September 2011 Large Print

From Barcelona, with love by Elizabeth Adler

Bibi Fortunata was the hottest ticket in town: singer, actress and celebrity. Two years ago she was arrested on suspicion of murdering her lover and his new mistress, who happened to be Bibi’s best friend. Bibi was front-page news — she went from famous to infamous in no time at all. But the police were never able to make the arrest stick, so Bibi was set free. With the cloud of murder hanging over her like thick fog, Bibi left for Barcelona and disappeared. When Bibi’s daughter comes to private investigators Mac Reilly and Sunny Alvarez for help, they can’t resist the intrigue. Who really killed Bibi’s lover; Who would want to frame Bibi; And who is beckoning them from Barcelona; Maybe Mac and Sunny can solve the mystery once and for all.

Bannon brothers- Trust by Janet Dailey

Cold cases aren’t RJ Bannon’s usual line of work, but Ann Montgomery’s abduction is too intriguing to pass up. Ann was just three when she was taken from her family’s Virginia mansion over 25 years earlier, but Bannon can’t stop searching for answers.

The ideal man by Julie Garwood

Dr. Ellie Sullivan knows the emergency room can be a battlefield, but this is the first time she has ever been shot at. She is jogging outside the hospital after putting in a long shift in the ER when she realizes that the couple heading toward her are armed and dangerous. She hits the ground, but FBI agent Sean Goodmanisn’t so lucky. Fortunately, Ellie is able to save Sean’s life back in the operating room. Once FBI agent Max Daniels discovers that Ellie is a potential witness, he vows to protect her. But Ellie is all set to leave St. Louis and return home for a family wedding in South Carolina, which means Max is about to become Ellie’. plus one. Garwood’s latest polished romantic suspense novel has all the literary ingredients her readers expect: snappy writing, sharp humor, a fast-paced plot spiced with plenty of danger and suspense, and an abundance of sexy chemistry between two perfectly matched protagonists.

Diamond bay by Linda Howard

On a hot summer’s night, Kell Sabin is washed up–barely alive–on a Florida beach and into Rachel Jones’s life. Their love blossoms as he recovers from his injuries. But by falling in love with Kell, Rachel has put her own life in danger from the forces that want him dead.

The dog who came in from the cold by Alexander McCall Smith

The heartwarming and hilarious second installment in the Corduroy Mansions series presents the further adventures of Alexander McCall Smith’s newest, already-beloved characters, including the Pimlico terrier Freddie de la Hay. In the elegantly crumbling four-story mansion block in Pimlico called Corduroy Mansions, the comings and goings of the wonderfully motley crew of residents continue. A pair of New Age operators has determined that Terence Moongrove’s estate is the cosmologically correct place for their Centre for Cosmological Studies. Literary agent Barbara Ragg has decided to represent a man who is writing a book about his time “hanging out” with the Abominable Snowman. And our small, furry, endlessly surprising canine hero, Freddie de la Hay — belonging to failed oenophile William French — has been recruited by MI6 to infiltrate a Russian spy ring.

Justice by Karen Robards

Kindred spirits by Sarah Strohmeyer

When life gives you lemons, call your best girlfriends and whip up some lemon martinis. Such is the mantra for the Ladies’ Society for the Conservation of Martinis, which is established after one fateful PTA meeting, when four young mothers discover they have more in common than they ever thought possible.

Full black : a thriller by Brad Thor

Counterterrorism operative Scott Harvath returns in this latest blockbuster from a #1 “New York Times”-bestselling author–and this time, Harvath is targeted as an American deemed to dangerous to live.


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