April 2011 Nonfiction Books

Computer science, information and general works

HTML & XHTML Demystified

“Now you can build your own websites in no time using the latest techniques. HTML & XHTML DeMYSTiFieD gives you the hands-on help you need to get started. Written in a step-by-step format, this practical guide shows you how to create a web page right away. Then, you’ll learn how to add color and graphics; incorporate links; create lists, tables, and forms; and add multimedia elements. Key technologies such as CSS, JavaScript, and DHTML are also covered. Detailed examples and concise explanations make it easy to understand the material, and end-of-chapter quizzes and a final exam help reinforce learning”

HTML, XHTML & CSS Quicksteps

This horizontal (10×8″) tutorial explains how to use HTML, XHTML, and CSS in a visual color format, with color screenshots, fact boxes, how-to instructions, and color-coded page tabs. Sidebars provide quick steps for common tasks, with notes, tips, and cautions found in color boxes. Coverage progresses from choosing a web host through formatting web pages, adding graphics and links, creating tables and frames, and using forms and scripts. Hart-Davis is the author of more than 50 computer books. Annotation ©2010 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (booknews.com)

Cloud Computing: a practical approach

Cloud Computing: A Practical Approachprovides a comprehensive look at the emerging paradigm of Internet-based enterprise applications and services. This accessible book offers a broad introduction to cloud computing, reviews a wide variety of currently available solutions, and discusses the cost savings and organizational and operational benefits. You’ll find details on essential topics, such as hardware, platforms, standards, migration, security, and storage. You’ll also learn what other organizations are doing and where they’re headed with cloud computing. If your company is considering the move from a traditional network infrastructure to a cutting-edge cloud solution, you need this strategic guide.

Philosophy and psychology

The Rough Guide to Psychology

This book looks at the question psychologists have been asking for over a hundred years – why are we the way we are? It starts with you, your mind and brain, broadening out to look at your friends and other relationships, then finally on to crowds, mobs and religion. It explores the latest research relevant to crime, schooling, sport, politics, shopping and health, and what happens when the mind goes wrong, including depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, and more unusual conditions.

Flourish: a visionary new understanding of happiness and well-being

“This book will help you flourish.” With this unprecedented promise, internationally esteemed psychologist Martin Seligman begins  Flourish,  his first book in ten years—and the first to present his dynamic new concept of what well-being really is. Traditionally, the goal of psychology has been to relieve human suffering, but the goal of the Positive Psychology movement, which Dr. Seligman has led for fifteen years, is different—it’s about actually raising the bar for the human condition.  Flourish  builds on Dr. Seligman’s game-changing work on optimism, motivation, and character to show how to get the most out of life, unveiling an electrifying new theory of what makes a good life—for individuals, for communities, and for nations. In a fascinating evolution of thought and practice,  Flourish refines what Positive Psychology is all about. While certainly a  part of well-being, happiness alone  doesn’t give life meaning. Seligman now asks, What is it that enables you to cultivate your talents, to build deep, lasting relationships with others, to feel pleasure, and to contribute meaningfully to the world? In a word, what is it that allows you to flourish?

Fearless: the 7 principles of peace of mind

Fear can ruin relationships, harm careers, and destroy peace of mind. It holds us hostage to pain but Dr. Brenda Shoshanna has the techniques to set us free.  With Fearless, Dr. Shoshanna a radio host, author of The Anger Diet: 30 Days to Stress-Free Living and a practicing psychologist for almost 30 years has created a unique guide to understanding how fear works. Combining the teachings of East and West, and including real-life anecdotes and practical exercises, it provides the psychological, spiritual, and practical guidance for attaining a life of growth, fulfillment, creativity, and well-being. No matter what your fears are: fear of success; love; loss; or confrontation, Dr. Shoshanna shows how to convert this constant sense of dread into peace of mind.

Moonwalking with Einstein: the art and science of remembering everything

Moonwalking with Einstein draws on cutting-edge research, a surprising cultural history of memory, and venerable tricks of the mentalist’s trade to transform our understanding of human remembering. Under the tutelage of top “mental athletes,” he learns ancient techniques once employed by Cicero to memorize his speeches and by Medieval scholars to memorize entire books. Using methods that have been largely forgotten, Foer discovers that we can all dramatically improve our memories.

Fortytude: making the next decades the best of your life—through the 40s, 50s and beyond

In her practice as a licensed therapist and through discussion groups all across the country, Sarah Brokaw has discovered that the women who navigate midlife most smoothly-who go on to prosper and to enjoy the best years of their lives-are those who foster five Core Values in themselves. In Fortytude, she shows how any woman can nourish these qualities in herself, and evolve and thrive. The five Core Values are: Grace-when a woman lives with integrity, capitalizing on her own strengths while admiring the strengths of others * Connectedness-experiencing satisfaction in connections with others * Accomplishment-the sense of realizing goals and getting things done-which is necessary in today’s world, when women are expected to cram 48 hours of living into every 24-hour day * Adventure-a willingness to seek challenges outside the normal comfort zone * Spirituality-a personal approach to religion, and an understanding that life has a meaning beyond the day-to-day details. In Brokaw’s reassuring voice and through the stories of incredible women from all walks of life, readers can learn how they, too, can embrace and fully enjoy their forties, fifties, and beyond.

Unlimited: how to build an exceptional life

magine. Believe. Achieve. Many self-help books offer a lot of new age platitudes and sappy mantras: Just love yourself. See the glass as half full Believe it and it will come. Really? That’s not how it works, and you know it. A lifetime’s worth of struggle is not overturned in a small moment of positive thinking. But if you have the right attitude-attitude and skills-you can and will accomplish anything and everything you want. This book gives you both, attitude and action. By its end you will have all the tools you need to change your life. No hype. No false promises. You will learn to: ” Cultivate your passion and embrace your uniqueness to create a purpose-filled life . . .on your own terms. ” Transform your suffering into peace, wisdom, and strength. ” Work through fear, worry, shame, and negative self-talk to blast through obstacles and create self-confidence, self-esteem, and a healthy self-image. ” Take powerful, informed, deliberate actions to make your dreams a reality. Forget surviving: it’s your time to thrive. You do have the ability and potential to achieve unlimited health, wealth, and happiness. Getting there won’t all be easy-nothing worthwhile ever is-but take this journey and your life will change dramatically. Your possibilities are unlimited, and your life is waiting for you to break free and claim it From the Hardcover edition.

Awaken Your Strongest Self: break free of stress, inner conflict and self-sabotage

Step back from your old, ineffective patterns — Step up to your new brain and your strongest self — Awaken the five qualities of your strongest self — Awaken the leader in you to achieve your goals.


Forged: writing in the name of God: why the Bible’s authors aren’t who we think they are

It is often said, even by critical scholars who should know better, that writing in the name of another was widely accepted in antiquity. But  New York Times bestselling author Bart D. Ehrman dares to call it what it was: literary forgery, a practice that was as scandalous then as it is today. In  Forged, Ehrman’s fresh and original research takes readers back to the ancient world, where forgeries were used as weapons by unknown authors to fend off attacks to their faith and establish their church. So, if many of the books in the Bible were  not  in fact written by Jesus’s inner circle-but by writers living decades later, with differing agendas in rival communities-what does that do to the authority of Scripture? Ehrman investigates ancient sources to: Reveal which New Testament books were outright forgeries. Explain how widely forgery was practiced by early Christian writers-and how strongly it was condemned in the ancient world as fraudulent and illicit. Expose the deception in the history of the Christian religion.  Ehrman’s fascinating story of fraud and deceit is essential reading for anyone interested in the truth about the Bible and the dubious origins of Christianity’s sacred texts.

Heaven is Real: a little boy’s astounding story of his trip to heaven and back

A young boy emerges from life-saving surgery with remarkable stories of his visit to heaven. Heaven Is for Real  is the true story of the four-year old son of a small town Nebraska pastor who during emergency surgery slips from consciousness and enters heaven. He survives and begins talking about being able to look down and see the doctor operating and his dad praying in the waiting room. The family didn’t know what to believe but soon the evidence was clear. Colton said he met his miscarried sister, whom no one had told him about, and his great grandfather who died 30 years before Colton was born, then shared impossible-to-know details about each. He describes the horse that only Jesus could ride, about how “reaaally big” God and his chair are, and how the Holy Spirit “shoots down power” from heaven to help us. Told by the father, but often in Colton’s own words, the disarmingly simple message is heaven is a real place, Jesus really loves children, and be ready, there is a coming last battle.

Jesus Wars: how four patriarchs, three queens, and two emperors decided what Christians would believe for the next 1,500 years

Jenkins tells the fascinating, violent story of the Church’s fifth century battles over right belief that had a far greater impact on the future of Christianity and the world than the much-touted Council of Nicea convened a century before.

Social sciences

Physics of the Future: how science will shape human destiny and our daily lives by the year 2100

The New York Times bestselling author of Physics of the Impossible gives us a stunning and provocative vision of the future. Based on interviews with over three hundred of the world’s top scientists, who are already inventing the future in their labs, Kaku-in a lucid and engaging fashion-presents the revolutionary developments in medicine, computers, quantum physics, and space travel that will forever change our way of life and alter the course of civilization itself. His astonishing revelations include: The Internet will be in your contact lens. It will recogshy;nize people’s faces, display their biographies, and even translate their words into subtitles. You will control computers and appliances via tiny sensors that pick up your brain scans. You will be able to rearrange the shape of objects. Sensors in your clothing, bathroom, and appliances will monitor your vitals, and nanobots will scan your DNA and cells for signs of danger, allowing life expectancy to increase dramatically. Radically new spaceships, using laser propulsion, may replace the expensive chemical rockets of today. You may be able to take an elevator hundreds of miles into space by simply pushing the up button. LikePhysics of the Impossible and Visions before it,Physics of the Futureis an exhilarating, wondrous ride through the next one hundred years of breathtaking scientific revolution.

Revolt!: how to defeat Obama and repeal his socialist programs

Now that the Republicans have taken the House, How can they use their majority to reverse Obama’s Socialist agenda?  Revolt! lays out a game plan for success. Morris and McGann explain how to use the debt limit and budget fights to force Obama to accept Republican policies while, at the same time, undermining his chances of victory in 2012.  Obamacare? Morris and McGann explain how to block the IRS enforcement of the requirement that everyone buy health insurance and how to stop the Medicare cuts and rationing. Crippling Talk Radio and Taking Over the Internet? They explain how to prevent the FCC from blocking free speech in America. Cap and Trade? They offer a blueprint for how to cut off EPA funding to stop it from imposing carbon taxes and regulation. Unless we read their plan and act to implement it, Obama will raise taxes, end the mortgage interest and charitable deduction, raise Social Security taxes, and add trillions more to the federal deficit in the process. Conservatives need to fight back-and Morris and McGann explain how to do it. Revolt! is their most important book yet. The GOP won the elections of 2010.  Revolt! explains how to translate this avalanche of votes into power and action in Washington. Their plea: Don’t surrender. Don’t compromise. Don’t give in. Just push ahead and win!  Revolt!  is the next step.

The Weekend that Changed Wall Street: an eyewitness account

A first-person account of the white-knuckle weekend that brought the financial world to its knees and changed Wall Street forever, from America’s most famous business reporter.  During a single historic weekend (September 12-14, 2008) the fate of Lehman Brothers was sealed, Merrill Lynch barely survived, AIG became a ward of the federal government, and the roots of our seemingly strong economy teetered on the edge of collapse. As bankers and government officials scrambled to keep the economy from total collapse, and Americans tried to make sense of it all, top CNBC anchor Maria Bartiromo spent the entire weekend taking frantic phone calls from the most powerful players on Wall Street and in Washington. Those CEOs, politicians, and dozens of other sources gave Bartiromo behind-the- scenes details on the crisis and its aftermath, the personalities involved, and the emotions at work during one of the most stressful periods in American economic history. Now she draws on her high-level network to provide an eyewitness account of the biggest events of the financial crisis, including exclusive interviews with former treasury secretary Henry Paulson, former AIG chairman Hank Greenberg, former Merrill Lynch CEO John Thain, and former Bear Stearns chairman Ace Greenberg, among many others. Her sources candidly divulged personal and unreported information. For example, during a commercial break on her show, Paulson, who had been explaining the government bailout package, told her, “In six months, you will understand why we did what we did.” It wasn’t apparent then, but months later it was revealed that the government’s secrecy regarding who got the bailout money was intended to hide the shocking financial condition of Citigroup-the largest bank in the world. Writing with both authority and dramatic flair, Bartiromo not only weaves a thrilling and fresh account of the events of that fateful weekend but provides a unique analysis of the crisis and its aftermath She shows how decades of unbridled risk taking led to one of the biggest and most dramatic economic meltdowns in history and tackles the big questions: is any company too big to fail-and if so should it be? Should the government spend taxpayer dollars to bail out companies whose plights are largely the result of their own mismanagement? And finally, what have we learned from this crisis? Will we return to business as usual or has Wall Street really changed?

The Money Class: learn to create your new American dream

This book is solid advice from the dependable Mrs.Suze Orman (information can be used as self-help or as a solid base to consult a professional or both depending on your circumstances). The book is truly a well rounded all in one investment/wealth builder covering a wide variety of investment/wealth builder aspects from wise use of credit, student financial aid, real estate investment, stock market investment, retirement planning, mutual funds investments, life insurance and disability. This is a solid advice for one to able to make intelligent choices on savings, investment and retirement planning, a must read for every family, a highly recommended investment reading.

Lost and Found: unexpected revelations about food and money

The #1 New York Times bestselling author of Women Food and God explores how emotional issues with money mirror those with food and dieting. When Geneen Roth and her husband lost their life savings, Roth joined the millions of Americans dealing with financial turbulence, uncertainty, and abrupt reversals in their expectations. The resulting shock was the catalyst for her to explore, in workshops and in her own life, how women’s habits and behaviors around money-as with food-can lead to exactly the situations they most want to avoid. Roth identified her own unconscious choices-binge shopping followed by periods of budgetary self-deprivation, “treating” herself in ways that ultimately failed to sustain, and using money as a substitute for love-among others. As she examined the deep sources of these habits, she faced the hard truth about where her “self-protective” financial decisions had led. As in all her books, Roth relates her personal experience with irreverent humor and hard- won wisdom. Here, she offers provocative and radical strategies for transforming how we feel and behave about the resources that should, and ultimately can, sustain and support our lives.

Living Large on Less: a guide to saving without sacrifice

You work hard for your money. Wouldn’t you like to get more for it? Living Large on Less offers hundreds of ways to save money without drastically altering your lifestyle. You can eat the food you want, wear your favorite designer clothes, take a dream vacation and throw a great party without breaking the bank. With this advice, you’ll never pay full price again.

Standard & Poor’s 500 Guide

The Standard & Poor’s 500 Guide is the industry benchmark for large-cap investment performance Features exclusive Standard & Poor’s buy, sell, or hold recommendations for every stock Each two-page spread includes revenue/earnings data, a fouryear chart, dividend date, and more Standard & Poor’s, a division of The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.

Oceana: our endangered oceans and what we can do to save them

Most people know Ted Danson as the affable bartender Sam Malone in the long-running  television series Cheers. But fewer realize that over the course of the past two and a half  decades, Danson has tirelessly devoted himself to the cause of heading off a looming global catastrophe—the massive destruction of our planet’s oceanic biosystems and the complete  collapse of the world’s major commercial fisheries. In Oceana, Danson details his journey from joining a modest local protest in the mid-1980s to oppose offshore oil drilling near his Southern California neighborhood to his current status as one of the world’s most influential oceanic environmental activists, testifying before congressional committees in Washington, D.C., addressing the World Trade Organization in Zurich, Switzerland, and helping found Oceana, the largest organization in the world focused solely on ocean conservation.  In his incisive, conversational voice, Danson describes what has happened to our oceans in  just the past half-century, ranging from the ravages of overfishing and habitat destruction to the  devastating effects of ocean acidification and the wasteful horrors of fish farms. Danson also shares the stage of Oceana with some of the world’s most respected authorities in the fields  of marine science, commercial fishing, and environmental law, as well as with other influential activists. Combining vivid, personal prose with an array of stunning graphics, charts, and photographs, Oceana powerfully illustrates the impending crises and offers solutions that may allow us  to avert them, showing you the specific courses of action you can take to become active, responsible stewards of our planet’s most precious resource—its oceans.

The Last Economic Superpower: the retreat of globalization, the end American dominance, and what we can do about it

The global economy, designed by Westernpowers with the United States as lead architect,is in the process of reconfiguration. The2008 global financial crisis has terminatedAmerica’s reign as sole economic superpowerand opened up important new spheres of influenceto developing nations. Does this signal the retreat of globalizationas we know it? Has an economic “coldwar” already begun? Will the West ever exert the kind of control and influence it enjoyedjust a few short years ago? In The Last Economic Superpower, JosephP. Quinlan, a Wall Street veteran and experton global economic affairs, addresses thesequestions and many others. Presenting hisvision with refreshing clarity and objectivity,Quinlan examines: How America went from being a majorcreditor to the world’s largest debtor nationin only two decades Five critical issues America must face inorder to prevent permanent fragmentation ofthe global economy What the fading appeal of Europe andJapan means for the future of globalization What China, India, and others havethat the West doesn’t–and why thisgives them unprecedented leverage Decisions made now will shape the courseof history. The Last Economic Superpower outlines critical choices that must be made inorder to recast, reinvent, and reenergize a newstyle of globalization. The Last Economic Superpower lays barethe issues and challenges that will decidewhether the world builds a new, functionalsystem that serves all or fragments into separatespheres of influence, which benefits no one.

Drowning in Oil: BP and the reckless pursuit of profit

The definitive account of how BP’s win-at-all-costs culture led to this era’s greatest industrial catastrophe “A carefully and powerfully written story.” Financial Times “When an author uses a loaded word like ‘reckless’ in a book’s title, the burden of proof is high. . . . Steffy meets the burden by demonstrating that corporate behemoth BP (formerly British Petroleum) could have prevented the 11 deaths on April 20, 2010, aboard the Deepwater Horizon. . . .The deaths and the gigantic oil spill following the sinking of Deepwater Horizon will surely become a landmark of corporate ineptness and greed for the remainder of human history, thanks in part to Steffy’s remarkable account.”San Antonio Express-News About the Book As night settled on April 20, 2010, a series of explosions rocked Deepwater Horizon, the immense semisubmersible drilling platform leased by British Petroleum, located 40 miles off the Louisiana coast. The ensuing inferno claimed 11 lives, and it would rage uncontained for two days, until its wreckage sank to a final resting place nearly a mile beneath the waves. On the ocean floor, the unit’s wellhead erupted. Over the next ten weeks, as repeated attempts to cap the geyser failed, an estimated 200 million gallons of oil –the equivalent of 20 Exxon Valdez spills–spewed into the Gulf of Mexico, eventually lapping up on beaches as far away as Florida. Drowning in Oil, by award-winning Houston Chronicle business reporter and columnist Loren Steffy–considered by many to be the writer with the best access to the story–is an unprecedented and gripping narrative of this catastrophe and how BP’s winner-take-all business culture made it all but inevitable. Through never-before-published interviews with BP executives and employees, environmental experts, and oil industry insiders, Steffy takes us behind the scenes of 100 years of BP corporate history. Beginning with the conglomerate’s early gambits in the Middle East to its recent ascent among energy titans, Steff unearths the roots of the Gulf oil spill in the unwritten bargain between oil producers and consumers, whose insatiable appetites drive the search for new supplies faster, farther, and deeper. Beyond this, the Deepwater Horizon disaster took place after a history of cost cutting in pursuit of profits, particularly under the guidance of its two most recent ex-CEOs, John Browne and Anthony Hayward. Exhaustively researched and documented, Drowning in Oil is the first in-depth examination of how a lack of corporate responsibility and government oversight led to the biggest offshore oil spill in U.S. history. It is an objective, no-punches-pulled account of the energy industry: its environmental impact and the intense competition among stakeholders in today’s oil markets. This book puts all the pieces together, offering a definitive account of BP’s pursuit of outsized profits as the industrial world awakens to the grim realities of Peak Oil. “They fumbled around the darkened room and found an instruction manual. By flashlight, they read the starting procedures. They were doing everything right. After five or six futile tries, they gave up and headed back toward the bridge. Back on the bridge, alarms were shrieking and the captain knew they were running out of time. The subsea engineer had hit the emergency disconnect for the well, and although the control panel showed the rig should be free, it wasn’t. The hydraulics were dead. Fire continued to shoot from the top of the derrick. The rig had no power, and without power, it had no pumps for the firefighting equipment, no way to shut off the flow of gas from the well, and no way to disconnect the rig from the flaming umbilical that had it tethered to the wellhead.” –from Drowning in Oil

Small Business Taxes Made Easy

“This book is packed with tips and guidelines not only for paying out less in tax but also for gaining the greatest possible advantage out of each IRS rule and regulation. You’ll learn how to: choose the right accounting style for your needs, navigate the complex tax maze without losing the bank, set up a business plan that helps minimize payout, use record-keeping techniques that increase deductible expenses, spot errors in 1099s and handle them properly, increase your profits and your cash flow and build a business to pass on to your children–or sell at a huge profit!”–Back cover.

Jobs That Matter: find a stable, fulfilling career in public service

Jobs That Matter provides job seekers with the tips they need to land a great job in government (including local, state, and federal), nonprofit, or corporate organizations serving the public good. Among college students and the public, there is a resurgence of interest in careers that help society, as well as a desire for career stability and security. Jobs in the public service fulfill both the need to make a difference and the need to make a living. This book helps you pinpoint the right public service career for your interests and talents, and then helps you land it with key research, networking, resume, cover letter, and interviewing techniques. Along the way you¿ll read profiles of people in various public service jobs, showing how they got their jobs and what they’re like.

Top 50 Skills for a Top Score: ASVAB Reading and Math

Created by a former key member of the Department of Defense ASVAB development team, this guide includes a CD-ROM with two additional 50-question post tests.

15 Minutes: General Curtis LeMay and the countdown to annihilation

Packed with startling revelations, this inside look at the secret side of the Cold War exposes just how close America came to total annihilation During the Cold War, a flight crew had 15 minutes to get their nuke-laden plane in the air from the moment Soviet bombers were detected-15 minutes between the earliest warning of an incoming nuclear strike and the first flash of an enemy warhead. This is the chilling true story of the incredibly risky steps our military took to protect us from that scenario, including: – Over two thousand loaded bombers that crossed American skies. They sometimes crashed and at least nine times resulted in nuclear weapons being accidentally dropped – A system that would use timers and rockets to launch missiles even after everyone was dead – Disastrous atmospheric nuclear testing including the horrific runaway bomb-that fooled scientists and put thousands of men in uniform in the center of a cloud of hot fallout – A plan to use dry lake beds to rebuild and launch a fighting force in the aftermath of nuclear war Based on formerly classified documents, military records, press accounts, interviews and over 10 years of research, 15 Minutes is one of the most important works on the atom bomb ever written.

How the End Begins: the road to nuclear World War III

The president loses control of fifty nukes for nearly an hour. Russian nuclear bombers almost bump wingtips with American fighter jets over the Pacific coast. North Korea detonates nuclear weapons underground. Iran’s nuclear shroud is penetrated by a computer worm. Al-Qaeda goes on the hunt for Pakistan’s bomb, and Israelis debate the merit of a preemptive nuclear strike. Treaties are signed, but thousands of nuclear weapons are still on hair-trigger alert.This is how the end begins.In this startling new book, bestselling author Ron Rosenbaum gives us a wake-up call about this new age of peril and delivers a provocative analysis of how close and how often the world has come to nuclear annihilation and why we are once again on the brink. Rosenbaum tracks down key characters in our new nuclear drama and probes deeply into their war game strategies, fears, and moral agonies. He travels to Omaha’s underground nuclear command center, goes deep into the missile silo complexes beneath the Great Plains, and holds in his hands a set of nuclear launch keys. Along the way, Rosenbaum confronts the missile men as well as the general at the very top of our nation’s nuclear command system with tough questions about the terrifying assumptions underlying it. He reveals disturbing flaws in our nuclear launch control system, suggests remedies for them, shows how the old Cold War system of bipolar deterrence has become dangerously unstable, and examines the new movement for nuclear abolition.Having explored the depths of Hitler’s evil and the intense emotion of Shakespeare’s tragedies, Rosenbaum now has produced a powerful, urgently needed work that challenges us: Can we undream our nightmare?

Home Before Dark: a family portrait of cancer and healing

“Dare I say it, cancer was just what our family needed.” —Michael Treadway nbsp; An unflinchingly honest memoir of coping with cancer, told through the four voices of one family nbsp; In May 2005, David Treadway—a successful psychologist, husband, and father of two sons—was diagnosed with stage 4, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and given a 25% chance of survival. His life wasn’t the only one that changed in that instant. His family members all faced their own challenges: Kate, a physician practicing in the hospital where David was treated, struggled with her conflicting roles of wife, mother and doctor; twenty-something son Michael, unhappy with where his life was headed, moved home to figure things out; Sam—then a junior in college—reacted with denial. InHome Before Dark, readers are granted—via beautifully-crafted alternating chapters by all four Treadways—a candid snapshot of one family dealing in the aftermath of the diagnosis of a terminal illness. From muddling through initial shock to translating the medical language of chemotherapy cocktails to managing the lingering ghost of fear even after David’s 2006 remission, the Treadways avoid platitudes and easy answers in favor of raw honesty. Moving, heartbreaking, morbidly wry and ultimately uplifting,Home Before Darkcaptures the everyday struggles of living with and loving someone fighting for his life.

Operation Family Secrets: how a mobster’s son and the FBI brought down Chicago’s murderous crime family

“Operation Family Secrets” is the chilling true story of how the son of the most violent mobster in Chicago made the unprecedented decision to work with the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s Office to incriminate his own father and to help bring down the last great American crime syndicate-the one-hundred-year-old Chicago Outfit. T

Master the Corrections Officer Exam

GED Basics

McGraw-Hill’s Conquering SAT Writing


McGraw-Hill’s Conquering SAT Math

The Best Scholarships for the Best Students

“A smarter way to find the best scholarship for you. ‘Peterson’s The Best Scholarships for the Best Students’ can help you win major academic and experiential awards with helpful details on: competitive scholarship opportunities ; access and equity programs ; top internship opportunities ; international student resources”–P. [4] of cover.

College Access & Opportunity Guide

The first and only college guide contains a mission of promoting college enrollment and retention for those with the least support: first generation, low income, and/or rural students. It features more than 230 college profiles highlighting opportunities and incentives for under served students.

Town & Country the Bridesmaid’s Companion: the complete guide to attending the bride

Sometimes, the bride’s support system needs a little support of her own—and who better to turn to than the wedding experts atTown & Country? This indispensable guide will help any bridesmaid fulfill her duties with elegance, grace, and aplomb. It explains, in a clear and practical way, what her position entails, the proper etiquette for carrying out her tasks, and even crisis management.The Bridesmaid’s Companioncovers contemporary concerns, such as the appropriate (and inappropriate) use of email, bachelorette and shower ideas, and financial tips for getting through a sometimes-costly process. And, because the book is organized chronologically, with timelines, checklists, and strategies, nothing will get lost or forgotten in the excitement. nbsp; Highlighting the practical and informative text are anecdotes from former bridesmaids about their most memorable attendant moments …and reflections from real brides on how their bridesmaids helped make the big day so special.

Beautiful Wedding Flowers: more that 300 corsages, bouquets and centerpieces

Coral spray roses, pink lisianthus, white bellflowers, and yellow freesia: stunning flower arrangements are the key to a memorable wedding. Keeping seasonal varieties and color palettes in mind,Victoriapresents the ultimate guide to selecting flowers to adorn the entire wedding party and accent the reception. From delicate bouquets of lilies of the valley to centerpieces of cascading roses, these 350 designs are equal parts drama and romance. And with advice on balancing aromas, hand-tying bouquets, and even building a floral canopy, it’s a must-have for every bride.


Writing Better English for ESL Learners

Write in English like a native speaker! Taking a developmental approach to improvingwriting skills, Writing Better English helps you increase your levels of proficiency in both grammar and vocabulary. Before tackling sentence structures, the book helps you reinforce those grammar elements you may have trouble with, like verb tenses and pronouns. You’ll then expand your written communication abilities through comprehensive explanations, skill-building exercises, and practical writing activities.

Science (including mathematics)

100 Discoveries: the greatest breakthroughs in history

Here on Earth: a natural history of the planet

Beginning at the moment of creation with the Big Bang, Here on Earth explores the evolution of Earth from a galactic cloud of dust and gas to a planet with a metallic core and early signs of life within a billion years of being created. In a compelling narrative, Flannery describes the formation of the Earth’s crust and atmosphere, as well as the transformation of the planet’s oceans from toxic brews of metals (such as iron, copper, and lead) to life-sustaining bodies covering 70 percent of the planet’s surface. Life, Flannery shows, first appeared in these oceans in the form of microscopic plants and bacteria, and these metals served as catalysts for the earliest biological processes known to exist. From this starting point, Flannery tells the fascinating story of the evolution of our own species, exploring several early human species from the diminutive creatures (the famed hobbits ) who lived in Africa around two million years ago to Homo erectus before turning his attention to Homo sapiens. Drawing on Charles Darwin’s and Alfred Russell Wallace’s theories of evolution and Lovelock’s Gaia hypothesis, Here on Earth is a dazzling account of life on our planet.

Technology and applied Science

Best Food for Your Baby & Toddler: from first foods to meals your child will love

To ensure that baby gets the best, most wholesome, and natural food possible, go homemade! The newest entry in the acclaimed Great Expectations eries focuses on easy preparation of nutritious baby and toddler meals at home from the first finger-foods to more than 130 delicious kid-tested recipes that will lay the foundation for a lifetime of healthy eating. The book teaches parents how to select the right food, set up a pantry (with a guide to key kitchen equipment), establish smart eating routines, and introduce a wide variety of tastes and textures. It also explores today’s most pressing nutrition issues: Should you buy only organic food? Is it healthy to restrict a toddler’s calorie intake? Is a vegetarian diet good for a very young child? Additional resources include information on breastfeeding and food allergies, as well as a comprehensive listing of whole foods companies and products that make healthy eating faster and easier.

The Type 2 Diabetes Diet Book

The Type 2 Diabetes Diet Book has helped millions decrease insulin production, lose weight, and conquer their “diabesity”—and this new edition has been updated to reflect the latest advances in diabetes care. Using this guide, you can design a low-carb, low-calorie diet that helps you shed weight while controlling your diabetes. New to this edition: Recipes and meal plans that reflect current nutrition research and appeal to any palate; Updated ADA recommendations; Detailed examination of the link between good sleep and weight loss; The revolutionary new medication for treating obesity. With quick-reference tables presenting the caloric, carbohydrate, fat, and protein content of common food and drinks, The Type 2 Diabetes Diet Book, Fourth Edition is the only guide you need to shed pounds safely and effectively.

One Hundred Names for Love: a stroke, a marriage and the language of healing

Everyone who cherishes the gift of language will cherish Diane Ackerman’s narrative masterpiece, an exquisitely written love story and medical miracle story, one that combines science, inspiration, wisdom, and heart. <br /><br One day Ackerman’s husband, Paul West, an exceptionally gifted wordsmith and intellectual, suffered a terrible stroke. When he regained awareness he was afflicted with aphasia, loss of language, and could utter only a single syllable: “mem.” The standard therapies yielded little result but frustration. Diane soon found, however, that by harnessing their deep knowledge of each other and her scientific understanding of language and the brain she could guide Paul back to the world of words. This triumphant book is both a humane and revealing addition to the medical literature on stroke and aphasia and an exquisitely written love story: a magnificent addition to literature, period.

Coloring Outside the Autism’s Lines: 50+ activities, adventures and celebrations for families with children with autism

A child advocate and mother of a child on the autistic spectrum, Walton has written a helpful guide filled with ideas for fun activities of all kinds, each one laid out carefully, with step-by-step planning and many practical tips. Parents of autistic kids benefit from Walton’s experience as she describes such topics as outings to the pool or the skating rink, playdates, making the home environment safe and fun, and how to make car rides enjoyable for all. Includes links to websites and other resources. Not indexed. Annotation ©2011 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (booknews.com)

Take Control of OCD: the ultimate guide for kids with ocd

Zucker, a psychologist in private practice at the National Center for the Treatment of Phobias, Anxiety, and Depression, presents a guide for kids ages 10-16 with obsessive-compulsive disorder to help them take control of their disorder and be successful in school and life. She uses a cognitive-behavioral therapy method that involves gradual exposure to obsessive thinking patterns and teaches children to understand OCD, identify its triggers, develop a hierarchy to use in facing fears, learn relaxation and stress management strategies, deal with uncertainty, and challenge obsessive thoughts and repetitive worries. No index is provided. Annotation ©2011 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (booknews.com)

Organic Manifesto: how organic farming can heal our planet, feed the world and keep us safe

Rodale was founded on the belief that organic gardening is the key to better health both for us and for the planet, and never has this message been more urgent. Now Maria Rodale, chairman of Rodale, sheds new light on the state of 21st century farming. She examines the unholy alliances that have formed between the chemical companies that produce fertilizer and genetically altered seeds, the agricultural educational system that is virtually subsidized by those same companies, and the government agencies in thrall to powerful lobbyists, all of which perpetuate dangerous farming practices and deliberate misconceptions about organic farming and foods. Interviews with government officials, doctors, scientists, and farmers from coast to coast bolster her position that chemical-free farming may be the single most effective tool we have to protect our environment and, even more important, our health.

And I Shall Have Some Peace There: trading in the fast lane for my own dirt road

Margaret Roach worked at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia for 15 years, serving as Editorial Director for the last 6. She first made her name in gardening, writing a classic gardening book among other things. She now has a hugely popular gardening blog, “A Way to Garden.” But despite the financial and professional rewards of her job, Margaret felt unfulfilled. So she moved to her weekend house upstate in an effort to lead a more authentic life by connecting with her garden and with nature. The memoir she wrote about this journey is funny, quirky, humble–and uplifting–an Eat, Pray, Love without the travel-and allows readers to live out the fantasy of quitting the rat race and getting away from it all.

The Organic Herb Gardner

From sowing seeds to controlling pests, every subject an organic gardener needs to know about is covered in this A-Z directory of herbs. Along with tested advice on growing these attractive, rewarding, hardy, and resilient plants without chemicals, there is detailed information on culinary, medicinal, and cosmetic uses for each herb. Practical tips on planning the garden and propagating, planting, harvesting, drying, and storing the herbs is included, along with a handy calendar.

The Cook’s Herb Garden

With a catalog of 150 different culinary herbs and their varieties, more than 30 recipes, step-by-step photographs on how to plant, nurture, harvest, and store, and flavor charts that list the best herbs to partner with popular ingredients,  The Cook’s Herb Garden shows you how to grow your own supply of herbs whether on a window ledge, in pots, on the patio, or in a vegetable garden.

The Beginner’s Guide to Edible Herbs: 26 herbs everyone should grow & enjoy

Food gardens are springing up in backyards across the country. Organic, homegrown tomatoes, carrots, and cucumbers are being enjoyed at more family dinner tables than ever, bringing serious nutrition and delicious tastes to homemade meals. But why stop with vegetables? Herbs are perfect companions in the garden, and their bright flavors elevate the taste of nearly every vegetable. A handful of basil added to a tomato salad or a bit of chopped dill sprinkled on butter-sauted carrots creates new layers of flavor and complexity. The Beginners Guide to Edible Herbs helps every vegetable gardener realize the pleasures of becoming an herb gardener. Readers will find complete information on growing, harvesting, preserving, and using 26 of the most popular kitchen herbs, from basil to thyme. There are also food-pairing tips, simple recipes, and basic information on medicinal uses, all enhanced by beautiful, full-color photographs of every plant and many kitchen recipes and projects. Whether they complement rows of asparagus and cauliflower or grow in a garden all their own, edible herbs are versatile, undemanding, and abundant. They’re winners in every garden.

Embroidered Ground: revisiting the garden

Acclaimed author and garden designer Dickey writes of the pitfalls, challenges, successes, and myriad pleasures of the 29-year-long process of creating her own remarkable garden, Duck Hill, in upstate New York.

Maple Sugar: from sap to syrup, the history, lore and how-to behind this sweet treat

Celebrating the arrival of maple sugaring season is a beloved tradition in North America. All through late winter and early spring, maple festivals take place from Minnesota to Virginia to Nova Scotia, and sugar shacks have people lined up every day to sample the new crop poured over pancakes and waffles. Maple Sugar  is a great souvenir and a perfect gift for maple lovers, as well as a fascinating read in an irresistible package. A special die-cut cover displays the grades of maple syrup; photographs capture the glory, past and present, of maple sugaring; and full-color illustrations show readers how to identify the various kings of maple trees from leaves, twigs, bark, fruit, and flowers. Readers will enjoy the surprising history of maple sugaring, sprinkled with lots of maple lore, poetry, and ephemera. They’ll learn how to tap their own trees and make their own maple syrup. And the book even includes more than 20 recipes for tempting, old-fashioned treats like maple nut bread, pecan pie, maple eggnog, baked beans, maple nutmeg butternut squash, and maple-glazed ham and salmon.  What could be sweeter?

Superfoods: the healthiest foods on the planet

A consumer guide to the top 200 super-healthy foods and their high nutritional value.Superfoods is a comprehensive reference to the world’s healthiest foods. It cuts through the marketing hype and contradictory reporting in the mainstream media to expose the truth. Registered dietician Tonia Reinhard gives expert advice on the very best high-powered, super-healthy foods and how to get the most out of them.Superfoods is organized by food type and covers: Fruits and berries Vegetables Legumes, nuts and oils Grains Cereals Herbs and spices Meat and dairy products Beverages ConfectionsEach entry details a food’s nutritional content and value, seasonal variances and varietal information. Reinhard provides essential tips on how to maximize each food’s beneficial effects as well as culinary tips. She also suggests food combinations that enhance the benefits.Is soy really a miracle food? What is the best source of omega-3? Is the pomegranate craze supported by fact or is it just savvy marketing? This book answers these and hundreds of other important questions about the foods we eat, providing expert guidance on the best choices.With Superfoods, readers will get the most nutritional bang for their buck.

Veganist: lose weight, get healthy, change the world

In this cheery manifesto, healthy-living guru Freston (Quantum Wellness) promises readers who gives up meat, dairy, and eggs that they will effortlessly lose weight, avoid cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s, save money, help the poor, reduce their carbon footprint and animal suffering, and evolve spiritually. Freston, coining the word “veganist,” puts a soft edge on the vegan lifestyle: “It’s not about hard lines or purity or perfection but about intention and holding ideas loosely and taking steps in the direction of the kind of person you want to be.” She supports her claims with interviews from medical authorities like Dean Ornish and Neal Barnard, numerous stories from people who converted and changed their lives, and a few tales from animal rights activists who went undercover in the factory farm. The book provides “tips for making the switch,” FAQs answered by Dr. Barnard, and sample menus, but no recipes, so readers used to meat and potatoes may be stymied by how to prepare “flax seed and whole-grain pizza with classic margherita topping.” Even so, for the novice, this book offers a gentle, guilt-free path to a meatless (or even, as Feston says, “vegan-ish”) life. (Mar.) © Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved.

The Founding Foodies: how Washington, Jefferson and Franklin revolutionized American cuisine

Beyond their legacy as revolutionaries and politicians, the Founding Fathers of America were first and foremost a group of farmers. Passionate about the land and the bounty it produced, their love of food and the art of eating created what would ultimately become America’s diverse food culture. Like many of today’s foodies, the Founding Fathers were ardent supporters of sustainable farming and ranching, exotic imported foods, brewing, distilling, and wine appreciation. Washington, Jefferson, and Franklin penned original recipes, encouraged local production of beer and wine, and shared their delight in food with friends and fellow politicians. The Founding Foodies, food writer Dave DeWitt entertainingly describes how some of America’s most famous colonial leaders not only established America’s political destiny, but also revolutionized the very foods we eat.

How to Squeeze a Lemon: 1,023 kitchen tips, food fixes, and handy techniques

Ever wonder how to cut lemon wedges so they won’t squirt you in the eye? Or what to do with those overgrown zucchinis from the garden? How to save that bread that just won’t rise? In How to Squeeze a Lemon, home cooks and chefs alike will find a delightful and nearly endless source of cooking information reference. The follow-up to the IACP-award winning, How to Break an Egg, the wonderfully informative and entertaining How to Squeeze a Lemon is chock full of more than 1,000 fresh tips, kitchen-tested techniques, and smart substitutions that bedevil cooks every day, and all from the readers, contributors, and editors of Fine Cooking, one of America’s favorite cooking magazines.

Cookie Swap!

Chattman, a former professional pastry chef and baking writer, puts together a knockout collection of more than 60 delectable, easy-to-make, simple-to-sophisticated recipes covering every kind of cookie, along with a chapter of drink recipes–because not every cookie wants milk.

Desserts 4  Today: flavorful desserts with just four ingredients

Whether you’ve had a hard day at work, have been on the go all day, or are planning an impromptu get together for friends, nothing will end your day better than something sweet and satisfying. Thanks to baking expert Abigail Johnson Dodge, you can whip up a delicious dessert with just 4 ingredients in about half-hour. The recipes in “Desserts 4 Today” rely on simplicity–no outrageous ingredients, no difficult-to-master techniques, and no hours of prep work. Each of the 125 flavorful desserts uses pantry ingredients, is ready from start to finish in about 30 minutes, and provides flavor variations sure to please any palette and any craving. “Desserts 4 Today” enables cooks of all skill levels to effortlessly create delicious desserts.

1001 Ways to be Romantic: more romantic than ever

Sure, you could buy some roses. Yes, you could cook an elegant romantic dinner. Of course, you could give a heart-shaped box of chocolates. But sometimes you want to do more than that. Sometimes you want to show just how much you really care, how much passion you really feel, and how much more your partner means to you than absolutely anything else. Packed with unique suggestions, easy gestures, and thoughtful gift ideas,  1001 Ways to Be Romantic  worth memorizing (Boston Herald& ). More than one and a half million people have used this book to kick up the fun and romance, making it a modern classic and #1 national bestseller. It’s a must-have for anyone, in any relationship, who wants to spark some more love in their lives. You’ll find: d Little things you can do every day; Big ideas for when you want to go all out; How to be romantic without spending a dime; How to really go to town when money is no objec. Tons of resources, including websites, online shopping, places to go, music, movies, and much, much mor.

The Little Best Dress: make the perfect little dress for a BIG occasion

Every little lady should have her dream dress! This guide shows, step by step, how to make beautiful girls’ dresses that are not only unique, but economical, too. Simon Henry presents four main designs that will delight princesses of every age: the fairy-inspired “Rose” (for a four year old); the Cinderella-like “Lavender” (six year old); “Bluebell” for the flowergirl (4, 8, and 12); and “Lily” to wear to the dance (12 year old). Extras such as headdresses, fairy wings, and a shawl are included, along with advice on unique finishing touches. A fully-illustrated techniques section details how to make key embellishments to guarantee a dress that no small smile will be able to resist.

What About Me?: stop selfishness from ruining your relationship

The battle of what I want versus what you want is intense. Couples are in a constant tug of war, squabbling with each other with no regard for their partner’s feelings, with great guilt over their own perceived selfishness, or feeling somewhere in between. And it’s costing us our relationships.

The Bed Bug Survival Guide: the only book you need to eliminate or avoid this pest now

It can no longer be denied that the the world is in the grips of an epidemic. Jeff Eisenberg and his company Pest Away have successfully treated more than 100,000 spaces for bed bugs over the past 15 years. He’s the go-to guy for businesses, celebrities and the media – and in THE BED BUG SURVIVAL GUIDE he shares his best strategies, advice and tips for treating and preventing bed bug infestation once and for all. With Eisenberg’s advice, readers can lower thier risk of bed bug infestation by up to 60%! Or, if they have them they can be sure they are using the right method to get rid of them. The book is divided into ten user-friendly chapters that cover everything, including:- Prevention – what to do immediately, daily, weekly and monthly – Travel – the 5 biggest mistakes made during hotel stays – Life – avoiding bed bugs in unexpected places like the gym, the mall, the movie theater, and on airplanes – Treatment – Green? Heat? Cryonite? Fumigation of furniture?

Organized Simplicity: a clutter-free approach to intentional living

Simplicity isn?t about what you give up. It’s about what you gain. When you remove the things that don’t matter to you, you are free to focus on only the things that are meaningful to you. Imagine your home, your time, your finances, and your belongings all filling you with positive energy and helping you achieve your dreams. It can happen, and Organized Simplicity can show you how.  Inside you’ll find:  A simple, ten-day plan that shows you step-by-step how to organize every room in your home; Ideas for creating a family purpose statement to help you identify what to keep and what to remove from your life; Templates for a home management notebook to help you effectively and efficiently take care of daily, weekly and monthly tasks; Recipes for non-toxic household cleaners and natural toiletry items including toothpaste, deodorant and shampoo. Start living a more organized, intentional life today.

How To Unspoil Your Child Fast: a speedy complete guide to contented children and happy parents

Bromfield fashions a straightforward, simple, doable method parents can use to keep from spoiling their children.

Workarounds that Work: how to conquer anything that stands in your way at work

Your work environment is filled with frustrating roadblocks. Whether it’s an unnecessary process or internal resistance, something always gets in the way. Workarounds That Work helps you regain control, bypass repetitive meetings that delay projects, and safely maneuver to get results when 100 percent consensus just isn’t possible.

I Found a Job!: career advice from job hunters who landed on their feet

People are looking for inspiration and hope after the global economic meltdown and the worst job market since the Great Depression. Job hunting has changed radically since the last time that many people looked for a job. This uplifting book explores the most relevant and pressing issues in the current labour market to show readers what techniques are working right now. The author weaves lessons about the job search with actual experiences of successful job seekers who overcame economic turbulence to land great jobs. Readers will also discover what to do after they secure employment to ensure that they stay visible in their field and advance on the job.

How to Read a Balance Sheet

ut the most valuable business tool to work for you! The balance sheet is the key to everything–from efficient business operation to accurate assessment of a company’s worth. It’s a critical business resource–but do you know how to read it? How to Read a Balance Sheet breaks down the subject into easy-to-understand components. If you’re a business owner or manager, this book helps you . . . Manage working capital; Generate higher returns on assets; Maximize your inventory dollars; Evaluate investment opportunities. If you’re an investor, this book helps you . . .  Determine the market value of a company’s assets and operations; Predict future earnings and trends; Assess the impact of capital expenditures; Identify potential “red flags” before the crowd. How to Read a Balance Sheet gives you the bottom line of what you need to know about: Cash Flow * Assets * Debt * Equity * Profit and how it all comes together.

Quickbooks 2011: quicksteps

This full color guide to the latest version of this popular small business software provides step-by-step instructions for performing common money management and accounting tasks. Beginning with the installation of the application and a tour of the workspace, the volume covers the basic features of the bookkeeping suite, including banking, invoices, accounts payable, inventory management, payroll and creating business reports. Numerous illustrations, screen shots, notes and time saving tips are included. Barich is a QuickBooks expert and the author of numerous computer books. Annotation ©2011 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (booknews.com)

Quickbooks 2011: the official guide: for Quickbooks Pro users

The only official guide to the #1 bestselling financial software. Packed with insider tips and expert advice, QuickBooks 2011: The Official Guideshows you how to set up a comprehensive well-organized small business financial management system with ease! Find out the most effective methods for accomplishing business tasks and customizing QuickBooks for your needs.Fully endorsed by Intuit, makers of QuickBooks, this official guide provides best practices for tracking finances, managing payroll, processing invoices, monitoring inventory, managing sales and expenses, and maximizing your QuickBooks software. Run an efficient and successful small business using the proven techniques and time-saving shortcuts inside this authoritative guide to QuickBooks 2011.

The McGraw-Hill 36-hour Course: finance for nonfinancial managers

This fully revised and updated Third Edition helps managers understand what the numbers really mean–even if they have no experience in finance. “The McGraw-Hill 36-Hour Course: Finance for Nonfinancial Managers” walks readers through the essential concepts of finance, provides vital statements and reports, covers pro forma financial statements, and explains the auditing process.

Gandhi, CEO: 14 principals to guide and inspire leaders

Axelrod, a business author, draws 14 principles and 100 lessons from the ideas of Gandhi that business leaders can use, each illustrated with quotes and situations from Gandhi’s life. Citing Gandhi as a leader of change, he first describes his life, then principles relating to decisions, motivation, noncooperation, giving everyone a stake in the enterprise, learning and experience, being realistic, rejecting tyranny and taking responsibility, setting an example, using the idea of nonviolence, balancing principles and pragmatism, truth, servant leadership, revaluation, and ethical persuasion. Annotation ©2010 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (booknews.com)

Virtual Presentations that Work

With today’s virtual technology, you can manage your business faster, reduce your expenses, and reach alarger market than ever before. The technology is there. All you need is the imagination and talent to harness its power. This all-in-one guide is your virtual tool kit of cutting-edge ideas and proven techniques to get the results you want. Learn to . . . Master the innovative use of virtual presentation tools such as AdobeAcrobat Connect Pro, WebEx, Microsoft Live Meeting,and GoTo Meeting; Meet the challenges of motivating an audience that you cannot see; Deliver active presentations that compel participants into action; Use icebreakers, games, and polling to keep your audience engaged every step of the way; Master the art of moderating thrilling discussions; End your presentations with a bang. Filled with essential checklists, step-by-step instructions, troubleshooting tips, and revealing case studies, this must-have guide shows you how to make this robust new technology work for you.

Soap Maker’s Workshop: the art and craft of natural handmade soap

Artisan soap-makers Dr. Robert McDaniel and Katherine McDaniel provide instruction for anyone with an interest in this timeless craft, from amateurs to professionals. Thirty recipes for creating all kinds of handmade soaps, including liquid, cold- and hot-process, melt-and-pour and re-batched soaps–all using natural ingredients, sustainable methods and tools found in almost any kitchen. The authors also demonstrate how to add fragrances, skin treatments and colors and how to shape solid soaps. The benefits of aromatherapy associated with many essential oils and African Black Soap (renowned for its healing properties for extreme dryness, blemishes, wrinkles, stretch marks and scars) are also explored. A 30-minute tutorial DVD is also included.

Totally Tubular ’80s Toys

illed with super rad toys and bodacious memories, Totally Tubular ’80s Toys is a righteous ride back in time when Madonna ruled and Spinal Tap amplifiers went to 11. You’ll find everything from He-Man to Cabbage Patch Kids, Trivial Pursuit to Rubik’s Cube, Transformers to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Pac-Man to Mario Bros Donkey Kong-as well as lots of fun and smiles. You’ll enjoy: A Year-by-year look at the greatest toys of the ’80s; Awesome color photos featuring more than 500 fabulous toys and period shots of the people who made the decade gnarly; Lists of the top 10 TV shoes, movies, and music for each year. As Keanu Reeves put it more than 30 times in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, “Whoa!”

Convert Your Home to Solar Energy

This colorful volume presents information on all of the major methods of harnessing solar energy for your home. Intended for home owners and designed to cover most aspects of the solar conversion, the work walks the reader through the planning, installation and maintenance of solar hot water systems, pool heating, passive solar heating and cooling and photo-voltaic systems. Numerous diagrams, photographs, equations and technical tips are provided throughout and appendices for determining solar energy savings rates are included. Barber is a solar system designer and installer and Provey is a writer on solar energy topics. Annotation ©2011 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (booknews.com)

Arts and recreation

Tomorrow’s Garden: design and inspiration for a new age of sustainable garden

With a keen eye for aesthetics matched by a strong concern for the environment, garden expert, Stephen Orr has developed a sense of what a modern garden should be: small, visually pleasing, and responsible. In Tomorrow’s Garden, he presents gardens in 14 American cities that have been scaled back and simplified without sacrificing beauty or innovative design. A devoted supporter of the organic gardening movement, Orr advises gardeners to think about their gardens as part of an interconnected whole with the surrounding environment—with an eye to water usage, local ecology, and preservation of resources. However, for those who are afraid that a sustainable garden means a lack of flora and fauna, Orr believes that a garden, first and foremost, should be a thing of beauty. He encourages flower lovers to plant flowers, and he showcases gardens filled with traditional and exotic plants that are designed with both visual appeal and the environment in mind. With detailed case studies, stunning photographs, and an appendix of resources and information to help gardeners achieve their ecological best, Tomorrow’s Garden will teach you the true definition of sustainability and show you how to create beauty without excess in the 21st century and beyond.

1001 Buildings You Must See Before You Die

A guide to the world’s greatest architectural achievements presents concise information about each featured structure, including who designed it, who commissioned it, key dates in its construction, and descriptions of the interior and exterior.

The Official Underground 2012 Doomsday Survival Handbook

Nuclear holocaust, super volcano, asteroid impact, mega tsunami, alien invasion, zombie outbreak? Will the world end with a whimper or a bang? However it goes, W.H. Mumfrey will prepare you for what to expect when the world is ending, how to survive a litany of doomsday scenarios and how to rebuild the earth if you’re one of the survivors. This book covers such essential topics as: foraging for food, looting 101, barricades and fortifications for beginners, retro-technologies, dealing with cannibals, mutant identification, post-apocalyptic fashions, renovating your subterranean hideout, decoys and booby-traps for dummies, dating after doomsday, and more.

10-Minute Puppets

MacNeal, a longtime puppeteer who learned his art from Jim Henson and Frank Oz, shows parents and kids how to make 30 puppets using socks, paper bags, napkins, and the most important tools of all–hands.

The Farm Chicks Christmas: merry ideas for the holidays

“Farm Chick” Serena Thompson, Christmas means a house overflowing with ornaments, lights, and cherished treasures, and the aroma of baking cookies to welcome family and friends. Here, she shows us how to spread the magic of the season, with ideas for entertaining, decorating, tree trimming, charming crafts, and 17 recipes for yummy holiday sweets-plus tips for wrapping food and gifts.  As in The Farm Chicks in the Kitchen, Serena weaves delightful stories of her family and friends throughout the book, calling forth nostalgic smiles that remind us of the importance of tradition at this special time of year.

Everlastings: natural displays with dried flowers

With over 500 colour photographs, this book is highly practical, with over 140 projects explained through step-by-step instruction and visual examples. Details of basic techniques, materials and tools are included, as well as advice on preserving the finished work. This comprehensive book ensures that you have all the information you need to create original and beautiful displays for every occasion.

Knit Your Own Dog: easy-to-follow patterns for 25 pedigree pooches

The perfect gift for dog-lovers who knit! From a spotted Dalmatian to a wrinkly Bulldog, the step-by-step patterns in  Knit Your Own Dog let you knit the dog you’ve always wanted. The knitted dog is indeed the ideal companion: There’s no feeding, barking, shedding, or vet’s bills, and he’ll live forever!  Knit Your Own Dog  is the irresistible guide to knitting the perfect pup. With patterns for 25 different pedigree pooches,  Knit Your Own Dog ets you choose the dog you want, whether it’s a pretty Poodle or a loyal Labrador. Or knit them all for a pack of canine fun! The patterns are easy-to-follow for both new and veteran knitters. It should take only a few evenings to create a covetable companion for life. And yet each pattern is extremely detailed and includes all of the distinguishing features of each breed, from the startling blue eyes of the Siberian Husky and the long, woolly curls of the Old English Sheepdog to the lolling tongue of the German Shepherd. Accompanying the patterns are a brief description of each breed, as well as expert tips on choosing yarns, stuffing and sewing the dogs, and adding personality to your creation. Beautiful color photographs of the finished dogs, as well as detail shots, both inspire and instruct.  Knit Your Own Dog is the perfect book for knitters and devoted dog lovers.  Breeds include: Afghan Hound, Basset Hound, Border Collie, Cocker Spaniel, Corgi, Dachshund, Dalmatian, English Bulldog, English Bull Terrier, French Bulldog, German Shepherd, Jack Russell, Labrador, Miniature Schnauzer, Old English Sheepdog, Poodle, Portuguese Water Dog, Pug, Red Setter, Rough Collie, Scottish Terrier, Siberian Husky, West Highland Terrier, Whippet, Wire-haired Fox Terrier.

American Idol: celebrating 10 years; the official backstage pass

American Idol: Celebrating 10 Years is a photographic celebration of the first 10 years of the hit television show that changed the face of popular culture and the music industry throughout the world. Bringing contestants from obscurity to mega stardom in a sensational display, there have been countless memorable moments over the past decade. Beginning with a triumphant image of Kelly Clarkson from the Season 1 finale, then covering highlights from the following seasons, this book contains many never-before-published images from behind the scenes, on stage, in the dressing rooms, and in the rehearsals, as well as images of unforgettable performances. This book is the ultimate collector’s item for American Idol fans!

Come to the Edge: a memoir

When Christina Haag was growing up on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, John F. Kennedy, Jr., was just one of the boys in her circle of prep school friends, a skinny kid who lived with his mother and sister on Fifth Avenue and who happened to have a Secret Service detail following him at a discreet distance at all times. A decade later, after they had both graduated from Brown University and were living in New York City, Christina and John were cast in an off-Broadway play together. It was then that John confessed his long-standing crush on her, and they embarked on a five-year love affair. Glamorous and often in the public eye, but also passionate and deeply intimate, their relationship was transformative for both of them. With exquisite prose, Haag paints a portrait of a young man with an enormous capacity for love, and an adventurous spirit that drove him to live life to its fullest. A haunting book,  Come to the Edge is a lasting evocation of a time and a place-of the indelible sting of the loss of young love, and of the people who shape you and remain with you, whether in person or in spirit. It is about being young and full of hope, with all the potential of your life as yet unfulfilled, and of coming of age at a moment in New York’s history when the city at once held danger, magic, and endless possibilities for self-discovery. Rarely has a love story been told so beautifully.

Successful Tennis: 303 tips

Remember Serena Williams sitting down reading her father’s notes at the 90-second switch-overs? Successful Tennis is designed to be your very own coach-on-court, packed with tips and ideas to keep you focused during tennis matches.

Golf Secrets of the Pros: the world’s top pros reveal their winning tips

Golf Secrets of the Pros goes beyond the techniques covered in most instructional golf books to reveal the tips and tricks that make a difference to the top professionals. It covers all aspects of the game from tee to green to sand, including advice on how to deal with pressure – the something extra that can make a good golfer a champion. Contributors to this book include Paul Casey, Ian Poulter, Darren Clarke, and Padraig Harrington, among others.


August Wilson: Pittsburgh places in his life and plays

The 7 Deadly Sins Sampler

History and geography

Globetrotter Dogma: 100 canons to escape the rat race & explore the world

After circling the globe five times in the last 20 years, Northam has gathered hard-won nuggets of travel wisdom into 100 enlightening recommendations for making the most of seeing the world. 20 illustrations.

Jerusalem & the Holy Land

The Perfect Baby Name: a proven plan for choosing a name you’ll love

Overwhelmed by countless baby name possibilities? Finding it hard to compromise with your partner? Frustrated with those well-intentioned opinions from your coworkers, hairdresser, and mother-in-law? Stress no more! Jeanine Cox — publisher of BabyZone.com — has developed a fun and simple ten-step program to help you find the perfect name for your perfect baby. You’ll begin this unique plan by brainstorming names that are the right fit for your child — from family names to fun names to monikers with special meaning to you and your partner. The Perfect Name then reveals how to methodically narrow down your choices (without fighting or tears!) to that one ideal name you’ve been searching for. To help, BabyZone.com provides more than 20,000 names from all over the world. Complete with a useful workbook that walks you through each step of the baby-naming process, The Perfect Name is an enjoyable way to welcome your baby to the world — without anxiety or regrets!

Best Little Stories from World War II

Best Little Stories of World War II is a journalistic history of World War II in the form of more than 150 vignettes reflecting the war\’s humor and pathos, triumph and tragedy. Here is the story of the war as it affected soldiers and civilians, leaders and common folk alike real people who bravely endured the times. While one can never learn or tell all their stories, one can honor their memories by recounting their amazing, inspiring, poignant, ironic, and yes, even pitiful stories in this war to end all wars. Included are such stories as: Professor William Miller, who collapsed during a 75-mile “death march” in Germany and was saved b the same man who had rescued him from a car wreck in Pennsylvania five years earlier. Karl Fuchs, a German tank gunner who wrote tender letters to his wife as his Panzer division invaded Russia. Jim Kilroy, worker at a shipyard in Quincy, Massachusetts, whose say of signing off on his inspections became the morale-boosting slogan for countless GI\’s: “Kilroy was here.” Kasuo Sakamaki, pilot of a midget submarine who was captured after a failed attempt to infiltrate Pearl Harbor. “Kitty,” the diary of a Jewish teenager in Amsterdam rescued after the war by her father and published in thirty-two languages as Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl. These and many more stories and anecdotes fill the pages of this fascinating book that will make World War II come alive with the thoughts and feelings of those who were there.

Through Veteran’s Eyes: the Iraq and Afghanistan experience

The Dressmaker of Khair Khana: five sisters, one remarkable family and the women who everything to keep them safe

The life Kamila Sidiqi had known changed overnight when the Taliban seized control of the city of Kabul. After receiving a teaching degree during the civil war – a rare achievement for any Afghan woman – Kamila was subsequently banned from school and confined to her home. When her father and brother were forced to flee the city, Kamila became the sole breadwinner for her five siblings. Armed only with grit and determination, she picked up a needle and thread and created a thriving business of her own. The Dressmaker of Khair Khana tells the incredible true story of this unlikely entrepreneur who mobilized her community under the Taliban. Former ABC News reporter Gayle Tzemach Lemmon spent years on the ground reporting Kamila’s story, and the result is an unusually intimate and unsanitized look at the daily lives of women in Afghanistan. These women are not victims; they are the glue that holds families together; they are the backbone and the heart of their nation. Afghanistan’s future remains uncertain as debates over withdrawal timelines dominate the news. The Dressmaker of Khair Khana moves beyond the headlines to transport you to an Afghanistan you have never seen before. This is a story of war, but it is also a story of sisterhood and resilience in the face of despair. Kamila Sidiqi’s journey will inspire you, but it will also change the way you think about one of the most important political and humanitarian issues of our time.

America Aflame: how the Civil War created a nation

n this spellbinding new history, David Goldfield offers the first major new interpretation of the Civil War era since James M. McPherson’sBattle Cry of Freedom. Where past scholars have limned the war as a triumph of freedom, Goldfield sees it as America’s greatest failure: the result of a breakdown caused by the infusion of evangelical religion into the public sphere. As the Second GreatAwakening surged through America, political questions became matters of good and evil to be fought to the death.

The price of that failure was horrific, but the carnage accomplished what statesmen could not: It made the United States one nation and eliminated slavery as a divisive force in the Union. The victorious North became synonymous with America as a land of innovation and industrialization, whose teeming cities offered squalor and opportunity in equal measure. Religion was supplanted by science and a gospel of progress, and the South was left behind.

Goldfield’s panoramic narrative, sweeping from the 1840s to the end of Reconstruction, is studded with memorable details and luminaries such as HarrietBeecher Stowe, Frederick Douglass, and Walt Whitman. There are lesser known yet equally compelling characters, too, including Carl Schurz—a German immigrant, warhero, and postwar reformer—and Alexander Stephens, the urbane and intellectual vice president of the Confederacy.America Aflameis a vivid portrait of the “fiery trial”that transformed the country we live in.

David Goldfield is the Robert Lee Bailey Professor of History at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte. He is the author of many works on Southern history, includingStill Fighting the Civil War;Black, White, and Southern; andPromised Land.

Stealing Secrets: how a few daring women deceived generals, impacted battles and altered the course of the Civil War

Winkler, a journalist, historian, and retired university public affairs executive, describes how both sides of the Civil War used women as spies. He draws from memoirs, journals, letters, newspaper articles, and other research to document the spy work of women including Harriet Tubman, Rebecca Wright, Loreta Velazquez, Rose Greenhow, Elizabeth Baker, and Nancy Hart, and how these and other women concealed information across enemy lines, provided intelligence, used disguises, created ciphers, intercepted military dispatches, carried secret messages, medicines, and supplies on the rings of hoop skirts, and provided information about the enemy’s fortifications, plans, troop size, and movements. Annotation ©2010 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (booknews.com)

Unfamiliar Fishes

From the bestselling author of The Wordy Shipmates, an examination of Hawaii, the place where Manifest Destiny got a sunburn. Many think of 1776 as the defining year of American history, when we became a nation devoted to the pursuit of happiness through self-government. In Unfamiliar Fishes, Sarah Vowell argues that 1898 might be a year just as defining, when, in an orgy of imperialism, the United States annexed Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Guam, and invaded first Cuba, then the Philippines, becoming an international superpower practically overnight. Among the developments in these outposts of 1898, Vowell considers the Americanization of Hawaii the most intriguing. From the arrival of New England missionaries in 1820, their goal to Christianize the local heathen, to the coup d’état of the missionaries’ sons in 1893, which overthrew the Hawaiian queen, the events leading up to American annexation feature a cast of beguiling, and often appealing or tragic, characters: whalers who fired cannons at the Bible-thumpers denying them their God-given right to whores, an incestuous princess pulled between her new god and her brother-husband, sugar barons, lepers, con men, Theodore Roosevelt, and the last Hawaiian queen, a songwriter whose sentimental ode “Aloha ‘Oe” serenaded the first Hawaiian president of the United States during his 2009 inaugural parade. With her trademark smart-alecky insights and reporting, Vowell lights out to discover the off, emblematic, and exceptional history of the fiftieth state, and in so doing finds America, warts and all.


Life, on the Line: a chef’s story of chasing greatness, facing death and redefining the way we eat

Untied: a memoir of family, fame and floundering

Meredith Baxter is a beloved and iconic television actress, most well-known for her enormously popular role as hippie mom, Elyse Keaton, on Family Ties. Her warmth, humor, and brilliant smile made her one of the most popular women on television, with millions of viewers following her on the small screen each week. Yet her success masked a tumultuous personal story and a harrowing private life. For the first time, Baxter is ready to share her incredible highs, (working with Robert Redford, Doris Day, Lana Turner, and the cast of Family Ties), and lows (a thorny relationship with her mother, a difficult marriage to David Birney, a bout with breast cancer), finally revealing the woman behind the image.

Against All Odds: my life of hardship, fast breaks, and second chances

The extraordinary personal journey of a man who, against all odds, rose to become one of America’s most surprising and promising new political figures. Scott Brown’s greatest win did not occur on a cold January election night in 2010 when he came from behind to capture the U.S. Senate seat held by Ted Kennedy for nearly fifty years; it began when he survived a savage beating at the drunken, dirty-fingernail hands of a stepfather when he was barely six years old, while trying to protect his mother. In this gripping memoir of resilience and redemption, Brown tells the story of his difficult, often nomadic childhood, shunted from house to apartment, and town to town, seventeen times over his first eighteen years. He somehow thrived despite a largely absent father, who married four separate times. So did his mother, in relationships frequently stained with alcohol, anger, and even violence. For nearly two decades’ growing up, Brown endured innumerable hardships and challenges, even stealing food to eat. He was periodically sent off to live with relatives, his possessions wrapped in a few old blankets. Saved by basketball, he was the boy who shoveled snow from the public courts to shoot hoops alone in the frozen cold. With clear-eyed conviction and unflinching can-dor, Brown tells the story of his own bad-boy days, of the coaches who mentored him, and of how he found a way out of familial chaos through the swish of a ball in the net, winning a starting slot on the Tufts varsity basketball team as a freshman player and becoming the tenth-highest scorer to graduate in the school’s history. His rise from there was even more improbable: a first-year law student and member of the Massachusetts National Guard, he was picked as Cosmopolitan magazine’s “America’s Sexiest Man” and was vaulted into the glamorous world of New York modeling at the height of the 1980s. But the man who was once ushered into the backrooms of Studio 54 returned to Massachusetts to continue with his military and legal training, settle down, raise a family, and soon found an unlikely path that would lead him to national political stardom. Here, too, are the secrets from the unprecedented Senate race that captured the country’s imagination and how Scott Brown won his remarkable victory. Poignant, heartfelt, humorous, and profound, this is the story of one man’s dream and his determination to fight for a better future.


Before Liz Lemon, before “Weekend Update,” before “Sarah Palin,” Tina Fey was just a young girl with a dream: a recurring stress dream that she was being chased through a local airport by her middle-school gym teacher. She also had a dream that one day she would be a comedian on TV.  She has seen both these dreams come true.  At last, Tina Fey’s story can be told. From her youthful days as a vicious nerd to her tour of duty onSaturday Night Live; from her passionately halfhearted pursuit of physical beauty to her life as a mother eating things off the floor; from her one-sided college romance to her nearly fatal honeymoon — from the beginning of this paragraph to this final sentence. Tina Fey reveals all, and proves what we’ve all suspected: you’re no one until someone calls you bossy.

(Includes Special, Never-Before-Solicited Opinions on Breastfeeding, Princesses, Photoshop, the Electoral Process, and Italian Rum Cake!)

Blood, Bones & Butter: the inadvertent education of a reluctant chef

“I wanted the lettuce and eggs at room temperature . . . the butter-and-sugar sandwiches we ate after school for snack . . . the marrow bones my mother made us eat as kids that I grew to crave as an adult. . . . There would be no ‘conceptual’ or ‘intellectual’ food, just the salty, sweet, starchy, brothy, crispy things that one craves when one is actually hungry. In ecstatic farewell to my years of corporate catering, we would never serve anything but a martini in a martini glass. Preferably gin.” Before Gabrielle Hamilton opened her acclaimed New York restaurant Prune, she spent twenty fierce, hard-living years trying to find purpose and meaning in her life. Above all she sought family, particularly the thrill and the magnificence of the one from her childhood that, in her adult years, eluded her. Hamilton’s ease and comfort in a kitchen were instilled in her at an early age when her parents hosted grand parties, often for more than one hundred friends and neighbors. The smells of spit-roasted lamb, apple wood smoke, and rosemary garlic marinade became as necessary to her as her own skin. Blood, Bones & Butter follows an unconventional journey through the many kitchens Hamilton has inhabited through the years: the rural kitchen of her childhood, where her adored mother stood over the six-burner with an oily wooden spoon in hand; the kitchens of France, Greece, and Turkey, where she was often fed by complete strangers and learned the essence of hospitality; the soulless catering factories that helped pay the rent; Hamilton’s own kitchen at Prune, with its many unexpected challenges; and the kitchen of her Italian mother-in-law, who serves as the link between Hamilton’s idyllic past and her own future family-the result of a difficult and prickly marriage that nonetheless yields rich and lasting dividends. Blood, Bones & Butter is an unflinching and lyrical work. Gabrielle Hamilton’s story is told with uncommon honesty, grit, humor, and passion. By turns epic and intimate, it marks the debut of a tremendous literary talent.

American Rose: a nation laid bare: the life and times of Gypsy Rose Lee

With the critically acclaimed Sin in the Second City, bestselling author Karen Abbott “pioneered sizzle history” (USA Today). Now she returns with the gripping and expansive story of America’s coming-of-age-told through the extraordinary life of Gypsy Rose Lee and the world she survived and conquered. America in the Roaring Twenties. Vaudeville was king. Talking pictures were only a distant flicker. Speakeasies beckoned beyond dimly lit doorways; money flowed fast and free. But then, almost overnight, the Great Depression leveled everything. When the dust settled, Americans were primed for a star who could distract them from grim reality and excite them in new, unexpected ways. Enter Gypsy Rose Lee, a strutting, bawdy, erudite stripper who possessed a preternatural gift for delivering exactly what America needed. With her superb narrative skills and eye for compelling detail, Karen Abbott brings to vivid life an era of ambition, glamour, struggle, and survival. Using exclusive interviews and never-before-published material, she vividly delves into Gypsy’s world, including her intensely dramatic triangle relationship with her sister, actress June Havoc, and their formidable mother, Rose, a petite but ferocious woman who seduced men and women alike and literally killed to get her daughters on the stage. American Rose chronicles their story, as well as the story of the four scrappy and savvy showbiz brothers from New York City who would pave the way for Gypsy Rose Lee’s brand of burlesque. Modeling their shows after the glitzy, daring reviews staged in the theaters of Paris, the Minsky brothers relied on grit, determination, and a few tricks that fell just outside the law – and they would shape, and ultimately transform, the landscape of American entertainment. With a supporting cast of such Jazz – and Depression – era heavyweights as Lucky Luciano, Harry Houdini, FDR, and Fanny Brice, Karen Abbott weaves a rich narrative of a woman who defied all odds to become a legend – and whose sensational tale of tragedy and triumph embodies the American Dream.

All My Life: a memoir

In her long-awaited memoir, this very private actress, wife, mother, daughter, grandmother, sister, friend, and entrepreneur pulls back the curtain to reveal her story. Susan, like Erica Kane, has undergone a metamorphosis many times. All My Life shares the stories of those transformations: starring in roles on television and stage, where she took Broadway not just by storm but “by tsunami” as one critic raved about her performance in Annie Get Your Gun; mounting successful cabaret acts (solo and with Regis Philbin); bringing art and joy back to New York in the wake of 9/11; conquering the tango with Tony Dovolani on ABC’s hit show Dancing with the Stars; and building a successful career as an entrepreneur with a signature line of products.

Stolen Innocence: my story growing up in a polygamus sect, becoming a teenage bride, and breaking free of Warren Jeffs

In September 2007, a packed courtroom in St. George, Utah, sat hushed as Elissa Wall, the star witness against polygamous sect leader Warren Jeffs, gave captivating testimony of how Jeffs forced her to marry her first cousin at age fourteen. This harrowing and vivid account proved to be the most compelling evidence against Jeffs, showing the harsh realities of this closed community and the lengths to which Jeffs went in order to control the sect’s women. Now, in this courageous memoir, Elissa Wall tells the incredible and inspirational story of how she emerged from the confines of the Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints (FLDS) and helped bring one of America’s most notorious criminals to justice. Offering a child’s perspective on life in the FLDS, Wall discusses her tumultuous youth, explaining how her family’s turbulent past intersected with her strong will and identified her as a girl who needed to be controlled through marriage. Detailing how Warren Jeffs’s influence over the church twisted its already rigid beliefs in dangerous new directions, Wall portrays the inescapable mind-set and unrelenting pressure that forced her to wed despite her repeated protests that she was too young. Once she was married, Wall’s childhood shattered as she was obligated to follow Jeffs’s directives and submit to her husband in “mind, body, and soul.” With little money and no knowledge of the outside world, she was trapped and forced to endure the pain and abuse of her loveless relationship, which eventually pushed her to spend nights sleeping in her truck rather than face the tormentor in her bed. Yet even in those bleak times, she retained a sliver of hope that one day she would find a way out, and one snowy night that came in the form of a rugged stranger named Lamont Barlow. Their chance encounter set in motion a friendship and eventual romance that gave her the strength she needed to break free from her past and sever the chains of the church. But though she was out of the FLDS, Wall would still have to face Jeffs-this time in court. In Stolen Innocence, she delves into the difficult months on the outside that led her to come forward against him, working with prosecutors on one of the biggest criminal cases in Utah’s history, so that other girls still inside the church might be spared her cruel fate. More than a tale of survival and freedom, Stolen Innocence is the story of one heroic woman who stood up for what was right and reclaimed her life.

In the Blink of an Eye: Dale, Daytona and the day that changed everything

The book goes into some detail about the history of “the younger brother of Darrell” and his beginnings in the sport, way back in 1981 that led to an illustrious driving career that has included being one of only eight drivers to have won the revered Daytona 500 more than once, and one of only three drivers in NASCAR history to make more than one thousand starts. In this piece of well written NASCAR literature, Waltrip and co-author, Ellis Henican go on to tell about some of the negative circumstances and situations the racer, turned team owner, turned television personality, has been involved in, and his perils on and off the track. From literally hitting people (Dave Marcis, Lake Speed) to deliberately hitting cars (Jeff Green, Robby Gordon, Casey Mears, and Clint Bowyer) to having his team accused of using illegal engine additives that led to steep fines and the disqualifications of his crew chief and Director of Competition, as well as a 100 point dock in driver points, that led to Waltrip being the first driver in the sport’s history to enter a second race of a season with negative points, Michael Waltrip tells it like it was and is with not much to hide for fans and readers.


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