them. Not college, not marriage, not miles. Then Suzy got sick. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1977; three agonizing years later, at thirty-six, she died. It wasn’t supposed to be this way. The Goodman girls were raised in postwar Peoria, Illinois, by parents who believed that small acts of charity could change the world. Suzy was the big sister-the homecoming queen with an infectious enthusiasm and a generous heart. Nancy was the little sister-the tomboy with an outsized sense of justice who wanted to right all wrongs. The sisters shared makeup tips, dating secrets, plans for glamorous fantasy careers. They spent one memorable summer in Europe discovering a big world far from Peoria. They imagined a long life together-one in which they’d grow old together surrounded by children and grandchildren. Suzy’s diagnosis shattered that dream. In 1977, breast cancer was still shrouded in stigma and shame. Nobody talked about early detection and mammograms. Nobody could even say the words “breast” and “cancer” together in polite company, let alone on television news broadcasts. With Nancy at her side, Suzy endured the many indignities of cancer treatment, from the grim, soul-killing waiting rooms to the mistakes of well-meaning but misinformed doctors. That’s when Suzy began to ask Nancy to promise. To promise to end the silence. To promise to raise money for scientific research. To promise to one day cure breast cancer for good. Big, shoot-for-the-moon promises that Nancy never dreamed she could fulfill. But she promised because this was her beloved sister. I promise, Suzy. . . .Even if it takes the rest of my life. Suzy’s death-both shocking and senseless-created a deep pain in Nancy that never fully went away. But she soon found a useful outlet for her grief and outrage. Armed only with a shoebox filled with the names of potential donors, Nancy put her formidable fund-raising talents to work and quickly discovered a groundswell of grassroots support. She was aided in her mission by the loving tutelage of her husband, restaurant magnate Norman Brinker, whose dynamic approach to entrepreneurship became Nancy’s model for running her foundation. Her account of how she and Norman met, fell in love, and managed to achieve the elusive “true marriage of equals” is one of the great grown-up love stories among recent memoirs. Nancy’s mission to change the way the world talked about and treated breast cancer took on added urgency when she was herself diagnosed with the disease in 1984, a terrifying chapter in her life that she had long feared. Unlike her sister, Nancy survived and went on to make Susan G. Komen for the Cure into the most influential health charity in the country and arguably the world. A pioneering force in cause-related marketing, SGK turned the pink ribbon into a symbol of hope everywhere. Each year, millions of people worldwide take part in SGK Race for the Cure events. And thanks to the more than $1.5 billion spent by SGK for cutting-edge research and community programs, a breast cancer diagnosis today is no longer a death sentence. In fact, in the time since Suzy’s death, the five-year survival rate for breast cancer has risen from 74 percent to 98 percent. Promise Meis a deeply moving story of family and sisterhood, the dramatic “30,000-foot view” of the democratization of a disease, and a soaring affirmative to the question: Can one person truly make a difference?

Pregnancy: from preconception to birth

Practical and reassuring, Babycenter Pregnancy explains what happens at every stage of pregnancy-from the latest medical advances to parents’ real-life experiences-using the “best of” material from babycenter.com, including parents’ tips and comments, expert views, statistics and polls.

Strategies for the C-section Mom: a complete fitness, nutrition and lifestyle guide

Whether your C-section is planned or you have one unexpectedly, you need to know about the risks, the recovery, and how to regain your fitness level postpartum-while caring for a newborn. Strategies for the C-Section Mom outlines exactly what a C-section entails, and offers you information, guidance, and advice on how to make your experience and recovery smooth and happy.

The Everything Parent’s Guide to ADHD in Children

A roadmap to a common–but complicated–disorder.Is there a cure for ADHD?  What symptoms should you be looking for? Could your child be misdiagnosed? When your child is diagnosed with ADHD, you want to do all you can to get the help you need to support your child. Unfortunately, the vast amount of information on ADHD can be overwhelming and leave you feeling frustrated, stressed, and powerless to help. But with the professional, accessible advice presented here, you can get the one-stop support you need to:Obtain and understand a diagnosis Find the right treatment Discipline your child effectively Get your child to focus at home and school Stay positive, and encourage your child. This guide provides an all-encompassing look at ADHD so that you can feel confident about taking the necessary steps to create a better future for your child.

Half Baked: the story of my nerves, my newborn and how we both learned to breathe

Author Alexa Stevenson had spent most of her life preparing for the wrong disasters. When her daughter is born 15 weeks early, she is plunged into the strange half-light of the Newborn Intensive Care Unit, where she learns the Zen of medical uncertainty and makes the surprising discovery that a worst-case scenario may just be the best thing that’s ever happened to her. The absurdities of the medical system, grappling with mortality, and coming into one’s own are all explored in this wryly heartfelt memoir. From the indignities of infertility treatments to managing bed rest and parenting a preemie (how does one wrangle an oxygen tank while changing a diaper?), Alexa recounts her rocky road to motherhood with a uniquely sharp, funny, yet poignant voice.

Bridges of Lancaster County

“226 color photos show Lancaster County, Pennsylvania’s, historic covered bridges in every season. The images and text are arranged in five groups, creating five separate regional tours. Providing GPS coordinates for each bridge makes every bridge easy to find using a GPS satellite navigation device. If you prefer you may also use a local tour map of course”–Publisher’s description.

Pot it, Grow it, Eat it: home grown produce from pot to pan

What could be more satisfying than growing your own fruit and vegetables and then eating them, freshly picked? There’s no need to have lots of land: it can be done anywhere—in windowsill containers, balconies, and small backyards. This combination growing guide and cookbook explains how anyone, anywhere can go straight from pot to pan. It offers:   – A how-to of cultivation: tools and materials, containers, and siting – An illustrated A–Z vegetable, herb and fruit directory, with each entry listing planting, siting, maintenance and harvesting details, plus storing and freezing instructions – A cookbook chapter, with 25 fresh, simple recipes for appetizers, entrees, and desserts.  This is the perfect book for a holistic, healthy lifestyle!

Cesar’s Rules: your way to train a well-behaved dog

A well-known dog trainer takes on the topic of training for the first time, by explaining the importance of balance as the foundation for a healthy relationship between you and your dog. To provide a variety of training options, Cesar calls upon experts in the field to offer their advice sobyou can find the perfect approach that works for you and your dog. Filled with practical advice, anecdotes, tips, and trouble shooting techniques for training either a new puppy or an old dog. It shows you how to communicate well with your dog and shares the most effective and humane methods for teaching your dog how to be a happy, well behaved member of your household. It also addresses: The most popular training techniques, including positive reinforcement and using a clicker; Ways to teach basic obedience commands such as sit, stay, and come; The importance of balance, and why a well trained dog does not necessarily mean a balanced one; How to use your dog’s own natural inclinations to create better behavior; The methods and theories come from a variety of trainers, including Bob Bailey, Ian Dunbar, Joel Silverman, and Mark Harden.

Dewey’s Nine Lives: the legacy of the small-town library cat who inspired millions

Continuing the “New York Times”-bestselling formula that made Dewey so successful, this volume contains inspiring, funny, and heartwarming stories about cats told from the perspective of Dewey’s Mom, librarian Myron. Includes never-before-told stories about Dewey, along with other touching cat tales.


Whether it’s moving to the country and starting over on a whim or just making city- living a little simpler and easier, the “Green” movement is changing the way we live our day- to-day lives. Skyhorse’s Self-Sufficiency handbooks are meant to help offering advice on what to do, how to do it better, and how to save money as well. This is a beautifully illustrated series made even more beautiful, because its goal is to help everyone live in a more earth-friendly fashion.While beekeeping is about managing, controlling, and under- standing the honey bee, there is also the pleasure that can be found in harvesting and eating your own honey–a true delight! All aspects of beekeeping are explained inside this book: the basic tools and equipment needed, detailed advice on when to harvest honey, and the many tasty things you can make. This is an essential guide for anyone interested in learning more about beekeeping.

Simpler Living: a back to basics guide to cleaning, furnishing, storing, decluttering, streamlining, organizing and more

Filled with tips on how to uncomplicate the daily routine, eliminate stress at home and work, and more, this companion to “Back to Basics” and “Homesteading” will help readers free up their time so they can once again enjoy doing the things they love.

The Food Matters Cook Book: 500 revolutionary recipes for better living

The follow up to Bittman’s “New York Times” bestseller, “The Food Matters Cookbook” offers approximately 450 recipes that designed to save people’s health and the planet.

Gluten-free Girl and the Chef: a love story with 100 tempting recipes

More than just a collection of recipes, this unique cookbook is meant to be read cover to cover.  Sure to delight legions of loyal fans of the GlutenFreeGirl.com blog which receives 160,000 unique visitors per month, the book is a love story — how Shauna James met and started dating a professional chef, Daniel Ahern, who had never cooked gluten-free before. The stories progress from those early months when Shauna and Danny first met, up through their marriage, and conluding with the birth of their daughter. Over time Danny not only grew very interested in gluten-free cooking, he eventually made his restaurant menu completely gluten-free. (Now that’s true love.) Photos, cooking tips and sidebars, and 100 amazing recipes complete the book, which should garner as much acclaim as Shauna’s memoir, Gluten-Free Girl. As the understanding of celiac disease and gluten intolerance continues to grow, so do the number of diagnoses in this country. The only treatment for the condition is proper diet, so it’s no surprise the market for gluten-free products, books, and cookbooks is on the rise. But Gluten-Free Girl’s popularity is most likely due to her passion for good food and engaging writing style, and this first cookbook from the popular blogger will be just what her followers have been waiting for.

The Everything Healthy Slow Cooker Cookbook

Slow-cooker meals may save you time and energy, but they can also help you pack on the pounds. Here is a collection of deliciously good-for-you recipes that will please your palate without sacrificing nutrition– or your waistline!

Healthy Snacks for Kids

Children will snack, and fortunately experts now tell us that snacking is in many ways an ideal way to eat. But it’s not easy to keep track of what children are eating. A plan to make healthy snacking part of a family’s diet is an answer. Knack Healthy Snacks for Kids gives step-by-step information about snacking that also includes lunches and meals-on-the go for kids from toddler age to teens. The 350 recipes and snack ideas include sandwich variations, baked goods, snacks from around the world, and snacks for hungry teens.

The Everything Guide to Macrobiotics

Heal yourself naturally with balanced and nourishing foods.Lose weight and boost energy levels. Prevent and treat disease. Enhance psychological health.You can gain all this and more by following a macrobiotic diet! Macrobiotics is based on the benefits of eating seasonal, locally grown, and energetically balanced foods. In this guide, you’ll discover how to adapt this lifestyle to fit your own needs. Create 150 delectable recipes to achieve inner and outer healing, including:Forbidden Rice with Edamame and Orange Zest Mochi Waffles with Berry Lemon Sauce Kale, Green Beans, and Carrots with Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Garbanzo Beans in Mushroom Gravy Roasted Squash and Sweet Potato Sauce Poached Pears in Apple CiderThis guide also features tips on incorporating changes into your lifestyle that reduce stress while enhancing balance and harmony. The benefits of a macrobiotic lifestyle are only a few delicious recipes away!

Taste of Home’s Holiday and Celebrations Cookbook 2010

Backpackers Magazine’s Campsite Cooking: cookware, cuisine and cleaning up

Backpacker Magazine branded, and fueled by FalconGuides, these books bring you essential mind gear from the two most respected and reliable publishers of outdoor-related information. Perfect for pack or pocket, each book breaks down its subject into the essential topics, providing practical and portable information useful in the field. Full-color photos, charts, and illustrations are organized with text by experts in a brief and accessible manner, introducing readers to basic and intermediate skills needed to safely and successfully get by in the outdoors.

At Home: a short history of private life

From beloved author Bryson comes a fascinating excursion into the history behind the place people call home.

Start Your Own Cleaning Service: maid service, janitorial service, carpet and upholstery service and more.

If it can be cleaned, chances are people will pay you to clean it. Houses, carpet, upholstery, windows–the list goes on and on. A vast majority of dual-income families use cleaning services, which means your market is huge. Startup is easy and requires little initial investment. Allow our experts to teach you everything you need to know to start three of the most in-demand cleaning businesse: residential maid service, commercial janitorial service and carpet/upholstery cleaning, including: Current statistics and trend forecasts that keep you ahead of the curve The ins and outs of finding customers New ideas for hiring and training employees What equipment and supplies you’ll need (and where to find them) How to use technology to make your business competitive Up-to-date legal, tax and insurance requirements How to avoid common pitfalls Surefire tips for growing your business And more Plus, learn answers to frequently asked questions, and access an appendix of additional resources and checklists to guide you through each step of the startup process.With the help of our experts, you’ll become a squeaky-clean success in no time!

Absolutely Organize Your Family: simple solutions to control clutter, schedules and spaces

Struggle Less and Savor MoreManaging a family is no easy task. There are school projects to supervise, a constant deluge of laundry and toys to deal with, and after-school activities to drive to every night. It makes you wish you had an instruction manual to help you keep it all together—well, now you do!Absolutely Organize Your Familyis full of practical and effective solutions for all of your family’s organizational challenges. Debbie Lillard, professional organizer, mother of three and author of the popular bookAbsolutely Organized, offers all new “Absolutes of Organizing Your Family” tips to help you gain and maintain order in three key areas of your family life: Schedules, belongings and spaces. Inside you’ll find: Solutions for overcrowded and out-of-control schedules; Advice on establishing morning, evening, and bedtime routines; Strategies for organizing toys, collections, artwork, photographs, and more; Ways to keep closets and dressers in order even in the midst of growth spurt; Help for your child’s schoolbag, desk, and locker; Methods of keeping bedrooms organized; Ideas for creating a homework area to improve study habits. Spend less time struggling to keep up and more time savoring everyday moments with your family. Start your family’s organizational makeover today.

The No-Cry Separation Anxiety Solution: gentle ways to make goodbye easy from 6 months to 6 years

Does it break your heart to leave your crying child at daycare, at school, or with a babysitter? Do you worry and wonder how you can help your child feel more secure when you have to part? Nearly all children experience separation anxietyit’s naturalbut finding a solution can be frustrating. That’s why Elizabeth Pantley, author of the bestselling No-Cry seriesthe most trusted name in parenting guidesdeveloped gentle, effective solutions for every separation situation.

Parenting the Strong-Willed Child

Whether it’s not following instructions, temper tantrums, or other disruptive behaviors, expert child psychologists Rex Forehand, Ph.D., and Nicholas Long, Ph.D., bring you effective strategies-based on 65 years of collective clinical and research experience-for improving your child’s behavior with lasting results.

Womenomics: work less, achieve more, live better

Inspiring, practical, and persuasive, “Womenomics” offers a groundbreaking blueprint for changing the way women live and work–with advice, guidance, and fact-based support that proves they don’t have to do it all to have it all.

Expert Resumes for Health Care Careers

This collection of resumes is aimed at people seeking health care jobs at all levels¿from allied health technicians to physicians. Health care is one of the very few fields that is still growing in these troubled economic times, so it is a hot topic with wide appeal. In addition to hundreds of pages of sample resumes, the authors present sound resume writing advice, including how to create and use an electronic resume and whether to use a resume or a CV. The appendix includes Internet resources for an effective online job search. New for this edition are a chapter on writing cover letters plus cover letter samples, as well as updates to all resumes throughout.

Start Your Own Consulting Business

Turn Your Knowledge and Experience Into Big Bucks!Whether you’re a computer whiz, a business expert, or a fundraising dynamo, your special skills are in high demand. Let the experts at Entrepreneur show you how to capitalize on your talents and help others achieve their business goals!No matter what your area of expertise, this hands-on guide will tell you everything you need to know to start your own successful consulting business. Discover how to get your business off the ground, position yourself as an expert, attract clients, operate day to day, and build revenue. Plus, gain powerful insight from interviews with practicing consultants, answers to frequently asked questions and an invaluable list of the top 20 consulting businesses!Learn how to: Set up your business with minimal startup investment Define your market Build a business brand that gets noticed Capture clients by showing them you’re worth their money Price your service Advertise and publicize to attract more clients Hire a support staff And more. You already have the knowledge—this guide shows you how to share it with others and make a profit!

Good Boss, Bad Boss: how to be the best

If you are a boss who wants to do great work, what can you do about it? Good Boss, Bad Bossis devoted to answering that question. Stanford Professor Robert Sutton weaves together the best psychological and management research with compelling stories and cases to reveal the mindset and moves of the best (and worst) bosses. This book was inspired by the deluge of emails, research, phone calls, and conversations that Dr. Sutton experienced after publishing his blockbuster bestsellerThe No Asshole Rule.He realized that most of these stories and studies swirled around a central figure in every workplace: THE BOSS. These heart-breaking, inspiring, and sometimes funny stories taught Sutton that most bosses – and their followers – wanted a lot more than just a jerk-free workplace. They aspired to become (or work for) an all-around great boss, somebody with the skill and grit to inspire superior work, commitment, and dignity among their charges. As Dr. Sutton digs into the nitty-gritty of what the best (and worst) bosses do, a theme runs throughoutGood Boss, Bad Boss- which brings together the diverse lessons and is a hallmark of great bosses:They work doggedly to “stay in tune” with how their followers (and superiors, peers, and customers too) react to what they say and do.The best bosses are acutely aware that their success depends on having the self-awareness to control their moods and moves, to accurately interpret their impact on others, and to make adjustments on the fly that continuously spark effort, dignity, and pride among their people.

How to Start a Home-Based Event Planning Business

This comprehensive guide contains all the necessary tools and strategies you need to successfully launch and grow a Home-Based Event Planning Business. The author combines personal experience with expert advice on every aspect of setting up and running a thriving home-based business. This guide explains how to get started, develop a service manual, screen clients, serve customers, learn from the competition, and set up a home office – as well as how to use the Internet to grow your business.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Cashing in on Your Inventions

Patent applications are booming! Innovative strategies to market inventive products. The Complete Idiot’s Guide(r) to Cashing In On Your Inventions, Second Editioncovers every aspect of the inventing process from concept to market- and this new edition offers more in-depth coverage of the development process, prototyping and manufacturing helping readers identify how to go about turning their ideas into something tangible that they can market. Written by the co-developer of the Furby and over 200 other products. Features information on how to protect inventions. How to find companies interested in buying or licensing inventions.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Making Natural Soaps

Soapmaking has always been a popular craft with a dedicated group of followers, but with the explosion of urban homesteading and people looking to go green, noncrafters are now joining in on the fun. Whether it’s making natural soap to live greener, give as gifts, save money, or make money, The Complete Idiot’s Guide(r) to Making Natural Soaps has everything the new soap maker will need to create organic, natural soaps of all kinds. bull; bull;Includes recipes to make a wide array of molded, poured, and liquid soaps. bull;Contains soap recipes for body as well as household and even pets.

How to Charm a Bird: create a backyard haven with bird houses, baths and feeders

What does it take to get birds of all feathers to flock together in any backyard? These crafty birdhouses, baths, and feeders—presented in a charming retro package, complete with vintage illustrations drawn from thePopular Mechanicsarchive—will having them flying right over!nbsp; How to Charm a Birdreveals the practical tips and little-known tricks necessary to tempt birds into your yard and garden—a feat that’s actually a little more difficult than it might first appear.nbsp; This lovely volume includes chapters on subjects like:nbsp; – Customizing birdhouses and baths to attract particular species – Attracting birds in the colder months as well as spring/summer – Building feeders that stay safe from predators such as cats or squirrels.

Arts and Recreation

Simple Gifts: 50 little luxuries to craft, sew, cook and knit

Heartfelt and handmade equals the perfect gift, and here Jennifer Worick offers step-by-step instructions for creating easy and inspired handmade gifts that are affordable. Learn how to stitch and make a wine bag, sew pajamas, felt a ring for your sweetheart, knit an apron or hand-embroider a handkerchief, make personalized note cards, soothing lip balm, quilt a baby blanket, cook delectable caramels ndash; all these and more to ensure the perfect gift for your loved ones.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Selling Your Crafts

Find profitable new outlets for selling your crafts. Selling crafts online is a successful trend, but this book explores so many other avenues for casual and active indie crafters, and teaches them how to work more efficiently, manage inventory, and find and utilize all outlets for selling their work. Clear, concise instructions on every aspect of selling crafts-from flea markets to websites- including: ;Pricing your crafts and managing inventory; Creating an identity; Payment, shipping, and promotion; Selling venues (online, trunk shows, parties, fairs); Tax and business management.

Make a Monster

This collection of cute and quirky toys will delight adults and children alike. There’s a creature here to suit every personality. The projects are all made from soft fleece, which is versatile and easy to work with. Basic sewing skills, the brightly colored fleece itself, and a few accessories are all that’s needed to make these toys–most in a matter of hours.–From publisher description.

Creating the Happiest of Holidays

Celebrating a happy Christmas with friends and family is easy with this creative collection of irresistible recipes and simple gifts that anyone can make. Smiles and warm feelings are sure to abound&mdashby those who experience the treats as well as those who make them. This book can be enjoyed for years to come. Handmade presents include an embroidered pillow, a velveteen throw, cute aprons, cross-stitched ornaments, beaded jewelry, a knit hat, fleece mittens, pet items, gifts that kids can make, and more. There also are decorated bags, boxes, cards, and tags for presenting the gifts. For Holiday entertaining and gifts from the kitchen, there are party snacks and drinks delicious main dishes and sides, and sweets galore, from candy and cookies to cake.

Wishes: fall in love with cardmaking

Successful Lace Knitting: celebrating the work of Dorothy Reade

A must-have for knitters–this book presents not only a beautiful collection of patterns but also a fascinating biography of Dorothy Reade, the mother of modern lace knitting. Includes 20 knitting patterns.

Power Cables: ultimate guide to knitting inventive cables

From simple to sculptural, the original cable patterns explored in this must-have resource create a foundation of techniques for designing signature knitwear. Basic twisted stitches, complex interpretations of cables, reversible cables, adding texture and color, turning stitches around, constructing cables with I-cord, and wrapping stitches to create the illusion of cables are some of the integrated techniques detailed in this guide. Contained within are more than 15 original cable patterns for pullovers, jackets, bags, socks, and accessories. Also included is information on a new charting system for predicting cable behavior as well as tips on cabling without a cable needle, choosing the best yarns for specific cable effects, and designing original cable patterns.

Two from One Jelly Roll Quilts: 18 designs to make your fabric go farther

Features easy-to-follow quilt patterns that enable you to learn how to make stylish and economical quilts out of half a Jelly Roll. This title includes chapters which contain two quilt designs made from one Jelly Roll, using twenty strips of fabric for one and twenty strips of fabric for the other.

Gunn’s Golden Rules: life’s little lessons for making it work

A television personality and fashion consultant offers a simple, accessible guidebook to help readers navigate all aspects of life. Filled with dishy stories of fashion’s greatest divas, behind-the-scenes glimpses of “Project Runway’s” biggest drama queens, and never-before-revealed insights into his private life, Gunn shares his personal secrets for “making it work”–in your career, relationships, and life.

501 Decorating Ideas Under $100

Provides inspirational photos coupled with easy-to-follow instructions that make it easy for you to reimagine, create, organize, and embellish every room in your house.

All Dolled Up: sewing clothes and accessories for girls and their 18-inch dolls

You can make adorable coordinating outfits for the girl in your life and the doll in hers! From party dresses to Capri pants and messenger bags, these are fun and fashionable outfits for every season and time of day.

Outdoor Parents, Outdoor Kids: a guide to getting your kids active in the great outdoors

There is a movement upon us and it’s full of parents who refuse to let their children become a statistic of childhood obesity, and who Understand The fate of the environment rests with connecting their kids with the outdoors. Outdoors Offspring shines a much needed headlamp on helping parents accomplish this and more. With an informative and entertaining look at biking, camping, swimming, paddling, snowsports, hiking, fishing, climbing and more, award-winning author Eugene Buchanan extends parents a helping hand in getting their kids outside and instilling in them a respect for their health And The environment. It’s a set of training wheels for first-time parents and an essential guide for hair-pulling veterans.

The Ones Who Hit the Hardest: the Steelers, the Cowboys, the 70’s and the fight for America’s soul

A stirring portrait of the decade when the Steelers became the greatest team in NFL history, even as Pittsburgh was crumbling around them. In the 1970s, the city of Pittsburgh was in need of heroes. In that decade the steel industry, long the lifeblood of the city, went into massive decline, putting 150,000 steelworkers out of work. And then the unthinkable happened: The Pittsburgh Steelers, perennial also-rans in the NFL, rose up to become the most feared team in the league, dominating opponents with their famed “Steel Curtain” defense, winning four Super Bowls in six years, and lifting the spirits of a city on the brink. In The Ones Who Hit the Hardest, Chad Millman and Shawn Coyne trace the rise of the Steelers amidst the backdrop of the fading city they fought for, bringing to life characters such as: Art Rooney, the owner of the team so beloved by Pittsburgh that he was known simply as “The Chief”; Chuck Noll, the headstrong coach who used the ethos of steelworkers to motivate his players; Terry Bradshaw, the strong-armed and underestimated QB; Joe Green, the defensive tackle whose fighting nature lifted the franchise; and Jack Lambert, the linebacker whose snarling, toothless grin embodied the Pittsburgh defense. Every story needs a villain, and in this one it’s played by the Dallas Cowboys. As Pittsburgh rusted, the new and glittering metropolis of Dallas, rich from the capital infusion of oil revenue, signaled the future of America. Indeed, the town brimmed with such confidence that the Cowboys felt comfortable nicknaming themselves “America’s Team.” Throughout the 1970s, the teams jostled for control of the NFL-the Cowboys doing it with finesse and the Steelers doing it with brawn-culminating in Super Bowl XIII in 1979, when the aging Steelers attempted to hold off the Cowboys one last time. Thoroughly researched and grippingly written, The Ones Who Hit the Hardest is a stirring tribute to a city, a team, and an era.


The Autobiographers of Everybody: a mosaic portrait of the International Poetry Forum

Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk

Featuring David Sedaris’s unique blend of hilarity and heart, this new collection of keen-eyed animal-themed tales is an utter delight. Though the characters may not be human, the situations in these stories bear an uncanny resemblance to the insanity of everyday life. In “The Toad, the Turtle, and the Duck,” three strangers commiserate about animal bureaucracy while waiting in a complaint line. In “Hello Kitty,” a cynical feline struggles to sit through his prison-mandated AA meetings. In “The Squirrel and the Chipmunk,” a pair of star-crossed lovers is separated by prejudiced family members. With original illustrations by Ian Falconer, author of the bestselling Olivia series of children’s books, these stories are David Sedaris at his most observant, poignant, and surprising.

Earth (The Book): a visitor’s guide to the human race

The eagerly awaited new book from the Emmy-winning, Oscar-hosting, Daily Show- anchoring Jon Stewart–the man behind the megaseller America (The Book) . Where do we come from? Who created us? Why are we here? These questions have puzzled us since the dawn of time, but when it became apparent to Jon Stewart and the writers of The Daily Show that the world was about to end, they embarked on a massive mission to write a book that summed up the human race: What we looked like; what we accomplished; our achievements in society, government, religion, science and culture — all in a tome of approximately 256 pages with lots of color photos, graphs and charts. After two weeks of hard work, they had their book. EARTH (The Book) is the definitive guide to our species. With their trademark wit, irreverence, and intelligence, Stewart and his team will posthumously answer all of life’s most hard-hitting questions, completely unburdened by objectivity, journalistic integrity, or even accuracy.

Half Empty

The inimitably witty David Rakoff, New York Timesbestselling author of Donr’t Get Too Comfortable, defends the commonsensical notion that you should always assume the worst, because your’ll never be disappointed. In this deeply funny (and, no kidding, wise and poignant) book, Rakoff examines the realities of our sunny; gushy; everyone-can-be-a-star contemporary culture and finds that, pretty much as a universal rule, the best is not yet to come, adversity will triumph, justice will not be served, and your dreams won’t come true. The book ranges from the personal to the universal, combining stories from Rakoff’s reporting and accounts of his own experiences: the moment when being a tiny child no longer meant adults found him charming but instead meant other children found him a fun target; the perfect late evening in Manhattan when he was young and the city seemed to brim with such possibility that the street shimmered in the moonlight-as he drew closer he realized the streets actually flickered with rats in a feeding frenzy. He also weaves in his usual brand Oscar Wilde-worthy cultural criticism (the tragedy of Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, for instance). Whether he’s lacerating the musical Rent for its cutesy depiction of AIDS or dealing with personal tragedy, his sharp observations and humorist’s flair for the absurd will have you positively reveling in the power of negativity.

History, Geography and Biography

The Rough Guide. Canada.

From lush wilderness to urban adventure The Rough Guide to Canada is your definitive guide to this diverse country. The full- colour section introduces the best Canada has to offer, from cosmopolitan Toronto to the thundering Niagra and the country’s spectacular natural wonders. This revised 6th edition contains insider tips and colour sections on national parks, art and architecture. The guide includes plenty of practical information on Canada’s amazing array of outdoor pursuits including sailing and fishing in the Maritime Provinces and snowboarding and skiing in Banff. There are comprehensive reviews of the best places to eat, drink and stay to suit all tastes and budgets. This guide also takes a detailed look at Canada’s extraordinary history, wildlife and aboriginal peoples, and comes complete with new maps and plans for every area. The Rough Guide to Canada is like having a local friend plan your trip!

New England. 2010

Walt Disney World Resort & Orlando. 2010.

Santa Fe, Taos, & Albuquerque. 2010.

Arizona & the Grand Canyon. 2010.

Las Vegas. 2010.

Tracing Your Railway Ancestors: a guide for family historians

Di Drummond’s concise and informative guide to Britain’s railways will be absorbing reading for anyone who wants to learn about the history of the industry and for family history researchers who want to find out about the careers of their railway ancestors. In a clear and accessible way she guides readers through the social, technical and economic aspects of the story. She describes in vivid detail the rapid growth, maturity and long decline of the railways from the earliest days in the late-eighteenth century to privatization in the 1990s. In the process she covers the themes and issues that family historians, local historians and railway enthusiasts will need to understand in order to pursue their research. A sequence of short, fact-filled chapters gives an all-round view of the development of the railways. In addition to tracing the birth and growth of the original railway companies, she portrays the types of work that railwaymen did and pays particular attention to the railway world in which they spent their working lives. The tasks they undertook, the special skills they had to learn, the conditions they worked in, the organization and hierarchy of the railway companies, and the make-up of railway unions – all these elements in the history of the railways are covered. She also introduces the reader to the variety of records that are available for genealogical research – staff records and registers, publications, census returns, biographies and autobiographies, and the rest of the extensive literature devoted to the railway industry.

Culture and Customs of the Baltic States

Baltic expert O’Connor (history, Gonzaga U.) offers an accessible account of the Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian people for general readers and travelers, explaining the region’s complex geopolitics and history, including the effects of the Soviet era, the impact of religions, including the rise of Orthodoxy and Lutheranism, the demise of the Jewish community in the Second World War and its quiet rebirth, the roles of marriage and family life, gender issues, education, holidays, cuisine, leisure activities, folklore, literature, the media and cinema, performing arts, architecture and housing, and art. Particularly interesting is the story of the various languages in the region and the influence of its many neighbors in all directions.

Minefields of the Heart: a mother’s stories of a son at war

How do combat veterans and their loved ones bridge the divide that war, by its very nature, creates between them? Diaz recounts the emotional rollercoaster her family and other soldiers’ families experience during and after deployment.

Operations Dark Heart: spycraft and special ops on the frontlines of Afghanistan

Shaffer delivers an exciting, eyewitness account of fighting terrorism in Afghanistan using the military’s most cutting-edge espionage tactics.

America: the story of us: an illustrated history

America The Story of Us is a groundbreaking series that brings to life the epic story of our nation in a new way for a new generation. The companion book, America The Story of Us is a history that is at once penetrating and lively, elegant and authoritative; great for serious reading as it is for casual skimming. America The Story of Us brings to life the vast forces that shaped this remarkable country and the ways in which revolutions in technology and transportation altered the way Americans lived, made money, and fought one another. Explored in these pages is the struggle between settlers and Native Americans; the epic conflict of slavery, from cotton gin to Civil War; the creation of the transcontinental railroad alongside the thundering herds of buffalo across the West; and how American ingenuity and determination both carried us through the Great Depression and won the Second World War. Beginning with Jamestown and Plymouth Bay, the first successful British colonies on the mainland, the book highlights the landmark moments in political, social, economic, and military history, from the prototypical entrepreneur John Rolfe and his tobacco seeds to Barack Obama and the seeds of change, from the Model T to the moon landing. Written by novelist, historian, and journalist Kevin Baker (a key contributor to The American Century, by Harold Evans), the narrative shares the TV series- eye for the dramatic moment in U.S. history-there is danger, action, struggle-while adding new layers of detail and nuance. America The Story of Us is decisive and essential, the story of the country that every family will want to own. Foreword by President Obama A stunning companion piece for the most anticipated HISTORY broadcast of all time, includes 412 heavily illustrated pages featuring over 300 full color images and layers of information including “charticles,” graphics, photographs, and text. The adventure that became a nation – the complete history of the US has not been told for 40 years. AMERICA the Story of Us is an exuberant, unprecedented look at the invention of America focusing on how events small and large are intrinsically linked to the exploration and innovation, leading us from the frontier to 21st century cities, from the Mississippi to the moon, from Jamestown to 9/11 up to present day. Moving though time and space linking key events, people and locations, capturing the vast sweep of American history— bringing viewers on a journey through the forces that shaped the destiny of America.

Secret America: the hidden symbols, codes and mysteries of the United States

The Washington Monument The pyramid on the $1 bill The Skull and Bones Society at Yale UniversityCommon American icons–or secret symbols? From our founding fathers to our most prestigious institutions, this is a nation built on such secret symbols, rites, and rituals. So forget the textbook version of history–and embark on a fascinating and fantastic journey of America’s hidden past.This tell-all handbook is your personal guide to the secret-laden people, places, and things of our great nation, including:Sign-filled national treasures in museums from coast to coast Ancient mysteries of our most familiar cities, landmarks, and parks Hotbeds of current Masonic, Kabbalistic, and Rosicrucian activity Freemason-planned architecture of Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. Covert clubs, societies, and associations of the ultra-rich and powerfulFrom the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., to the Institute of Noetic Sciences in Petaluma, California, this book is all you need to discover the true nature of the oldest republic on Earth–past, present, and future!

United States of Americana

Young Americans are returning to the roots of a simpler cultureAmericana. It’s more than mere nostalgia; it’s a conscious celebration of community and sustainability. It’s a movement born in response to the ever-accelerating pace of modern life and Internet technology overload. All over the country, people are returning to an appreciation for the simpler things in life, which are brilliantly surveyed in United States of Americana-the first comprehensive handbook to all things Americana.Music: Renewed interest in the legends of country, blues, gospel, and folk (Johnny Cash, Emmylou Harris, Hank Williams, and Leadbelly); the rise and evolution of alt-country music and the Americana genre (Fleet Foxes, Wilco, the Decemberists, and T Bone Burnett)Fashion: Wearing American heritage clothing and footwear (Red Wing boots, Filson jackets, Carhartt overalls, and Pendleton wool shirts)Grooming: Returning to straight-razor shaving and old-fashioned barber shopsD.I.Y.: Taking up handmade crafts (knitting, needlepoint, and soap making), as well as home canning (pickling and preserving)The speakeasy renaissance: Drinking Prohibition- and pre-Prohibition-era cocktails (old-fashioned, gin fizz, and sidecar)Entertainment: Seeking out burlesque, circuses, and the vinyl LP

Double Death: the true story of Pryce Lewis, the Civil War’s most daring spy

Narrative history at its best, in recounting Pryce Lewis’s gripping story, “Double Death” offers new angles on the Civil War, illuminating the early years of the Pinkerton Agency and the shadow world of spying throughout the war.

White House Diary

The edited, annotated diary of President Carter–filled with his relationships with friends and foes, and his lasting impact on issues that still preoccupy America and the world–presents an astonishingly intimate view of his presidency.

Pinheads and Patriots: where you stand in the age of Obama

When Bill O’Reilly interviewed then-Senator Barack Obama during the 2008 presidential elections, the two had a lively debate about the nation’s future. Since that time, America has changed rapidly – some would even say seismically. And many believe these shifts are doing more than just rocking the political and social climate; they’re rocking the American core. What are these changes? Who, in addition to President Obama, have been the biggest forces behind them? What exactly do they mean for you, the everyday American citizen? How are they affecting your money, health, safety, freedom, and standing in this nation? Which are Pinheaded moves and which are truly Patriotic? In his latest spirited book, O’Reilly prompts further debate with the President and the American people on the current state of the union. After five consecutive, no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is megabestsellers, you can count on Bill to offer blunt and constructive political commentary. And as he did in his popular memoir, he offers some introspection too, looking back at his own actions and those of past Pinheads and Patriots who have inspired a code of conduct for such taxing times. As always, O’Reilly is fair, balanced, and uncompromisingly tough when guarding the American way. Only Pinheads would fail to fight for what they love most about this country or to embrace some measure of change to make it better. The rest of us Patriots will read this book to discover the difference between the two.

Obama’s Wars

Drawing on hundreds of interviews with key administration officials, their deputies, and other firsthand sources, Woodward (“The War Within”) takes readers deep into the national security state and shows how Obama debates, decides, and balances the enormous pressures facing the modern president. 8-page bw photo insert.

The Hilliker Curse: my pursuit of women

The year was 1958. James Ellroy was ten years old. His mother, Jean Hilliker, had divorced her fast-buck hustler husband. She gave her son a choice: live with his father or her. He chose his father, and Jean-half gassed-attacked him. He wished her dead. Three months later, she was murdered. Ellroy writes, I owe her for every true thing that I am. I must remove the malediction I have placed on her and on myself, and in The Hilliker Curse, he narrates his quest for atonement in women. He unsparingly describes his shattered childhood, his delinquent teens, his writing life, his love affairs and marriages, a nervous breakdown and the beginning of a relationship with an extraordinary woman who may just be the long-sought Her. It is a layered narrative of time and place, emotion and insight, sexuality and spiritual quest. And all of it is reported with gut-wrenching and heart-rending candor. A brilliant and soul-baring revelation of self-and unlike any memoir you have ever read.

Patti LuPone: a memoir

I have been incredibly fortunate over the course of my career to have been associated with some extraordinary dramatic and musical productions, and also some rather spectacular disasters. Looking back, I can find gifts and life lessons in every one.o The legendary Patti LuPone is one of the theatre’s most beloved leading ladies. Now she lays it all bare, sharing the intimate story of her life both onstage and off–through the dizzying highs and darkest lows–with the humor and outspokenness that have become her trademarks. With nearly 100 photographs, including an 8-page four-color insert, and illuminating details about the life of a working actor, from inspired costars and demanding directors to her distinct perspective on how she developed and honed her Tony Awarduwinning performances, Patti LuPone: A Memoir is as inspirational as it is entertaining. And though the title might say a memoir,o this is ultimately a love letter to the theatre by a unique American artist. Raised on Long Island’s North Shore, Patti discovered her calling at the age of four and knew that she was destined for the stage. A prodigiously gifted child, she was one of only 36 young actors chosen for the inaugural class of The Juilliard School’s Drama Division, where she fought near-constant criticism from her instructors, and here describes those early years with disarming frankness. From the heady days of her early twenties crisscrossing the country as a founding member of the classical repertory theatre ensemble, The Acting Company–to her early success on Broadway, her four-year stint as Libby Thacher on the television series Life Goes On, her loving marriage to Matt Johnston, and much, much more, Patti chronicles her professional and personal life with inimitable candor and wit. With its insightful retrospective of her career-defining turns, both on Broadway and abroad, in Evita, Les Mis rables, Anything Goes, Sunset Boulevard, Sweeney Todd, and Gypsy, Patti LuPone: A Memoir reveals the artist’s deeply felt passion for music and the theatre and is, in the end, the compelling and quintessential tale of an exceptional life well lived.

Growing Up Laughing: my story and the story of funny

The award-winning actress shares her funny and heartwarming stories of a life filled with laughter. Woven throughout the book are her interviews with many beloved American comedians about how they, too, found the funny in their lives.


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