July 2009 Nonfiction

The Power of Acceptance by Judith Bemis

Anxiety? Panic Attacks? This book will help you! Although you might feel alone, anxiety disorders are the most common mental health problem in the United States, affecting 40 million adults. This book will help end your feeling of isolation. The Power of Acceptance offers you a program of practical coping strategies that can break the anxiety-panic cycle. It is a program that has been helping people reclaim their lives for over twenty years. The author knows firsthand the fear and frustration of an anxiety disorder and how it can disrupt one’s life. This book looks at possible causes, common triggers for anxiety and panic attacks, and personality traits common to anxiety sufferers. Through acceptance, you will discover that you no longer have to live with chronic anxiety or the constant fear of unpredictable panic attacks. You will come to realize the power of acceptance, and see how it plays an important part in your recovery.

Fingerprints of God by Barbara Bradley Hagerty

Articles about research on spirituality and the brain are usually written from the point of view that religious experience can be understood from a purely scientific perspective. Hagerty’s (religion correspondent, NPR) book does not have this naturalistic or materialistic tendency. Rather, as both a reporter and a religious person, she seeks insight on spirituality and science while being open to the possibility that spirituality may still have a transcendent component. The book is interesting to read because the author has interviewed many scientists as well as many people who attest to having mystical or near-death experiences. In a way, the reader feels like a participant in Hagerty’s own encounter with the various pieces of information and evidence, struggling with her to make sense of it all. Highly recommended.John Jaeger, Dallas Baptist Univ. Lib. Copyright Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

Stepmonster by Wednesday Martin

A groundbreaking and truly stepmother-centered way of understanding the tensions that seem to define relations betweennbsp;women and their stepchildrennbsp;Half of all women in the United States will live with or marry a man with children. And what woman with stepchildren has not—in order to defuse the often overwhelming challenges of the role—referred to herself as a “stepmonster”?As Hope Edelman does in her book for motherless daughters, Wednesday Martin’s empowering and originalStepmonsterunlocks the emotional mysteries of why stepmothers think and feel and act the way they do. Martin draws upon her own experience as a stepmother, interviews with other stepmothers and stepchildren, and fascinating insights from literature, anthropology, psychology, and evolutionary biology to reveal the little-understood realities of this most demanding role.Stepmonsterilluminates the harrowing process of becoming a stepmother, considers the myths and realities of being married to a man with children, counteracts the cultural notion that stepmothers are solely responsible for the challenges they encounter, identifies the “Five Step-Dilemmas That Create Conflict,” and considers the emotional and social challenges men with children face when they remarry.Finally, in an unexpected twist, Martin shows why the myth of the Wicked Stepmother is our single best tool for understanding who real stepmothers are and how they feel.

Annie’s Ghosts by Steve Luxenberg

Combining the power of reportage with the intrigue of mystery, “Annie’s Ghosts” explores the nature of self-deception and self-preservation. The result is equal parts memoir and riveting detective story as one son seeks to uncover family secrets.

What Every American Should Know About Who’s Really Running the World by M.L. Rossi

Commenting that the present era seems like a chapter out of Orwell’s 1984, the author of What Every American Should Know About the Rest of the World profiles US power brokers, “professional alarmists,” and other rogues. Targets of Rossi’s indignation include the Christian Right, the FDA, and our addiction to oil. She lists ways for citizens to fight back. Annotation ©2006 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (booknews.com)

American Passage by Vincent J. Cannato

While telling a history of the iconic reception facility for immigrants, Cannato emphasizes Ellis Island as the focal point of the administration of American immigration law. The political forces influencing that law supply his narrative’s momentum, as he depicts the activities and arguments of immigration advocates, immigration opponents, and, more practically, officials who made on-the-spot decisions. After recounting Congress’ creation in 1891 of a federal immigration bureaucracy and its infrastructure on Ellis Island, Cannato expounds on commissioners of the place, their ties to politicians, and their viewpoints on enforcing changes in law that Congress regularly made, culminating in nationality quotas in 1924 that wound down Ellis Island’s immigration operations. (It served as a detention center until closing in 1954.) Including many cases of immigrants’ lives affected by the Ellis Island processes, Cannato aims to attract those whose ancestors went through Ellis Island, and his carefulness to be historian and not judge of the segment of the traditional American debate about immigration that Ellis Island represents will enlighten present participants in its politics.–Taylor, Gilbert Copyright 2009 Booklist

The 1-2-3 Money Plan by Gregory Karp

In the current economy, people are looking for advice on saving, spending, and investing that they can act on now.-  Every essential money task (insurance, investing, saving for college, etc.) broken down to 3 simple but crucial steps.-  Today, people are so overwhelmed with decisions about money they often do nothing at all: this book gives them the most important first steps so they can start taking action.-  This book serves as a personal GPS navigation system for money decisions in a troubled time. In an economic downturn that will surely persist into the future, frugal is the name of the game. Food prices have soared and aren’t coming down. People have been trading their $40,000 SUVs for $20,000 subcompacts. Many homeowners are in over their head with mortgages they can’t afford. Newspapers are shifting from hard-news reporting on business to consumer news, as readers clamor for more tips on how to manage their money. When it comes to personal finance, many books are just too complicated, too confusing, and too hard to act on. Finally, there’s a book that truly keeps it simple, offering advice that anyone can use, and anyone can profit from. Gregory Karp’s The 1-2-3 Money Book organizes every essential money task into three specific steps, telling readers exactly what to do, and how to do it, including specific numbers to call, and specific web sites to visit. You’ll learn how to save money by putting your bills on autopilot… which specific brand names to buy in everything from index funds to cellphones… how to make financial decisions that are ‘good enough,’ instead of being paralyzed by trying to be perfect… how to improve your credit rating… get the right insurance, without wasting money on unnecessary coverage… save for college… plan for retirement… and much more. Finally, there’s a book for everyone who wants simple, reliable financial advice they can act on, without first getting an MBA!

10,001 Ways to Live Large on a Small Budget by the Writers of Wise Bread

Filled with savvy tips on how to live, eat, shop, and have fun on a small budget, 10,001 Ways to Live Large on a Small Budget is a compilation of the juiciest tips from the #1 personal finance blog WiseBread.com, including: 9 Ways to See the World For Free 12 Ways to Live Rent or Mortgage Free 6 Steps to Eliminating Your Debt Painlessly 7 Ways to Score Free Food Bulk Buying 101 10 Killer Ways to Feel Like a Million Bucks 6 Horrible Financial Products to Avoid 7 Beauty Secrets that Cost Almost Nothing 50 Ways to Get the Most Out of Health Care 12 Fabulous Frugal Party Ideas Too many frugal living books focus on the negative, throwing aroundwords such as “sacrifice” and “responsibility” like there was a firesale at the Boring Store. But the writers at Wise Bread believe the keyto financial wellness isn’t a ramen-eating, vacation-skipping,fun-depriving life. Far from it. The best way to ensure that readerswill stick to a budget is to help them create a lifestyle that is asmuch fun as it is practical .

A Nation of Farmers by Sharon Astyk

The World is facing a food crisis unlike anything since World War II. In those days food supply shortages were conquered by planting individual Victory Gardens; a cooperative effort among ordinary citizens that put food on the table and boosted morale. Now, instead of world war, we are facing climate change, fuel shortages, international transportation disruptions, and multiple food security issues. Once again, it is time for ordinary folks to return to the basics and take charge of their own food.

Packing the Court by James McGregor Burns

Pulitzer-winning historian Burns gives a brisk, readable tour of the history of the appointment of Supreme Court justices since 1789. In this respect, the book is fresh and compelling. But Burns (Running Alone) has another aim. Particularly aggrieved by the Rehnquist and Roberts courts, he argues that every president since Washington has sought to fill the Court with justices who think as he does; that judicial review is unconstitutional; that the unelected Court has never been politically accountable to the American people;and that a courageous president (like Barack Obama, he suggests) should simply announce that, like Andrew Jackson, he won’t abide by Supreme Court rulings that invalidate laws enacted by Congress and signed by him. Known for the liberal flags he flies, Burns runs up the radical pennant here. There’s no evidence that the American people are as aggrieved over the Court as Burns is. And the term packing should be reserved, as until now it has been, for extreme manipulative efforts like FDR’s. This is a terrific little book—save for its politics run amok. (June Publishers Weekly)
Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

By His Own Rules by Bradley Graham

A longtime military affairs correspondent for the “Washington Post” offers a revealing portrait of Donald Rumsfeld, the controversial Defense Secretary, and his impact on U.S. national security affairs.

Bound-for-college Guidebook by Frank Burtnett

The Bound for College Guidebook offers information about the school-to-college transition in a complete, organized, and reader-friendly approach not found in any other college admissions guide. Burtnett has assembled frequently asked questions and their answers from school counselors who understand what students need to know during the exploration, decision-making, and application process between high school and college. Armed with this guide, the college-bound student is better able to navigate the school-to-college transition.

Six Months in Sudan by James Maskalyk

An inspiring story of one doctor’s struggle in a war-torn village in the heart of Sudan In 2007, James Maskalyk, newly recruited by Doctors Without Borders, set out for the contested border town of Abyei, Sudan. An emergency physician drawn to the ravaged parts of the world, Maskalyk spent six months treating malnourished children, coping with a measles epidemic, watching for war, and struggling to meet overwhelming needs with few resources. Six Months in Sudanbegan as a blog that Maskalyk wrote from his hut in Sudan in an attempt to bring his family and friends closer to his experiences on the medical front line of one of the poorest and most fragile places on earth. It is the story of the doctors, nurses, and countless volunteers who leave their homes behind to ease the suffering of others, and it is the story of the people of Abyei, who endure its hardship because it is the only home they have. A memoir of volunteerism that recallsThree Cups of Tea,Six Months in Sudanis written with humanity, conviction, great hope, and piercing insight. It introduces us to a world beyond our own imagining and demonstrates how we all can make a difference.

The End of Overeating by David A. Kessler

Most of us know what it feels like to fall under the spell of food—when one slice of pizza turns into half a pie, or a handful of chips leads to an empty bag. But it’s harder to understand why we can’t seem to stop eating even when we know better. When we want so badly to say “no,” why do we continue to reach for food? Dr. David Kessler, the dynamic former FDA commissioner who reinvented the food label and tackled the tobacco industry, now reveals how the food industry has hijacked the brains of millions of Americans. The result? America’s number-one public health issue. Dr. Kessler cracks the code of overeating by explaining how our bodies and minds are changed when we consume foods that contain sugar, fat, and salt. Food manufacturers create products by manipulating these ingredients to stimulate our appetites, setting in motion a cycle of desire and consumption that ends with a nation of overeaters.The End of Overeating explains for the first time why it is exceptionally difficult to resist certain foods and why it’s so easy to overindulge. Dr. Kessler met with top scientists, physicians, and food industry insiders.The End of Overeating uncovers the shocking facts about how we lost control over our eating habits and how we can get it back. Dr. Kessler presents groundbreaking research, along with what is sure to be a controversial view inside the industry that continues to feed a nation of overeaters from popular brand manufacturers to advertisers, chain restaurants, and fast food franchises. For the millions of people struggling with weight as well as for those of us who simply don’t understand why we can’t seem to stop eating our favorite foods, Dr. Kessler’s cutting-edge investigation offers new insights and helpful tools to help us find a solution. There has never been a more thorough, compelling, or in-depth analysis of why we eat the way we do.

Hungry Monkey by Matthew Amster-Burton

A reflection on the wild joys of food and parenting and the marvelous melange of the two–“Hungry Monkey” takes food enthusiasts on a new adventure in eating (with dozens of delicious recipes).

Healing and Preventing Austism by Jenny McCarthyand Jerry Kartzinel, M.D.

The authoritative reference book that puts in your hands the tools you need to heal your child from autism, autism spectrum disorders, even ADD, ADHD, and a host of other disordersFor any child with challenges, early intervention is essential and parents need a plan that they can implement right away. There is a window for pulling a child out of the grasp of autism and autism spectrum disorders. Around the country, biomedical doctors have been pioneering the diets and therapies that have allowed children to heal. But demand is hight and it takes six months to a year to get an appointment with an autism specialist. Jenny McCarthy, one of the country’s leading autism advocates, has team up with top autism specialist Jerry Kartzinel, M.D., to offer a prescriptive guide to the healing therapies and treatments that have turned the lives of so many children completely around.If your child has autism, this book will tell you what to do. But if you suspect any kind of disorder, the book also gives subtle signs to look out for that your doctor might not know about:- Is your infant or toddler prone to ear infections?- Does he have smelly diarrhea that your doctor insists is normal but you are sure is not?- Does her have infrequent bowel movements?- Did your child have a major medical intervention at a very young age?- Did he begin shutting down after a round of vaccines?- Does her act out after eating bread or pasta?These are all symptoms of a toxic body and over-burdened immune system that can lead to multiple disorders, including autism, ADD, ADHD, OCD, and learning and personality disorders.Autism numbers have grown exponentially, from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 150, a whopping 6,000 percent increase since the 1970s. The epidemic is real. The medical community is still waking up to it, but until they do, parents like you need tools like this to begin healing your children and educating your doctors. In this book you will find:- The biomedical diet- The biomedical supplement protocol- Biomedical alternative therapies-where to find them, how to implement them- Biomedical protocols to show your doctor- A list of tests that any doctor can perform- Studies to show your doctor that will help you make the case that she or he needs to support your efforts- Advice for preventing autism during pregnancy and the early years by looking at family history of allergies, depression, and autoimmune disorders as well as mom’s chemical exposure through the environment, diet, and medicine.

Our Life in Gardens by Joe Eck and Wayne Winterrowd

Two renowned garden designers present this entertaining, fascinating, and unexpectedly moving book about the life and garden they share. The book also contains much sound information about the cultivation of plants and their value in the landscape.

Tales from a Dog Catcher by Lisa Duffy-Korpics

The Cold War had recently drawn to a close, and Lisa Duffy-Korpics’s career as a dogcatcher would soon be history, too, but for very different reasons-and, indeed, with infinitely more pleasant memories. In Tales from a Dog Catcher, she brings together these experiences in a magical book that is funny, touching, and heartrending by turns. Set in a small, Hudson River town north of New York City, this book comprises twenty-two real-life stories about people and their experiences with animals, stories that both entertain and charm, and feature all creatures great and small-from plenty of dogs and cats and “peeping Tom” raccoons, to a duck and a turkey and an (imagined) mountain lion.

A Short History of the Honey Bee by E. Readicker-Henderson

There are around 16,000 species of bee. Only seven of these are responsible for creating the world’s sweetest treat — honey. Combining Ilona’s gorgeous photography and E. Readicker-Henderson’s engaging text, A Short History of the Honey Bee follows the journey from flower to hive to honey throughout history. A Short History of the Honey Bee starts with the story of the honey bee — why it is named Apis mellifera, how it has evolved from a solitary creature to one that travels in groups, why it stings, and how pollination really works. Readicker-Henderson then moves on to the honey, detailing its history from a wild food foraged for on cliffs to the many varieties available for purchase today. But it is the everyday importance of the bee that remains the central message. Forty percent of the world’s food supply — including apples, tomatoes, and strawberries — is dependent on pollination by honeybees. Colony collapse, when the worker bees suddenly disappear and leave behind the queen and the hive, is an ecological and agricultural crisis. For this reason alone we need to be more aware of the significance of bees.

Cooking Light Annual Recipes by Cooking Light

Cooking Light magazine has become America’s leading food publication by printing recipes that taste too good to be healthy. This title offers readers a compilation of recipes found in Cooking Light during 1999. It contains over 800 light and healthy recipes with a complete nutritional analysis of each one, including fat and calorie content. Many time-saving tips and menu suggestions are also included for today’s health-conscious cooks. Recipes featured range from quick-and-easy to upscale gourmet, ensuring that everyone can find something to enjoy. With hundreds of mouth-watering color photos and step-by-step instructions, eating right has never been so fun and easy!

Robin Rescues Dinner by Robin Miller

Set the table for fantastic weeknight meals with the help of Food Network star Robin Miller. It’s great to have an ambitious plan to cook healthy dinners from scratch every night. It’s an entirely different story to execute it! Not to worry. Robin Miller–star of Food Network’sQuick Fix Meals with Robin MillerandRobin to the Rescue–is here to save the day. Known for her quick, bright ideas for healthy and satisfying meals, Robin shares her unique and completely realistic strategy for a busy workweek inRobin Rescues Dinner. It’s as simple as planning three dishes in advance so that you’re prepared, no matter what the week brings! Here you’ll find 52 weeks of meals, each including three weeknight main dishes, heaps of suggestions for morphing one dish into another, a bounty of side dishes and desserts, and clever tips and techniques to speed up preparation time. Robin pairs her practical know-how with delectable flavors in more than 350 brand-new recipes brought to life in 38 beautiful color photographs. Starting in January and ending in December, the recipes follow the seasons, with comforting cold-weather dishes in winter and summer plates that make the most of seasonal produce. WithRobin Rescues Dinner, weeknight dinners have never been easier–or more delicious!

The Deen Family Cookbook by Paula Deen

Featuring gorgeous full-color photography throughout, this first major cookbook since 2006 from the doyenne of Southern cookery offers 175 new recipes that could only be delivered by the Queen of down-home cuisine (“The Commercial Appeal,” Memphis).

Down Home with the Neelys by Patrick and Gina Neely

Meet the Neelys: Pat and Gina, husband-and-wife team, hosts of their own television show, and proprietors of the celebrated Memphis and Nashville eateries, Neely’s Bar-B-Que. The Neelys’ down-home approach to cooking has earned them the highest accolades from coast to coast. It has also won them millions of viewers on the Food Network. Simply put, the Neelys are all about good food and good times. In this, their eagerly awaited debut cookbook, the Neelys share the delicious food they have been cooking up for years both at home and in their restaurants. Pat and Gina hail from families with a boundless love of cooking and bedrock traditions of sharing meals. At the Neelys’, mealtime is family time, and that means no stinting on “the sauce.” Indeed, that’s one of the Neely secrets: the liberal application of barbeque sauce to almost anything – spaghetti, nachos, salad, you name it. Of course, there are other secrets as well, and you will find them all in the pages of Down Home with the Neelys, along with more than 120 mouthwatering recipes. Here are the tried-and-true southern recipes that have been passed down from one Neely generation to the next, including many of their signature dishes, such as Barbeque Deviled Eggs, Florida Coast Pickled Shrimp, Pat’s Wings of Fire, Gina’s Collard Greens, Grandma Jean’s Potato Salad, Nana’s Southern Gumbo, Memphis-sized Pulled Pork Sandwiches with Slaw, Get Yo-Man Chicken, and Sock-It-to-Me Cake. Certainly, no self-respecting southerner would dream of offering a meal to a guest without a proper drink, so Pat and Gina have included some of their favorite libations here, too. The Neelys work, laugh, love, and play harder than any family you’ll ever meet. Their love for good food is infectious, and in Down Home with the Neelys, they bring their heavenly inspired cooking down to earth for all to share.

Wood-fired Cooking by Mary Karlin

A collection of 100 contemporary recipes for the range of wood-fired cooking options, by Ramekins culinary school’s wood-fired cooking expert. Mary Karlin’s enticing recipes explore the diverse flavor characteristics of hardwoods and live-fire cooking methods, from Plank-Roasted Porterhouse or Indian Cilantro-Mint Naan to a hearth-baked Milanese Risotto Tart or Warm Chocolate-Chipotle Cakes. Introductory chapters cover the basics of indoor and outdoor wood-fired cooking, followed by the best applications for the myriad live-fire techniques, a survey of equipment, and detailed instructions on building fires and regulating temperatures. Karlin’s expert planning shows efficient cooks how to make the best use of wood-fired cooking sessions, including step-by-step instructions for preparing an entire week’s worth of food in a single session. WOOD-FIRED COOKING is ideal for grilling enthusiasts looking for the next challenge. “Mary has followed in the footsteps of many great chef-mentors, but she has managed to develop a style all of her own. Mary’s passions come through in her recipes, lessons, and interactions with others.” –Bob Nemerovski, culinary director, Ramekins Sonoma Valley Culinary School

Confetti Cakes for Kids by Elisa Strauss

Strauss of Confetti Cakes focuses her talents on her younger fans with this enchanting collection of cakes, cookies, and cupcakes for kids. Featuring 20 delicious recipes, the book also offers step-by-step instructions for 24 jaw-dropping designs.

Today’s Moms by Mary Ann Zoeliner and Alicia Ybarbo

Chock-full of behind-the-scenes interviews with moms and experts from NBC’s “Today Show,” this one-stop guide contains everything a new mother needs to know about her baby’s first year.

Amazing Resumes by Jim Bright Ph.D. and Joanne Earl, Ph.D.

A concise volume of snappy chapters designed to help readers understand what makes employers hire people-and how to build a resume that motivates an employer to hire them. This evidence-based career self-help book is based on the psychology of selection and impression management and is written by a team of psychologists and career professionals. Learn the basics of how to present your credential and experience in the most effective way. This is an international bestseller, with more than 50,000 copies sold abroad.

Life’s That Way by Jim Beaver

Beaver, a character actor, and his wife Cecily not only learned that their daughter was autistic but also that Cecily suffered from lung cancer. Beaver began sending e-mails to family and friends regarding Cecily’s condition; this work is a compilation of those nightly e-mails.

Career Opportunities in Casinos and Casino Hotels by Shelly Field

Praise for the previous edition: This useful book does a good job describing the many employment opportunities available within the casino industry.—Career Opportunities News The gaming industry has created more than 1 million jobs nationwide, according to the American Gaming Association. Commercial casinos alone employ some 350,000 people, and, over the past decade, the casino workforce has grown by nearly 80 percent.Career Opportunities in Casinos and Casino Hotels, Second Edition gives readers everything they need to know to start an exciting career in the growing casino and gaming industry. This new resource features more than 90 updated job profiles—with nine new to this edition—as well as extensive appendixes covering professional organizations, schools, associations, unions, and casinos.New and revised career profiles include: Blackjack dealer Casino host Concierge Director of casino marketing Hotel publicist Poker room manager Reservations manager Restaurant sous chef Spa manager Surveillance officer Tour host Webmaster and more.

Fly Fishing by Jay Nichols

– Concise introduction to a favorite sport – Fascinating _did you know?_ facts – Compulsively readable presentation Surprising and interesting facts help you become an instant fly- fishing expert. From learning how to read water to using the best equipment, anyone can learn the fundamentals of fly fishing in a fun-to-read format. Choosing the right fly for the fish, selecting tackle to match the fly, and practicing the cast ahead of time are all essential elements of a successful fly-fishing outing. With practical information on a variety of fly-fishing tactics, this guide provides a solid foundation upon which all fishermen can build their skills.

The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrun by J.R.R. Tolkien

The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrun is a previously unpublished work by J.R.R. Tolkien, written while Tolkien was Professor of Anglo-Saxon at Oxford during the 1920s and 1930s, before he wrote The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. It makes available for the first time Tolkien’s extensive retelling in English narrative verse of the epic Norse tales of Sigurd the Volsung and The Fall of the Niflungs. It includes an introduction by J.R.R. Tolkien, drawn from one of his own lectures on Norse literature, with commentary and notes on the poems by Christopher Tolkien.

Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea by Thomas Cahill

In Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea, his fourth volume to explore “the hinges of history,” Thomas Cahill escorts the reader on another entertaining—and historically unassailable—journey through the landmarks of art and bloodshed that defined Greek culture nearly three millennia ago. In the city-states of Athens and Sparta and throughout the Greek islands, honors could be won in making love and war, and lives were rife with contradictions. By developing the alphabet, the Greeks empowered the reader, demystified experience, and opened the way for civil discussion and experimentation—yet they kept slaves. The glorious verses of the Iliad recount a conflict in which rage and outrage spur men to action and suggest that their “bellicose society of gleaming metals and rattling weapons” is not so very distant from more recent campaigns of “shock and awe.” And, centuries before Zorba, Greece was a land where music, dance, and freely flowing wine were essential to the high life. Granting equal time to the sacred and the profane, Cahill rivets our attention to the legacies of an ancient and enduring worldview.

Frommer’s 500 Places for Food and Wine Lovers

Frommer’s 500 places for food & wine loversThe Culinary Adventurer’s Guide to Food and Wine Around the WorldThis guidebook leads you on a temptingworldwide tour of epicurean hot spots. From the flagship restaurants of celebrity chefs(Ferran Adrià in Spain, Mario Batali in New York City) to regional specialties served on location (kaiseki in Kyoto, skyr in Iceland), international culinary schools (Chiang Mai Thai Cookery School, Thailand) and vineyards in regions on five continents (France, Italy, Napa Valley, Australia, South Africa, Chile, and more), you’ll find 500 irresistible places to indulge your appetite.The book includes contact information, Web sites, and details on accommodations and services to make trip-planning easy. Geographical and topical indexes help you pinpoint information quickly.Savor the World’s Flavors Through:Open-air markets, farms, festivals, and street foodCookbook and kitchenware shopsGourmet and specialty food storesFood vacations, including inns, resorts, farm stays, cruises, and cooking schoolsVineyards, breweries, and distilleriesMust-visit restaurants, coffee bars, and dessert places.

Frommer’s Boston 2009

Frommer’s. The best trips start here. Experience a place the way the locals do. Enjoy the best it has to offer. Insider tips from a longtime Boston resident to help you make the most of your visit. Outspoken opinions on what’s worth your time and what’s not. Exact prices, so you can plan the perfect trip whatever your budget. Off-the-beaten-path experiences and undiscovered gems, plus new takes on top attractions. Find great deals and book your trip at Frommers.com

Faith Under Fire by Roger Benimoff

Army Chaplain Benimoff offers a moving chronicle of his spiritual journey through war, homecoming, healing, and the process of learning to believe again.

Jamestown, Quebec, Santa Fe by James C. Kelly

The stories of the creation and colonization of three major North American cities, each by a different European conqueror, are told in the three sections of this volume, published to accompany a traveling exhibition that was organized by the Virginia Historical Society and the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History. Filled with color images of the many objects of the exhibition, the volume provides many details of the lives of colonists in this early era. Oversized: 8.5×11.25″. Annotation ©2007 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (booknews.com)

American Advance by Rock Dilisio

The French and Indian War is said to be the first true world war, where world powers, Britain and France, collided over the tempting prosperity of North America. Much of the war was fought over the control of an extremely sought after, strategic piece of ground, known as the Forks, where the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers meet to form the mighty Ohio. Now the City of Pittsburgh, this location was the portal to the west, and control of it would garner possibilities and riches beyond imagination. No other piece of ground on American soil has ever been so coveted. Britain was the ultimate victor, and with it came the opportunities for their American colonists to move westward, and establish communities. Virginia colonists were the first to take advantage. The westward movement began with the construction of a settlers fort, named Fort Vance, which was established ten miles down the Ohio River from Pittsburgh, in what is today Coraopolis, Pennsylvania. This is where the west began.

Coop by Michael Perry

In over his head with two pigs, a dozen chickens, and a baby due any minute, the acclaimed author of Truck: A Love Story gives us a humorous, heartfelt memoir of a new life in the country.Last seen sleeping off his wedding night in the back of a 1951 International Harvester pickup, Michael Perry is now living in a rickety Wisconsin farmhouse. Faced with thirty-seven acres of fallen fences and overgrown fields, and informed by his pregnant wife that she intends to deliver their baby at home, Perry plumbs his unorthodox childhood-his city-bred parents took in more than a hundred foster children while running a ramshackle dairy farm-for clues to how to proceed as a farmer, a husband, and a father.And when his daughter Amy starts asking about God, Perry is called upon to answer questions for which he’s not quite prepared. He muses on his upbringing in an obscure fundamentalist Christian sect and weighs the long-lost faith of his childhood against the skeptical alternative (“You cannot toss your seven-year-old a copy of Being and Nothingness”).Whether Perry is recalling his childhood (“I first perceived my father as a farmer the night he drove home with a giant lactating Holstein tethered to the bumper of his Ford Falcon”) or what it’s like to be bitten in the butt while wrestling a pig (“two firsts in one day”), Coop is filled with the humor his readers have come to expect. But Perry also writes from the quieter corners of his heart, chronicling experiences as joyful as the birth of his child and as devastating as the death of a dear friend.Alternately hilarious, tender, and as real as pigs in mud, Coop is suffused with a contemporary desire to reconnect with the earth, with neighbors, with meaning . . . and with chickens.


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