February 2011 Paperbacks

Ghost Moon by Heather Graham

Graham delivers the final book in her Bone Island trilogy–following “Ghost Shadow” and “Ghost Night.”

Ghost Night by Heather Graham

A “New York Times”- and “USA Today”-bestselling author delivers the second book in her new paranormal trilogy.

Highland Proctector by Hannah Howell

When she is framed for the murder of one of the king’s men, Ilsabeth Murray Armstrong, now a fugitive, turns to Sir Simon Innes for help in clearing her name before she is hanged for a crime she did not commit.

Devoured by Darkness by Alexandra Ivy

The fourth novel in Ivy’s paranormal series. They are the Guardians of Eternity: strong, skilled, seductive vampires chosen to protect–and to destroy. And they will risk anything to fulfill their duty, and satisfy their desires.

The Sooner the Better by Debbie Macomber

“Lorraine Dancy has just discovered that everything she believes about her father is a lie–starting with the fact that Thomas supposedly died years ago. Now she’s learned that not only is he not dead, he’s living in a small town south of the border. In the process of tracking him down, she manages to get framed for theft and pursued by the real thief, the police and a local crime boss. Her father’s friend Jack Keller agrees to help her escape, although Lorraine’s reluctant to depend on a man like him. Jack’s every bit the renegade Lorraine thinks he is–an ex-mercenary and former Deliverance Company operative. He’s also the one person who can guide her to safety. But there are stormy waters ahead, including an attraction neither of them wants to feel. An attraction that’s as risky as it is intense–for both of them. The sooner he can get Lorraine home, the better!”–P. [4] of cover.

How to Wed a Baron by Kasey Michaels

The fourth entry in the Daughtry Family series. Devilish baron Justin Wilde and hot-tempered Alina Valentin are forced to marry at the prince regent’s bidding. After the truth behind their wedding emerges, will it strengthen their fragile bond–or shatter their lives forever?

Return to Rose Cottage by Sherryl Woods

The laws of attraction: “High-powered attorney Ashley D’Angelo has finally burned out. After heeding the call of Rose Cottage, she believes she may have found the calm she so desperately needs and perhaps the chance at a happy ending with handsome Josh Madison. But if Josh isn’t quite who he seems, is he still the man who can complete Ashley’s joy?”–P. [4] of cover.

For the love of Pete: “After hearing her sisters speak of the emotional healing to be found at Rose Cottage, Jo D’Angelo takes a chance and returns to the beautiful home. Only she knows the cottage is where she once loved and lost Pete Catlett. She’s stunned to find Pete back there, as well, dealing with worries about his young son. Can the romantic wonder of the cottage reunite these two wounded souls?”–P. [4] of cover


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